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  1. Afternoon with poet Zheng Min [30mins]

  2. Afternoon with poet Zheng Min [7mins]

  3. Brown University Efforts to Understand and Inform the Climate Negotiations

  4. Cai Guo-Qiang: Move Along, Nothing to See Here

  5. Career Talk with Alison Friedman '02

  6. China and Europe in a Globalized World

  7. China Risk Finance: Riding the Wave of China's Financial Services Industry

  8. Chinese Language Showcase 2012

  9. Demystifying Chinese Silks

  10. Dr. Justin Lin: China's Economic Rise and the Global Economy

  11. Elizabeth J. Perry - Anyuan: Mining China's Revolutionary Tradition

  12. Entrepreneurship, Enterprise, and Technology in Modern China

  13. From American Dream to Chongqing Dream: the Making of Soft Power in China

  14. Gao Yanjinzi: Year of China Closing Ceremony Part II

  15. Ha Jin Reading: Nanjing Requiem

  16. Janet Yang '78

  17. Jerome Silbergeld - From Mountain Songs to Silvery Moonlight

  18. John Eng-Wong: How To Cook and Eat Chinese

  19. Justin Lin: Demystifying the Chinese Economy

  20. Lantern Festival

  21. Lantern Festival Exhibition

  22. Leslie T. Chang: A Century, and More, of Chinese Students Studying Abroad

  23. Leslie T. Chang: Factory Girls

  24. Meet Me in Shanghai: Romancing the New Global City on the Eve of the World Expo

  25. Mutual Reassurance: How to Steer U.S.-China Relations Towards a New Golden Age

  26. New Directions in U.S. -China Relations in Global Climate Science and Policy

  27. One Hundred Years of Exchange between Brown & China

  28. Papermaking and the Politics of Skill in Modern China

  29. Patrick Lui: Green Wall Foundation

  30. Performance and the Politics of Gender: Transgender Performance in Contemporary Chinese Film

  31. Prof. Kristine Harris, Shanghai Cinema Behind the Scenes

  32. Quantum Computing: A Great Science in the Making

  33. Scientific Developments in Early China

  34. Shanghai Theatre Academy - Rules of the Game

  35. Somewhere Between: Post-Screening Discussion

  36. Spring Festival Gala 2012

  37. Spring Festival Gala: Chorus: My Heart for China

  38. Spring Festival Gala: Comedy: The Blind Date

  39. Spring Festival Gala: Dancing: Dare You to Move

  40. Spring Festival Gala: Dancing: Sexy Back

  41. Spring Festival Gala: Fashion Show 1: Qipao Show

  42. Spring Festival Gala: Fashion Show 2: The Story of Time

  43. Spring Festival Gala: Instruments Performance: Harmony

  44. Spring Festival Gala: Kung Fu Show: Tai Chi

  45. Spring Festival Gala: Millenary

  46. Spring Festival Gala: Solo: Loyalty to My Country

  47. Spring Festival Gala: Solo: The Flying Songs on Earth

  48. Spring Festival Gala: The Story of Chinese New Year

  49. Spring Festival Gala: Trio: Thousand Miles Away

  50. Stories Beyond the Nation

  51. The Big Picture: China and the U.S. in the Global Climate Negotiations

  52. The Fiction of Borders featuring Amitav Ghosh

  53. The Tao of Tai Chi Chuan

  54. To Sail the Seas: Marine Technology and the Treasure Fleets of Early Ming China

  55. Trends of Globalization: Some Perspectives from Asian Universities

  56. Vulnerability, Opportunity: China's Risks and Options on Climate

  57. Wing Tek Lum '68 Reading

  58. Year of China: Tea Ceremony and Traditional Music

  59. Zhejiang University Wenqin Art Troupe Performance

  60. A Look Back: The Year of China 2011-2012