2. Retarding Kero Dance

  3. Boba Fett at Disney Hollywood Studios May 29 2009

  4. Jared and I play Wii Tennis

  5. Molly the Poodle

  6. Michael strikes again!

  7. Pose for a Video 1

  8. More funny with Matt and Michael

  9. Matt and Michael share a moment

  10. HXC Michael; Jacob and Michael fight

  11. Michael and my car antennae

  12. Michael and Jacob after Bowling Class

  13. Heart Support Tour: Earthquake by Family Force 5

  14. Heart Support Tour: Drama Queen by Family Force 5

  15. Heart Support Tour: I Love You to Death by Family Force 5

  16. Heart Support Tour: Kountry Gentlemen by Family Force 5

  17. Heart Support Tour: Captiva by Falling Up

  18. Heart Support Tour: Time After Time by Spoken

  19. The Lads: Alex helps Bjorn with a solo

  20. Singing "Earthquake" in the car!

  21. Meatwad sings Mississippi Queen!

  22. Taro the Sword Swallower

  23. Otto Sword Swallower

  24. Fire Breathing Otto

  25. Tickling Tannon

  26. Fire Eating Otto

  27. Steak and Shake Fun with the Yutes: Making Faces

  28. Crazy Laugh

  29. The Best and Crappiest Late Night Show

  30. Squeaky Penguin

  31. On Fire (Appetite for Construction)

  32. Sweet Home Alabama (Appetite for Construction)

  33. This Is Your Life (Appetite for Construction)

  34. So Hate Consquences (Appetite for Construction)

  35. Be My Escape (Appetite for Construction)

  36. Sleigh Ride (Appetite for Construction)

  37. Switchfoot's Intro (Appetite for Construction)

  38. Tickled

  39. Switchfoot Guitar Solo (Appetite for Construction Tour)

  40. Meant to Live (Appetite for Construction Tour)