1. Tunisian Children Recite Al-Qaeda Song Extolling 9/11: "Our Terror Is Blessed"

  2. Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Miqdad: If Elections Were Held, Bashar Would Get Over 60%

  3. Hamas MP Marwan Abu Ras: Jews Behind Every Catastrophe on Earth

  4. Lebanese Journalist Ghaleb Kandil: U.S. Founded by Criminals Fleeing from Justice

  5. Former PA Minister Asfour Boasts: Many Israelis Killed Since PA Established

  6. Egyptian Jihadi Sheik Ahmad 'Ashoush: I Do Not Consider Morsi Legitimate President

  7. Hizbullah Buries Its Fighters Killed in Syria

  8. Footage of Demonstrations Held in Tehran over the Economy

  9. Lebanese Druze Leader Wahhab Threatens to Arm the Druze: A Secular Syria or No Syria at All

  10. Iraqi Sunni Politician Al-Dulaimi: The "Persian Personality" Understands Nothing but Force

  11. Top Palestinian Islamic Cleric in Lebanon Zaghmout Calls upon Muslims to Unite in Jihad

  12. Egyptian Cleric Saad Arafat to Young Children: Don't Burn Embassies, God Will Torment Offenders

  13. Swedish-Algerian Journalist Yahya Abu Zakariya Promotes Holocaust Denial

  14. Child Preacher Calls for Jihad and Quotes: Jerusalem Held Captive by the Brothers of Apes and Pigs

  15. IRGC Air Force Commander Hajizadeh: An Attack on Iran Will Lead to WWIII; We Will Attack US Bases

  16. Syrian Rebels Build a Military Aircraft

  17. Iranian General: An Israeli Attack on Iran Will Lead to the Liberation of Jerusalem

  18. Nasrallah: Broadcasting the Full Muhammad Defamation Film Will Lead to Serious Consequences

  19. Sheik Al-Qaradhawi against Violence in Protest of Anti-Islamic Movie

  20. Benghazi Friday Sermon 3 Days after the Murder of US Ambassador: Let's Detonate our Wrath upon Them

  21. Iranian Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami: Wave of Holy Jihad Must Turn into a Tsunami against the US

