1. Dural Sinus Thrombosis.wmv

  2. Basilar artery aneurysm, Babu Welch MD, Caleb Feliciano MD, assist

  3. Excision of Cerebellar metastases via far lateral approach Duke Samson, Caleb Feliciano MD, assist

  4. Cervical cord cavernoma excision, Joseph Beshay MD, Caleb Feliciano MD, assist

  5. Duke Samson, MD, Caleb Feliciano MD, assist, excises temporal lobe arteriovenous malformation (AVM)

  6. Middle Cerebral Artery aneurysm clip occlusion by Kim Rickert, Caleb Feliciano MD, assist

  7. Aneurysm of Superior Cerebellar Artery, clipped by Babu Welch MD, Caleb Feliciano MD, assist

  8. Occipital Arteriovenous Malformation treated surgically by Babu Welch, MD, Caleb Feliciano, assist

  9. Periorbital venous anomaly operated by Babu Welch, MD

  10. Clipping of anterior communicating aneurysm by Duke Samson, MD and Caleb Feliciano, MD, assisit

  11. MCA fusiform aneurysm clipping that required EC-IC Bypass by Jon White, MD

  12. Microsurgical clipping of PCA and ICA bifurcation aneurysms Duke Samson MD

  13. Ocular melanoma treatment with gamma knife

  14. Fusiform MCA Aneurysm Bypass by Babu Welch MD

  15. Bypass graft manages "unclippable" Anterior communicating artery Babu Welch MD

  16. Drawing the temporal bone with Jorlam

  17. Cavernoma Extraction from midbrain, by Jon White, M.D.

  18. Microvascular Decompression for Trigeminal Neuralgia by Jon White MD

  19. Craniotomy for tumor - Duke Samson, MD,

  20. Awake Craniotomy for tumor - Bruce Mickey, MD