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  1. [Private Video]

  2. Donald Lawrence - I am Healed

  3. Bow Down & Worship Him - Bishop Paul Morton

  4. Bishop Paul Morton Preaching at Mega Fest 2005

  5. Praises of Pentecost - A Tribute to Walter Lee Dunlap

  6. Easter Praise Break

  7. FGHT Dallas: Rev. Timothy Wright sings 'He Kept Me', 80/50 Celebration

  8. Norman Hutchins - Emmanuel

  9. Come Thou Almighty King - Rev. Timothy Wright & The New York Fellowship Mass Choir

  10. Marvin Sapp - One Thing

  11. It's Your Season - Norman Hutchins

  12. Pastor Marvin Winans leading devotion

  13. I pray we'll all be ready

  14. Fred Hammond -Bread of Heaven [lyrics]

  15. They Got The Word

  16. mississippi mass choir

  17. How Great is Our God


  19. Joshua's Troop - Everybody Clap Your Hands

  20. Richard Smallwood & Vision - Trust Me

  21. The Soul Stirrers - "I'm a Soldier"

  22. Praise Your Way Through (Bishop Paul Morton)

  23. I Believe - John P. Kee

  24. Canton Spirituals - Ride This Train

  25. Hosana - WilmingtonChester.wmv

  26. FGHT Dallas: Rev. Timothy Wright sings 'He Kept Me', 80/50 Celebration

  27. The Canton Spirituals - I'm coming Lord


  29. COGIC Marvin Winans Bishop CD Owens Darryl Hines Praise

  30. LIVE PERFORMANCE: "Hallelujah", Dorinda Clark Cole & Karen Clark Sheard COGIC Centennial

  31. I'm In His Safety - Lecresia Campbell & By Faith Singers

  32. How Great Is Our God (Chris Tomlin

  33. Hear O ISRAEL!!! ------- For I bear them record that they have a zeal of God...(Romans 10:2)

  34. Here I Am to Worship (with Lyrics)

  35. "I Believe" by James Fortune & FIYA feat Shawn McLemore and Zacardi Cortez (Official Video)

  36. Patrick Love - The Vision

  37. Ricky Dillard & New G - There Is No Way, featuring Nikki Ross

  38. Love Him Like I Do

  39. Norman Hutchins - God's Got A Blessing

  40. run and tell ministry

  41. Favor Aint Fair Feat. Kim Stratton

  42. Pastor Rance Allen - Great is Thy Faithfulness

  43. I'm In Your Care

  44. Earnest Pugh "I Need Your Glory" with Lyrics

  45. Jon B at ALCC

  46. Dottie Peoples - Happy In Jesus

  47. NEW HOPE Church of God in Christ 1

  48. Bishop Delano Ellis direct Great is our Faithfulnes - Spring call Install service Memphis 2009 COGIC

  49. "Ride On King Jesus" Wilmington Chester Mass Choir

  50. How Excellent Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago

  51. Jesus Is My Help by Bishop Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir

  52. Wilmington Chester Mass Choir-Stand Still

  53. Speak To My Heart - The New York Restoration Choir w/ Donnie McClurkin

  54. Anthony Hamilton - Pass Me Over

  55. James Hall - God Is In Control

  56. God Wants A Yes

  57. Pastor Marvin winans - I Need Thee

  58. You Must Come In At The Door - COGIC Heritage Mass Choir (Praise Break)

  59. COGIC Praise & Worship Sharon Jackson GE Patterson

  60. Holy Ghost Convocation Come Unto Me COGIC GE Patterson

  61. "Search Me Lord" 101st COGIC Convocation

  62. COGIC Convocation Choir "YES" Praise Worship GE Patterson

  63. COGIC Saints in Praise Break 2 Karen Sheard Dorinda Cole Clark


  65. Tennessee Fourth Praise Break

  66. Bishop GE Patterson and Saints

  67. Voices of Bountiful Blessings "I Can Go to God in Prayer"~Elder Carlis Moody (Temple of Deliverance COGIC)

  68. Pastor Rance Allen-Hear My Voice( Bishop GE Patterson Favorite Song)

  69. Vicarious Victory Praise Break - Bis. G. E. Patterson

  70. I Wanna Live So God Can Use Me, He Never Has Left Me Alone - Bishop Gilbert Earl Patterson

  71. Bishop Paul Morton Singing at Mega Fest 2005

  72. Hezekiah Walker- - Power Belongs To God


  74. COGIC Praise Break Timothy Wright GE Patterson

  75. James Hall - God Is In Control

  76. Pastor Dewey Smith Sings - Pass Me Not

  77. You won't relent - Jesus Culture- with Lyrics

  78. Jesus Culture - You Are My Passion

  79. I Won't Let Go (remix) by Pastor John P. Kee and New Life

  80. Aaron Shust - My Hope is in You

  81. "More Than Enough" - Dottie Peoples

  82. Jay Lewis with Dottie Peoples "He Said It"

  83. Dottie Peoples "Testify"

  84. [Deleted Video]

