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♥Calling You {Fourteen}

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Uploaded on Dec 29, 2011

I'm in writing mood somehow. I couldn't sleep last night so I was thinking about different things, including this story...now I have a few ideas... I hope to finish some episodes today but I'm not sure how many I will post today...:S

He looked forward and frowned. "Oh wait, I'll need a cigarette pack" he said looking at the kiosk next to the workshop. Selena got of the bike again and removed her helmet. "Hey! Wait for me!" She shouted walking after Nick.

Nick stopped and waited until she caught up with him. "Still scared?" he asked smirking. Selena looked down and adjusted her glasses. "That old man is creepy" she mumbled as they walked towards the kiosk. "And yet, you don't want to tell me what you were talking about. Like he's your best friend" Nick said after laughing. Selena pouted slightly.

"Well, it's none of your business" she stated and looked at him. Nick shook his head smiling and decided to drop that topic. "One Marlboro, please" Nick said to the man. "Mi dispiace, non ho capito." The man said frowning. [I'm sorry I didn't catch that.]

"What language is he speaking?" Nick turned to Selena confused. "Italian" Selena said smiling. "Give me your old pack" Selena put out her hand. Nick frowned confused then pulled it out and gave it her. Selena took it and turned back to the man.

Nick watched how Selena and the man exchanged some words in Italian. Selena showed him the pack and a few moments later the man slid a new pack over the counter. "I'll pay" Selena said and paid for it before Nick could react.

"You never told me you could speak Italian" Nick said impressed as they walked back. "Well you never asked me" Selena said and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "I asked for your name and yet you didn't tell me" Nick stated matter-of-factly. Selena just looked down and remained silent.

They got on the motorbike and drove off. "Are we here?" Selena asked removing the helmet as Nick parked in front of a huge building. "Almost" Nick said smiling and waited for Selena to get off the bike. "Seriously I hate your bike" Selena mumbled and held her head. "I don't know why but I feel dizzy" She said stumbling backwards towards the street.

Nick chuckled and looked around. As he looked to the right, his eyes widened. Then everything seemed to pass in slow motion. Nick turned back to Selena. "Hey! Watch out!" He shouted. Selena looked at him confused then turned to the right. Her eyes widened in shock as she saw a jeep driving towards her. Before she could react, Nick grabbed her arm and pulled her to the side.

Selena bumped into his chest and clutched on his shirt as she felt the jeep speed by. She started to shiver after the jeep had passed and still held on his shirt. Nick had an arm protectively around her and sighed in relief. "Hey, are you okay?" he then asked putting his hand on her arm. Selena slowly stopped shivering and looked up. She slowly let go of his shirt.

"I'm f-fine" she stuttered. Nick lifted her chin up. "Really?" he asked looking deeply into her eyes. Selena gave him a small nod. "I'm fine. Just a small shock" she said whispering. Nick sighed and pulled away from her. He started pacing forth and back. "Are you crazy? Don't you look where you go? You could've easily died" Nick said and slightly glared at her.

"I-"she started looking down. "Shut up!" Nick said loudly making her jump. He ran his fingers through his hair then pulled out his cigarette pack. He lightened a cigarette. "Come on. Let's go" He said harshly blowing out the smoke.

Selena quickly caught up with him. "I'm a very clumsy person. I had a lot of bike accidents when I was a child" Selena said moments later. Nick stopped walking and looked at her in disbelief. "Seriously?" Nick blew out the smoke.

Selena stepped back as the smoke hit her face. "Sorry. But I mean, how can you compare your bike accidents with this?" Nick asked loudly. Selena just looked down and remained silent.

"We're here" Nick stopped in front of a house. He threw his cigarette to the ground as Selena rang the bell. Nick watched as a dark-haired girl in Selena's age opened the door.

"Hey! Thank god! You're finally here" She greeted smiling and hugged Selena tightly. "Hey Demi" Selena said happily and hugged back. Nick just stood beside her and watched them awkwardly. Demi pulled away from Selena and turned to Nick. "And you must be the one who helped my cousin to find the way. Thank you so much" Demi smiled tiredly at Nick.

Nick scratched the back of his neck awkwardly. "Yeah... no problem" Demi smiled then looked at him. "Hm... the things you said were right." She then said to Selena. "He's neither tall nor short. Curly brown hair, brown eyes... but you said he looked doubtful. Actually he looks pretty trustworthy" Demi said.

Soon it's time to go for Nick... bye-bye Nick! :)

Dedicated to nelena4ever03... she tried to help me with my stupid writer's block... thank you:)

Comment please:) 6+ for the next?

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