1. Pink Nassau 3/25

  2. Dave Barnes- Grace's Amazing Hands Mercury Lounge

  3. Dave Barnes- My Love, My Enemy Mercury Lounge

  4. Dave Barnes- What I Need Mercury Lounge

  5. Steve Moakler- Boy You Drew Mercury Lounge

  6. Grace's Amazing Hands- Dave Barnes at the Mercury Lounge

  7. Dave Barnes- Greyhound Mercury Lounge NYC

  8. Hanson- Great Divide acapella Nokia Theater NY 2009

  9. Hanson- MMMBop Nokia Theater NY 2009

  10. Zac Hanson- Use Me Up Nokia Theater 2009

  11. Hanson- I Will Come To You Nokia Theater NYC 2009

  12. Hanson- Carry You There Nokia Theater NY 2009

  13. Hanson- Running Man Nokia Theater NY 2009

  14. Hanson- Minute Without You Nokia Theater

  15. Hello Goodbye and crazy drunk girl at Nokia Theater NY

  16. Great Big Sea- Old Brown's Daughter Westhampton

  17. Great Big Sea- Excursion and Fortune

  18. Great Big Sea- Walk On The Moon Westhampton

  19. Great Big Sea- Sea Of No Cares Westhampton

  20. Great Big Sea in Westhampton NY

  21. Great Big Sea- River Driver Westhampton

  22. Carolina Liar- Show Me What I'm Looking For

  23. Elliot Yamin at Eisenhower Park

  24. Michael Johns- Single Ladies

  25. Michael Johns- Heart On My Sleeve

  26. Michael Johns Eisenhower Park

  27. Brooke White- Radio Radio

  28. Adam Lambert- Starlight AI Live 09 Nassau Coliseum

  29. Kris Allen- Heartless AI Live 09 Nassau Coliseum

  30. Danny Gokey What Hurts the Most AI Live 09 Nassau Coliseum

  31. Matt Giraud- Hard To Handle AI Live 09 Nassau Coliseum

  32. Matt Giraud- You Found Me AI Live 09 Nassau Coliseum

  33. Dave Barnes- When a Heart Breaks at the Bowery NYC

  34. Dave Barnes & Gabe Dixon- Until You at the Bowery NYC

  35. Gabe Dixon Band- Corner Cafe at the Bowery NYC

  36. Gabe Dixon Band- Disappear at the Bowery NYC

  37. Ernie Halter- Whisper at the Bitter End

  38. Dave Barnes- Everybody But You June 2007

  39. Ernie Halter- Bitter End 1/9/08

  40. Hanson- Beginning of the Walk Montclair, NJ

  41. Hanson- Fire On The Mountain Montclair NJ

  42. Hanson- Lay Me Down Montclair, NJ

  43. Hanson- Stories Montclair NJ

  44. Zac Hanson- The Walk Montclair NJ

  45. Hanson- Lost Without Each Other Montclair NJ

  46. Hanson Follow Your Lead- Montclair NJ

  47. Dave Barnes Nothing Fancy clip- Hanson Walk Tour Montclair

  48. Hanson- Great Divide at the end of the walk montclair nj

  49. Dave Barnes- Butterflies Hanson walk tour montclair NJ

  50. Everybody Else, Montclair NJ Walk tour

  51. Hanson- End Of The Walk Montclair NJ

  52. Dave Barnes- Until You at the Nokia Theater with Hanson

  53. Hanson- Blue Sky at the Nokia Theater

  54. Hanson- MMMBop clip at the Nokia Theater

  55. Hanson- Change In My Life at the Nokia Theater

  56. Hanson- The Great Divide Nokia Theater

  57. Hanson- Go at the Nokia Theater

  58. Hanson- Where's the Love clip- Nokia Theater Oct. 20

  59. End of The Walk- Times Square NYC

  60. New Kids On The Block- Tonight

  61. New Kids on the Block- Step by Step

  62. New Kids on the Block- 2 in the morning

  63. New Kids on the Block- The Right Stuff

  64. David Cook My Hero 8/4/08 nassau coliseum

  65. david cook hello 8/4/08 nassau coliseum

  66. david cook time of my life 8/4/08 nassau coliseum

  67. david archuleta angel 8/4/08 nassau coliseum

  68. jason castro daydream 8/4/08 nassau coliseum

  69. Jason Castro Crazy 8/4/08

  70. Michael Johns- It's All Wrong But It's Alright- 8/4/08

  71. Matt Duke- I've Got Atrophy On The Brain

  72. Matt Duke-Rabbit at the Living Room NYC

  73. Dave Barnes- Grace's Amazing Hands 4/24/08

  74. Dave Barnes 10,000 Children 4/24/08

  75. Andy Davis Let The Woman 4/24/08

  76. BEANS demanding the water bottle

  77. Great Big Sea- Old Brown's Daughter @ the Bowery

  78. Great Big Sea-Sea of No Cares @ the Bowery

  79. Great Big Sea- General Taylor @ the Bowery