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47 Auto Insurance Savings Tips -- Guaranteed steps To Cheap Car Insurance Pt1

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Published on Oct 14, 2013

http://q4l.org/ Get 47 auto insurance savings tips that are guaranteed to get you dirt cheap car insurance rates. http://quality-insurance-4-less.com/A...

This is a long series and is broken into multiple parts. This is the first part. We will cover the 47 savings tips promised in five parts.

Let's begin with part one of our time-tested savings tips series...

Tip #1. Do your utmost to always drive responsibly. Please, make sure you make it a personal principle to NOT drive if you even sip any alcoholic beverage.

Traffic offenses that have to do with having more than the permissible amount of alcohol in your system invariably make you attract unbearable rates. While alcohol-related traffic offences have very instantaneous and grave repercussions, speeding tickets will also affect your auto insurance rates negatively if they become frequent. You'll do yourself a world of good if you obey all traffic laws at all times.

Tip #2. An excellent credit rating will show favorably on your auto insurance rate. A bad credit record will cost you in higher auto insurance rates. This is because insurance providers regard individuals who default in payments as irresponsible and a bigger risk to them. This translates to more risk to them and more expensive rates for you.

Tip #3. You can reduce your rates by going for a multi-vehicle discount. You are only advised to do otherwise if the sum of your rates with different insurance companies is less than what you'll get with a multi-vehicle discount if you buy from one insurer.

Visit this site for tips on other insurance policies: http://quality-insurance-4-less.com/

Tip #4. A multi-policy discount is a good step to reduce your total insurance spend. This simply means that you should try to buy your auto insurance policy from the same provider that underwrites your home, health or life insurance policies.

Tip #5. Staying claims-free will result in a good discount. However, remember that not all providers give this rebate.


In the event that your insurance agent says that they don't have this concession, inform him/her that you will switch to the competition. With such a record getting a much more affordable premium is definitely really straightforward because policy holders like you are every insurer's ideal acquisition.

And, believe it or not, your provider is likely to reconsider if they see you're very resolute about switching.

Tip #6. If you bear collision and comprehensive for an old automobile which is not a classic, then you're expending a lot more than is necessary. This is because you are compensated based on what is referred to as the Kelly Blue Book value of your vehicle when you file a claim. This suggests that irrespective of the amount you paid and the duration, you will get absolutely nothing provided the book indicates it isn't worth a dime when you make a claim.

So help yourself and drop these coverage types from your policy. Doing this will save you a lot and not leave you exposed in any way.

Tip #7. Selecting a higher deductible is a proven way to get lower premiums. It is wise to opt for a deductible that's as high as permissible but also within easy reach for you.

I must emphasize that you're required by law to make this amount available if you ever file a claim.

Tip #8. Your premium is heavily influenced by your total mileage. Therefore, ensure you do NOT drive your car whenever there is an acceptable alternative. This is a wise course of action if you reside in an urban area where there is a standard mass transit system.

You can also reduce your mileage count by being part of a carpool.

Tip #9. Under-25 drivers are given very expensive auto insurance rates. If you belong to this age bracker you can attract more affordable rates if you keep getting good grades at school. It's known as the good student discount.

This discount is for students who get A's or a minimum of B's. This will slash off as much as 5 percent from your rate if you make yourself eligible. This discount is given because insurers believe there is a correlation between good grades and a young person's composure while driving. Young drivers who maintain good grades are usually seen as more responsible and less prone to recklessness behind wheels.

Tip #10. For insured persons who are above fifty years of age, you can take advantage of a senior drivers' refresher course. Passing through such a refresher course can qualify you for price-cuts of about ten percent. To get important details of this opportunity and what you can get from your provider, consult your agent.

Get and compare car insurance rate quotes at Q4L.org!

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