1. Senator Janet Howell Speaks on Medicaid Expansion

  2. Senator Mamie Locke Speaks on Voting Rights

  3. Senator Mark Herring Speaks on GOP's Attacks on Voting Rights

  4. Sen. Donald McEachin Speaks on Senate GOP Redistricting

  5. Political Power Play: Senate Republicans Pass Off-Year Redistricting

  6. Senate Democrats Announce 2013 Session Agenda

  7. 2012 Session Wrap Up Press Conference

  8. Sen. Saslaw speaks on past budget negotiations

  9. Sen. Lucas speaks on past budget negotiations

  10. Sen. Northam speaks against mandatory ultrasounds (HB 462)

  11. Sen. McEachin speaks against mandatory ultrasounds (HB 462)

  12. Senator Mark Herring on Protecting Seniors from Financial Fraud

  13. Senator Chap Petersen Speaks Against Party Registration in Virginia

  14. Senator Donald McEachin: "This is a dangerous path we are traveling"

  15. Senator Mark Herring: "No child should be denied a safe and loving home"

  16. Senator John Edwards: SB 349 Treads on Principles of Our County

  17. Senator Adam Ebbin: SB 349 is about denying LGBT Virginians the right to form families

  18. Senator Chap Petersen's Bill Targeting Fraudulent Foreclosure Robo-Signers Passes Senate

  19. Senator Yvonne B. Miller: "Tolls are Taxes"

  20. Senator Richard Saslaw Speaks Against Divisive Republican Bills

  21. Senator Barbara Favola Speaks Against Divisive Republican Bills

  22. Senators McEachin and Barker give Democratic Response to the State of the Commonwealth Address

  23. Virginia Senate recognizes VCU men's basketball team

  24. Senator Herring discusses importance of banning synthetic marijuana in Virginia

  25. Virginia Senator Mary Margaret Whipple Announces Her Retirement

  26. Virginia Senate Democrats Stand Up for Women's Reproductive Rights

  27. Virginia Senate Recognizes DeAngelo Hall

  28. Virginia Senate Begins Abortion Debate

  29. Virginia Senators Houck and Norment support shipbuilding grant

  30. Virginia Republicans Vote Against $300 million Tax Cut

  31. Virginia Senator Patsy Ticer announces her retirement

  32. Senator Chap Petersen recognizes Senator Jim Webb

  33. Virginia Senators Marsh and Watkins discuss budget for capital improvement projects

  34. Senator Edd Houck urges Senate to pass prioritized budget

  35. Senator McEachin discusses the impact of the state budget in Henrico County

  36. Virginia Senators Discuss Health Care Budget Amendment

  37. Virginia Senators debate government transparency amendment

  38. Senator Chuck Colgan introduces FY2012 Virginia Senate Budget

  39. Sen. Mamie Locke honors the late Sen. Walter Maxwell Sr.

  40. Sen. Edd Houck discusses restoring funding to public education in 2012

  41. Senator McEachin speaks up for unemployment benefits bill

  42. Senator McEachin Explains Weapons Bill

  43. Senator Barker speaks for foster care & individual living legislation

  44. Virginia Senators McDougle and Saslaw debate changing the Biennial Appropriations Act.

  45. Virginia Senate Debates Transient Cccupancy Tax Amendment

  46. Senator John Miller discusses criminal justice legislation

  47. Senator Barker Discusses Texting While Driving Bill

  48. Sen. George Barker explains sb1031

  49. Sen. Chuck Colgan explains lottery for veterans bill

  50. Senate Debates Weights and Measures Legislation

  51. Senators Petersen and Stouch debate foreclosure bill

  52. Senator Roscoe Reynolds on recordation tax legislation.

  53. Senator Janet Howell explains retirement benefits legislation

  54. Senator Henry Marsh Discusses the Impact of the Transprtation Bill on Richmond

  55. VA Senate Debates Transportation Bill

  56. Sen. Howell stands up for autism coverage.wmv

  57. Senate Democrats Pass Bill to Limit CID Power of Attorney General

  58. Virginia Senate Supports Victims' Rights Legislation

  59. Sen. Donald McEachin Discusses the Senate's Transportation Bill

  60. Sen. Donald McEachin Discusses Non-Discrimination Bill

  61. Sen. George Barker Supports Bipartisan Development Opportunity Fund Legislation

  62. VA Senate passes school bus safety bill

  63. Senate Democrats Pass Bipartisan Redistricting Commission Legislation

  64. Sen. Mary Margaret Whipple Discusses Job Now!

  65. 04.13.10 Sen. McEachin on priorities of Virginia Republicans.wmv

  66. 04.07.10 Whipple on Confederate Proc.mpg

  67. 03.09.10 Sen. Marsh on charters.wmv

  68. 03.09.10 Sen. Houck on charter schools.wmv

  69. 03.09.10 Sen. Lucas on charter schools.wmv

  70. 03.09.10 Sen. Puckett on charter schools.wmv

  71. 03.09.10 Sen. Locke on charter schools.wmv

  72. 03.09.10 Sen. Miller on charter schools.wmv

  73. 03.08.10 Sen. Colgan on education in budget negotiations.wmv

  74. 03.08.10 Sen. Miller on Veteran's memorial.wmv

  75. 03.08.10 Sen. Howell on public safety in budget negotiations.wmv

  76. 03.08.10 Sen. Houck on education in budget.wmv

  77. 03.08.10 McEachin on Cuccinelli Letter.wmv

  78. 03.04.10 Whipple on pre-k.wmv

  79. 03.01.10 Sen. Reynolds on ApCo.wmv

  80. Sen. Howell on Autism Coverage

  81. Sen. Puckett on APCo.wmv

  82. Sen. Reynolds on APCo.wmv

  83. 02.12.10 Sen. Lucas on LCI.mpg

  84. Sen. Lucas on International paper.mpg

  85. 02.08.10 Sen. Howell on public safety cuts.mpg

  86. 02.04.10 Senator Barker on LCI in Prince William.ts

  87. Sen. Mamie Locke on school funding

  88. Sen. Edd Houck on the state budget and jobs

  89. Sen. Donald McEachin on Governor McDonnell's role in the budget process

  90. Sen. Miller on Chinese Drywall.avi

  91. Sen. McEachin on Budget Cuts

  92. Democratic Response 2010.mpg