1. Surprising surge in U.S. economic growth

  2. Romney joins Obama for private lunch at the White House

  3. Carney: Obama "has not made a decision" on nominating Rice

  4. Lottery officials wait for Powerball winners to come forward

  5. Germany's Christmas market

  6. Romney arrives at White House for lunch with Obama

  7. Preview: Three Generations of Punishment

  8. Transplant recipient has emotional reunion with donor's family

  9. Pelosi: GOP "can hike on back" for "fiscal cliff" negotiations

  10. Boehner: "No substantive progress" on "fiscal cliff" talks

  11. Ex-con running for Jesse Jackson Jr.'s seat

  12. Father, girl and dog found asphyxiated in van

  13. How private are text messages, emails?

  14. Reid on Boehner: "I don't understand his brain"

  15. U.S. jails could house Guantanamo detainees

  16. Hopkins, Mirren on "Hitchcock"

  17. 7-year-old cancer patient prescribed medical marijuana

  18. First of its kind solar plane flies at night

  19. Retiring grocery store owner gives business to employees

  20. Rescue: Deer tangled in Christmas lights

  21. Formula may predict child obesity risk

  22. Lindsay Lohan arrested for alleged assault

  23. Three missing after plane disappears over Utah

  24. Starbucks serves up a $7 cup of coffee

  25. Jewelry store robbery caught on tape

  26. Biden does some holiday shopping at Costco

  27. Starbucks offers new $7 coffee

  28. Tony Bennett honors Harry Belafonte at Snowflake Ball

  29. White supremacist building new compound in Idaho

  30. Biden: Important that Congress acts "now, right now" on "fiscal

  31. Flash Points: What's behind President Morsi's power grab?

  32. Rockefeller Christmas tree lighting 80th anniversary

  33. Flash Points: What will happen to Benghazi attack perpetrators?

  34. Jazz at Lincoln Center celebrates 25 years

  35. Ore. auctioneer tries for world champion title

  36. Sand wars: U.S. coastal towns in the market for sand

  37. Anti-Tax Pledge leader: Going into a recession no matter what

  38. Norquist: Two conditions could make fiscal cliff solution "good"

  39. What to expect from Obama, Romney relationship

  40. Obama, Romney to meet for lunch

  41. Romney adviser: We failed to reach out to women and minorities

  42. Mini horse and zebra run wild on Staten Island

  43. Steroids issue in Baseball Hall of Fame vote

  44. Dickerson on Romney's upcoming White House lunch

  45. Egypt's Morsi to explain power grab in national address

  46. Calif. residents brace for storms

  47. Geithner heads to the hill for "fiscal cliff" talks

  48. Powerball jackpot: Two winners to share $587 million

  49. Headlines: Auto sales expected to hit four-year high

  50. UTTM bids farewell to standard definition

  51. Car bombings could ignite revenge attacks in Syria

  52. "Hiring our heroes"

  53. Protests rise after deadly factory fire in Bangladesh

  54. The dark side of the lottery

  55. Fiscal cliff negotiations come down to Bush tax cuts

  56. BP employees in court over criminal charges

  57. GOP aide says fiscal cliff negotiations "one-sided"

  58. First lady unveils 2012 holiday decorations at the White House

  59. Clinton leads ovation for Rice in Cabinet meeting

  60. Thieves steal $19K of merchandise in 13 seconds

  61. Kansas town removes cross from official seal

  62. Royals' first visit to Cambridge, England

  63. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" NZ premiere

  64. Sandy victims hope for Powerball winnings

  65. Churches profit from turning steeple into cell tower

  66. Calf. couple held at gunpoint while driving

  67. Giant snowman gets frosty reception from city

  68. Pelosi: "Fiscal cliff" deal has to happen, "so let's just do it"

  69. Police dash cam video released in excessive force investigation

  70. Chef Jose Andres named one of Time's Most Influential People

  71. First holiday weekend shopping brings $22B in sales

  72. USGA wants to ban long putters

  73. Lee Harvey Oswald's "ex-girlfriend" talks conspiracy

  74. Royals make first official visit to Cambridge

  75. Study: Liking your neighborhood can improve your health

  76. Couch chemicals cause of concern for some

  77. Powerball mania sweeps the nation

  78. Robots to help with household chores?

  79. Powerball advice: What to do if you win

  80. Postmaster General on post office challenges

  81. "Two and a Half Men" star apologizes

  82. Minn. hospital delivers 19 boys in a row

  83. Scalia on healthcare ruling: "Water over the dam"

  84. Headlines: GM brings Apple's Siri to its cars

  85. Protesters return to Tahrir Square

  86. Powerball jackpot up to $500 million

  87. Dickerson: Rice critics targeting her as "administration proxy"

  88. Fiscal cliff deadline looming, no agreement in sight

  89. GOP senators still "troubled" after meeting with Rice

  90. Women sue Pentagon for right to fight

  91. Mortgage deduction: Is it on its way out?

  92. Susan Rice meets with lawmakers in Washington

  93. Protestors pack Tahrir Square in Cairo

  94. Report from Homs, Syria

  95. Homeowners mortgage deduction will it stay or go?

  96. Republicans slam "Thelma and Louise" Democrats

  97. War World II plane discovered

  98. Casablanca turns 70

  99. New climate change worry