1. Beach Boys - Surf's Up (Tutorial)

  2. Let Your New Life Begin! (Lap Band Jingle)

  3. This Will Be Our Year (Zombies Cover)

  4. Santa's Beard (Beach Boys Cover)

  5. The Christmas Song (Weezer Cover)

  6. O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

  7. Sukiyaki/Ue o Muite Arukou (Kyo Sakamoto Cover)

  8. Everywhere You Look (Full House Theme/Jesse Frederick Cover)

  9. Don't Look Back In Anger (Oasis Cover on Ukulele)

  10. Half A Woman (Fountains of Wayne Cover)

  11. The One Man Band Process #1 - Songwriting

  12. Surf's Up (Beach Boys Cover w/Looped Ending)

  13. CDL: Making Microphone Cable

  14. Talkin' Softball (Simpsons/Cashman Cover)

  15. Don't Let Go (Weezer Cover)

  16. Stevie (Brian Wilson Cover)

  17. Stain (Nirvana Cover)

  18. Pinkerton Memories Slide Show

  19. Funny Little Frog (Live Belle and Sebastian Cover)

  20. This Guy's In Love With You (Bacharach/David/Alpert Cover)

  21. Sofa City Sweetheart EP Infomercial

  22. A Taste Of SXSW

  23. Black Magic Stanley

  24. Super Mario Bros. 2 Overworld Theme (Looped Live)

  25. I Got A Looping Pedal

  26. CDL: During The Studio Upgrade

  27. CDL: The Screw From Hell!

  28. For No One (Beatles Cover)

  29. Ooh (Rivers Cuomo Cover on Ocarina)

  30. Don't Bother Me (Beatles Cover)

  31. The Fictions - Saving Daylight

  32. EP Theme... Explained!

  33. Requiem for O.M.M.2 (Of Montreal Cover)

  34. Lovesong (The Cure Cover)

  35. In Rainbows

  36. "Super Sweetheart" T-Shirt Promo

  37. With A Little Help From My Friends (Beatles Cover on Solo Guitar)

  38. Somebody That I Used To Know (Elliott Smith Cover)

  39. J. Lopez Vampire Movie Score

  40. Grand Canyon Trumpet

  41. Sofa City Sweetheart - Sunflowers/Stop the Thinking

  42. Sofa City Beachheart