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  1. "It's Gospel Time -Patrick's audition" (June 2010)

  2. Your Majesty - Bishop TD Jakes lyrics

  3. Bishop Noel Jones "Lord Double My Anointing"

  4. Bishop Noel Jones--The Power of Pain

  5. Solly Mahlangu - Siyabonga Jesu

  6. Marvin Sapp - Thirsty

  7. "It's Gospel Time -Avis Poem"

  8. i remember mama by shirley ceasar

  9. CeCe Winans: All In Your Name

  10. Prophetess Juanita Bynum...Callin on Jesus

  11. Breakthrough at 5 a.m. Prayer


  13. God Of A Second Chance

  14. God Is Faithful- Bynum-Weeks Wedding

  15. Juanita Bynum Threatens Husband With Brick

  16. The Wedding Entrance

  17. Juanita Bynum to Divorce Thomas Weeks

  18. Thomas Weeks Beats Juanita Bynum.

  19. Psalm 23 Juanita Bynum

  20. Juanita Bynum - My Life

  21. Juanita Bynum-Behind The Veil

  22. Behind The Veil Juanita Bynum

  23. The Anointing of a Prophetess Part Two

  24. The Anointing of a Prophetess

  25. The Anointing of a Prophetess with Juanita Bynum part 3/3

  26. TD Jakes talks about LIFE

  27. Worried? TD Jakes talks about YOUR MIND

  28. Worried? TD Jakes talks about YOUR MIND

  29. Let It Go, TD Jakes

  30. Let It Go, TD Jakes

  31. TD Jakes Let It Go (read by Frank Skis)

  32. Bishop T.D. Jakes - Come Out Head First

  33. T. D. Jakes - Woman thou art loosed (3)

  34. [Private Video]

  35. 10 yr old preacher_ I have trials and get tested too_ Youth Conference 2009

  36. TD Jakes on The Sabbath

  37. Which day is the Sabbath? TD Jakes False Version Part 2 ADDED ANNOTATIONS

  38. Which day is the Sabbath? TD Jakes False Version Part 3

  39. 60 Bible Facts on the Seventh-Day of the Week

  40. Seventh Day Adventist Cult Exposed

  41. TD Jakes says Christianity is not the only way to heaven along with many others

  42. TD Jakes Music Video "Helping Women Understand Men"


  44. T.D Jakes - How to resist the seducing tricks of Satan!

  45. Beyond Words Mime (T.D. Jakes & I Got a Reason)

  46. T. D. Jakes - Doing the Right Thing for Wrong Reason (1/6)

  47. 1. Union to the Kingdom Glory of God - Mike Blume

  48. Bishop Noel Jones & The City Of Refuge Choir - Not About Us

  49. Kirk Franklin - Hello Fear (Free Album Download Link)

  50. Donnie Mcclurkin - Only You are Holy and Agnus Dei

  51. OK seriously, what is the point of reading the BIble?

  52. Dr.Creflo Dollar-How To Remain Peaceful

  53. Dead man raised from the dead by T.B. Joshua

  54. TB Joshua Predicted The Death Of Michael Jackson

  55. Stunned at what God showed me in 1 Peter on how to grow my faith

  56. [Private Video]

  57. Lecrae - Jesus Muzik ft. Trip Lee Video (@Lecrae @Triplee116 @Reachrecords)

  58. Footprints in the Sand

  59. God Will Make A Way

  60. Vision of THE END of tme by the Prophet Daniel

  61. [Deleted Video]

  62. Mary Mary - Walking

  63. Benny Hinn sings "I am the Lord That Healeth Thee"

  64. Zanele Mbokazi -It's Gospel Time (06 Feb 2011)

  65. Watch this video if you watch porn on the net

  66. Bishop TD Jakes & Bishop Noel Jones - Megafest 2004 (5)