  85. Pastor Marvin Winans singing ole' hymn

  86. Pastor Marvin L. Winans Singing

  87. Ronzel Pretlow - Overflows

  88. Thanksgiving PRAISE BREAK 2006 @ Temple of Deliverance

  89. Ron Winans & Friends- I Made A Promise Shout 2

  90. Jesus Saves- Marvin Winans and Perfected Praise

  91. Marvin Winans, Vanessa Bell Armstrong & Karen Clark Sheard "Yet Praise"

  92. Pastor Marvin Winans and Perfected Praise Choir

  93. Pastor Marvin L. Winans singing and preaching

  94. Dorinda Clark Cole - I'm Determined

  95. Thank You Lord, For All You've Done - Bishop Darrell Hines

  96. Kim Burrell and Intl Mass Choir 102nd Holy Conf Memphis 2009 COGIC

  97. JESUS PAID IT ALL-Rev James Moore/Mississippi Mass

  98. Satisfied - The Canton Spirituals," Walking By Faith "

  99. The Canton Spirituals "Glad I've Got Jesus"

  100. Pastor E.Dewey Smith OLE SCHOOL HYMN-BY THE GRACE of the Lord

  101. Norman Hutchins - God's Got A Blessing


  103. Rev. Andrew Cheairs and The Songbirds-Move For The Lord

  104. Jesus Is Real by The New Life Community Choir featuring Pastor John P. Kee

  105. Joe Pace & the Colorado Mass Choir - Hallelujah Anyhow

  106. Working Own A Building/Jesus Is real - Bishop Carlton Peason

  107. Vicki Winans - More Than Enough

  108. Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir - Total Praise

  109. Fred Hammond - Total Praise

  110. Total Praise - Richard Smallwood

  111. You Won't Leave Here Like You Came- Bishop GE Patterson Sings

  112. Praise Is What I Do - William Murphy

  113. Shekinah Glory Ministry - Praise Is What I Do (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

  114. William Murphy - Praise is what I do

  115. Kurt Carr - We Lift Our Hands In The Sanctuary

  116. Thank You Lord (He Did It All) - John P. Kee & NLCC

  117. Youthful Praise - Incredible God, Incredible Praise

  118. Youthful Praise - Resting On His Promise (AUDIO ONLY)

  119. James Fortune & FIYA "Encore" - AUDIO Only

  120. I Told The Storm - Greg O'Quin 'N Joyful Noize

  121. Right now Praise by Jonathan Nelson feat Jason Nelson

  122. LaVeil Rucker praise and worship at TOD COGIC - I'll take Jesus for mine

  123. Cathedral Praise Break - West Angeles COGIC

  124. Bishop G. E. Patterson "REFLECTIONS BEHIND THE PURPLE ROBE" (

  125. Youthful Praise - You Are So Awesome


  127. Miami Mass Choir - Be Encouraged

  128. (*NEW*)They That Wait by Fred Hammond

  129. Fred Hammond & RFC - No Weapon

  130. Fred Hammond -Bread of Heaven [lyrics]

  131. Thank You Lord (He Did It All) 2 - John P. Kee & NLCC

  132. Awesome God by J.J Hairston and Youthful Praise

  133. follow you by james and fiya fortune

  134. John P. Kee - Standing In The Need

  135. They That Wait - Fred Hammond ft John P. Kee (HQ)

  136. GWMA Mass Choir - No Greater Love

  137. Now Behold The Lamb

  138. Yolanda Adams - Open My Heart

  139. Jonathan Nelson ft Sha Simpson - How Great is our God (HD Quality)

  140. Hallelujah (Live)

  141. Bishop Paul Morton - Don't Do It Without Me

  142. Donnie McClurkin: We Fall Down, But We Get Up

  143. I Do Worship - John P. Kee

  144. John P. Kee - Standing In The Need

  145. If God said it, I believe it. For I know He will make it Alright.

  146. Chicago Mass Choir "He'll Make It Alright "

  147. Donnie McClurkin Great is Your Mercy

  148. [Private Video]

  149. Bishop Paul S. Morton Don't Do it without Me

  150. Bishop Paul S. Morton - Don't Do It Without Me

  151. Throwback Music Medley. Pastor Marvin Winans

  152. Chicago Mass Choir: Whatever You Want

  153. *Audio* He That Believeth: The Chicago Mass Choir

  154. Ricky Dillard - More Abundantly

  155. Battlefield By Norman Hutchins

  156. Hezekiah Walker & L.F.C.-99 and A Half

  157. Joshua's Troop - Everybody Clap Your Hands

  158. You Must Come In At The Door - Rev. Timothy Wright

  159. Chicago Mass Choir I Cannot Tell It All

  160. Georgia Mass Choir - Walk In The Light

  161. Your Will - Darius Brooks

  162. Chicago Mass Choir: Whatever You Want


  164. Ricky Dillard - More Abundantly

  165. Donald Lawrence - The best is yet to come

  166. Marvin Winans I'm Over It Now

  167. Holy Ghost Power By The Chicago Mass Choir

  168. Satisfied - The Canton Spirituals," Walking By Faith "

  169. Georgia Mass Choir "Walk In The Light"

  170. "Grace And Mercy" - Mississippi Mass Choir

  171. Come on in The Room by The Georgia Mass Choir

  172. Mighty Clouds Of Joy - Walk Around Heaven

  173. Willie Banks - Lord You Been Good

  174. Willie Banks - Lord You Been Good

  175. Donnie McClurkin: We Fall Down, But We Get Up