1. "Angels We Have Heard On High" -Christmas cover- 2013

  2. One day I'll...

  3. "Someone To Watch Over Me" (acapella) Gershwin -cover-

  4. "I'm With You" (Avril Lavigne) -cover-

  5. "Rainbow Connection" -cover-

  6. "Stay" -Rihanna cover-

  7. "Makin' Whoopee" Acapella -cover-

  8. Our Day Will Come -Amy Winehouse version- cover.

  9. A Thousand Years -Christina Perri- cover

  10. "When You Believe" -cover- (The Prince of Egypt)

  11. Get Here (Oleta Adams) -cover-

  12. Unforgettable -Nat King Cole- (acapella) rendition/cover

  13. Chasing Pavements -cover-

  14. It's My Turn -cover- (Diana Ross)

  15. One of these Things First (acapella) cover

  16. Drops of Jupiter -cover-

  17. Gravity -cover- (John Mayer)

  18. A House is not a Home -cover- acapella

  19. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face -cover-

  20. Bound To You -cover-

  21. Ordinary People -cover-

  22. Losing My Mind -cover- (From Follies)

  23. Hometown Glory -cover-

  24. He Won't Go -cover-

  25. Make You Feel My Love -Adele cover-

  26. The Girl From Ipanema -cover-

  27. The Broken Ones (Dia Frampton) -cover-

  28. Constant Craving k.d lang -cover-

  29. I Can't Make You Love Me -cover-

  30. Time after Time -cover-

  31. The way I am -cover-

  32. Jolene -cover- Acapella

  33. Being Green (acapella) cover

  34. The Chain -cover-

  35. This Christmas -cover-

  36. Can't Take My Eyes Off of You -cover- (acapella)

  37. One Song Glory -cover-

  38. True Colors -cover-

  39. Blue Wind (Spring Awakening) cover

  40. White Horse -cover-

  41. All that's known (acapella) -cover-

  42. The Rose -cover-

  43. Fix You (Coldplay) -cover-

  44. Just around the riverbend -cover-

  45. Don't Know Why -cover-

  46. In God's Hands -cover-

  47. The Colors of the Wind -cover- acapella

  48. Hallelujah -cover-

  49. Bubbly -cover-

  50. My Man -cover- acapella

  51. Big Spender -cover-

  52. Hungry Eyes -cover-

  53. What's Love Got to Do with It -cover-

  54. Video -cover-

  55. Landslide -cover-

  56. Childhood (Michael Jackson) -cover- acapella

  57. Hello -cover-

  58. A Thousand Miles -cover-

  59. Marvin's Room -cover-

  60. Jar of Hearts -cover-

  61. We've only just begun -cover-

  62. Turning Tables -cover-

  63. Unfaithful -cover- (Rihanna)

  64. Inventing Shadows -cover-

  65. Mad World -cover-

  66. Loving You -cover-

  67. You're The One -cover-

  68. Someone in the dark -cover-

  69. Baby Be Mine -cover-

  70. Put your records on -cover-

  71. What am I to you -cover-

  72. Speechless -cover-

  73. Science Fiction Double Feature -cover-

  74. You Are my sunshine -cover-

  75. Valerie -cover-

  76. Your Song -cover-

  77. I want you back -cover-

  78. Like A Star -cover- Corinne Bailey Rae

  79. This Time -cover-

  80. Isn't She Lovely -cover-

  81. Send In The Clowns -cover-

  82. To Sir, With Love -cover-

  83. Smile -cover- Charlie Chaplin

  84. Nowadays -cover-

  85. Total eclipse of the Heart -cover-

  86. Beautiful -cover- (Carole King)

  87. It's too late -cover-

  88. Love Song -cover-

  89. Big Girls Don't Cry -cover-

  90. a piece of sky (papa can you hear me) -cover-

  91. i don't trust myself with loving you -cover

  92. Finally -cover-

  93. Rolling in the Deep -cover-

  94. Beauty and the Beast -cover-

  95. My Husband Makes Movies -cover-

  96. My Happy Ending -cover-

  97. Lucky -cover- By Kat Edmonson.

  98. So Far Away -cover-

  99. Touch-a-touch-a-touch me -cover-