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    Dan Savage's Advice on Threesomes and Public Orgies

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    Dan Savage: Why is HIV/AIDS Viewed as a Disease of the Gay Community?

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    Dan Savage: What do you suggest for a sexually incompatible couple who has tried everything?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: Is it stupid to start a relationship with someone who's going away for two years?

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    Dan Savage: How do I ask my boyfriend if he's just using me for sex?

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    Dan Savage: How do you give a good blow job?

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    Dan Savage: Why are so many exes so vengeful?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: Why do some people have bent penises?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: How can I convince my boyfriend it's not gross to go down on me?

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    Dan Savage: Is it OK to have sex with a guy and try to get pregnant without telling him?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: What age is it appropriate to have sex?

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    Dan Savage: How do you avoid developing a porn addiction living in Montana?

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    Dan Savage: My girlfriend bribes me with blowjobs but never follows through. Is this a deal breaker?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: Do threesomes ruin relationships?

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    Dan Savage: What is the best advice for maintaining a long relationship?

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    Dan Savage on Losing your Virginity Later in Life

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    Dan Savage: Where is the strangest place someone has told you they've had sex?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: I haven't had sex in eight years. What's the best way to get back out there?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage on Fantasizing About Other People During Sex

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: Is it appropriate for a girl to want a polyamorous relationship with an older couple?

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    Dan Savage's Thoughts on Polyamorous Relationships

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: How do men have multiple orgasms?

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    Dan Savage: Why is it so hard for sluts to find monogamous partners?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: How does Dan feel about the rights of sex workers?

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    Dan Savage on Horrible Kissing

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    Dan Savage: How do you avoid a sexless relationship with someone you love?

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    Dan Savage: How can I improve my sex life with my husband?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: What does the institution of marriage mean?

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    Dan Savage on Moral Limits to Orgasms

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    Dan Savage: Can you give advice on maintaining sexual chemistry in a long term lesbian relationship?

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    Dan Savage: Do you believe in masturbation?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: What can I do to stop daydreaming and losing my erection during sex?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage on Bringing Back Life to Old Relationships

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    Dan Savage on Breaking Up and Getting Back Together

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: How do I handle sex with my partner when it's intense, beautiful, and short?

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    Dan Savage on Pubic Hair

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage on the Existence of Bisexuality

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: I'm afraid to lose my virginity. What should I do?

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    Dan Savage: Why do I prefer strong, aggressive women for sex and shy, passive girls for girlfriends?

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    Dan Savage: What is the best position to have a G-spot orgasm?

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    Dan Savage on Strange Visions During Sex

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: Is it weird to live with your ex while dating new people?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]

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    Dan Savage: How has your religious upbringing helped your career?

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    [Deleted Video]

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    [Deleted Video]