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  1. P.S.-I made this...Crystal Bow Belt

  2. P.S.-I made this...Tropical Clutch

  3. P.S.- I made this...Floral Sweatshirt

  4. P.S.- I made this...Embellished Wedge

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  6. P.S.-I made this...Cat Eye Mask

  7. P.S.-I made this...Jewelry Plaque

  8. P.S.-I made this...Chain Back Earring

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  27. P.S.- I made this...Beaded Bib Necklace

  28. P.S.- I made this...Friendship Chain Bracelet

  29. P.S.- I made this...Makeup Brush Holder

  30. P.S.- I made this...Agate Sandal

  31. P.S.- I made this...Mirrored Desk Set

  32. P.S.- I made this...Ombre Lamp Shade

  33. P.S.- I made this...Embellished Belt

  34. Ombre Cupcakes with P.S. I Made This

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