  22. Anti-American Antisemitic Cartoons on Yemeni Houthi Channel Al-Masirah TV

  23. Sunni-Shiite Debate Deteriorates into a Brawl on Egyptian TV

  24. Lebanese Man Transforms a Volvo into a Rolls Royce

  25. Hizbullah TV Dedicates Excellence Festival to French Holocaust Denier Roger Garaudy

  26. Egyptians Storm US Embassy in Cairo, Replace US Flag with the Black Flag of Al-Qaeda

  27. Egyptian Salafis Demand Release of Omar Abd Al-Rahman, Chant Antisemitic Slogans

  28. Hizbullah Leader Nasrallah: US To Be Held Accountable If Israel Bombs Iranian Nuclear Facilities

  29. Clerics and Experts on Yemeni Houthi TV Indulge in Multiple, Antisemitic 9/11 Conspiracies

  30. Iranian Antisemitic Film "Saturday Hunter" Depicts Jews Massacring Arabs, Seeking God-Like Powers

  31. British MP Galloway: I Am Against the Enemies of the Syrian Regime

  32. Houthi TV Airs Footage Of US Military Plane In Yemeni Airbase

  33. Kuwaiti Author: I Fear for Women's Rights in Light of Rise of Arab Islamic Movements to Power

  34. MB Official: Peace With Israel Brought Cancer And Other Diseases To Egypt

  35. Essam Al-Aryan of Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Leadership: The War on Terror Is Dead

  36. Egyptian Cleric Mansour Explains Wife Beating in Islam: A Wife Should Please Her Husband

  37. Syrian-French Writer Adnan Azzam Links Syria Conflict to Zionism and Napoleon

  38. Lebanese Cleric Bassam Al-Kayed: Jews Behind Persecution of Myanmar Muslims

  39. Political Analyst Haidar Said: We Iraqis Are Yet to Acknowledge Our Violent Past

  40. Egyptian Professor Gamal Zahran: Allah Willing, Next Year Israel Will Be Annihilated

  41. Ibrahim Al-Buleihi: Progress for Arab and Islamic World Can Only Come from Western Civilization

  42. Ibrahim Al-Amin: Lebanese Opponents of Hizbullah Are Israeli Collaborators until Proven Otherwise

  43. Lebanese MP Nadim Gemayel: Nasrallah Is Lying, Hizbullah Involved in Miqdad Clan's Lawlessness

  44. Shiite Extremists in London Celebrate Day Prophet Muhammad's Wife 'Aisha Died

  45. Egyptian Cleric Safwat Higazi: The Day Will Come When We Will Be Masters of the World

  46. Retired Egyptian General Umran: Egypt Should Obtain Nuclear Weapons to Deter Israel

  47. Sudanese Cleric: If I Had the Power, I would Turn America into a Thing of the Past in Six Months

  48. Nasrallah Threatens Hundreds of Thousands Dead, Turning Israelis' Lives into Living Hell

  49. Released Terrorist Ahlam Tamimi on Palestinian Public's Delight at Suicide Bombings

  50. Hamas Official Ahmad Bahr Preaches for the Annihilation of Jews and Americans

  51. Lebanese Gays Demonstrate against Body Cavity Searches at Police Stations

  52. Saudi Cleric Salman Al-Odeh: Jews Use Human Blood for Passover Matzos

  53. Al-Azhar Cleric Hashem Islam Issues Fatwa Allowing the Killing of Anti-Morsi Demonstrators

  54. Lebanese TV: MEMRI Responsible for Hizbullah Ban from Social Media Networks and Apps

  55. Former MB General Guide Mahdi 'Akef: To Hell with Anyone who Does Not Accept Islamic Rule

  56. Egyptian Islamic Jihad Member Refuses to Apologize for Killing Sadat: Assassin Is a Martyr

  57. Cleric Denies Angels Descend to Aid Anti-Bashar Rebels in Syria

  58. Morsi during Campaign: Conversion of Religion Is Allowed If Not Done in Public

  59. Egyptian TV Criticizes the Terrorists Who Murdered the Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai

  60. Deputy Commander of Iran's Navy: We Extend Hand in Peace, But Ready to Close Strait of Hormuz

  61. Hizbullah MP Ret. General Walid Sakariya: Iranian Nuclear Weapon "to Finish Off the Zionist Entity"

  62. Syrian Analyst Muhammad 'Issa: War with Rebels Will Lead to a Syrian Empire

  63. Egyptian Cleric Sallah Sultan: People with Thirst for the Blood of the Jews All Over the World

  64. Egyptian Sociologist Saad Eddin Ibrahim: MB Hijacking the Revolution, More Dangerous Than Salafis

  65. Washington-Based Liberal Writer Mansour Al-Hadj on Anti-Regime Demonstrations in Sudan

  66. Free Syrian Army Officer Displays Captured Tanks

  67. Hizbullah TV after Google, Apple Remove Its Apps: We Will Find Other Ways to Deliver Our Message

  68. Egyptian Film Director Khaled Youssef: The MB Might Make Us Miss the Days of Hitler

  69. Egyptian Islamist Lawyer Muntassir Al-Zayyat: A Malaysian Muslim Better Than a Christian Egyptian

  70. Al-Azhar Cleric Hashem Islam: Suicide Bombings Are a Religious Duty

  71. Bernard-Henry Levy: What Was Done in Libya Can Be Done in Syria

  72. Saudi Cleric: CEDAW Agreement Sends Shivers Down Your Spine

  73. Khartoum Friday Sermon: The Planet Is Being Torn Apart and the Jews Are Behind It

  74. Moroccan Crown Prince Gets Hands Kissed While Inaugurating a Zoo

  75. Former MB Spokesman Kamal Helbawy: We Can Bring the US to Its Knees

  76. Syrian MPs and Lebanese Sympathizers on War and Possible Use of Unconventional Weapons

  77. Nasrallah: Our Weapons in the 2006 War Were Supplied by Syria

  78. Former Bin Laden Bodyguard: I Expect New Attacks against the US

  79. Debate on Saudi Women Participating in Olympics

  80. Moroccan Journalist Supports Sex out of Wedlock, Sheik Abdallah Nhari Sanctions His Death

  81. Moroccan Cleric Nhari in 2005: May Allah Turn Iraq into a Nail in the Coffin of US Tyranny

  82. Egyptian Salafi TV Chef Reminisces on the Days of Saddam When Taunted by Shiite Prankster

  83. Egyptian Women's Rights Activist Iqbal Baraka Compares Islamic movements to Nazism

  84. Tehran "Cartoon Festival" in Support of OWS Movement

  85. Retired Egyptian General: Egypt Will Join Iran and Syria If They Are Attacked

  86. Shiite anti-Sunni Rhetoric: Wahhabi Fatwa Allows Sodomy for Jihad Purposes

  87. TV Host Hala Sirhan to Egyptian President Mursi: We Are Afraid of You

  88. French-Syrian Writer: MEMRI President Lived in Homs, Is FSA Liasion with Zionists

  89. British MP George Galloway Scolds Arabs for Joining Western Efforts against Iran

  90. Egyptian MP Hamdi Fakhrani: I Was Beaten Up by President Morsi's Supporters

  91. Egyptian Scenarist Wahid Hamed: The Muslim Brotherhood Does Not Make Good on its Promises

  92. Syrian Lawyer Thaer Ibrahim: Elie Wiesel Is the Most Dangerous Man on Earth

  93. Jordanian Cleric Al-Bustanji: I Brought My Daughter to Gaza So She Could Learn Jihad

  94. Qatar Friday Sermon: Jews Are Parasites

  95. Former Jordanian MP Abd Al-Qader: Jihad and Martyrdom Best Way to Expel Jews from Sacred Land

  96. Jordanian MP Threatens Colleague with a Gun During a Live TV Debate

  97. Hamas MP Al-Astal: The Germans Punished the Jews, Now It's the Turn of the Islamic Nation

  98. Saudi Shiite Cleric Nimr Al-Nimr: We Should Rejoice in the Death of Crown Prince Nayyef

  99. Holocaust Denier Joachim Martillo: Jews Behind Collapse of US and World Financial System.mp4