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  1. Mauro explains the mosaic tiles of St. Peters Basilica

  2. Don 'n Sarah gettin' cozy on a gondola!

  3. All the 5-year anniversary couples at the Gala Dinner Dance

  4. Nate asks Anna to dance!

  5. Swimming on the beaches of Capri

  6. A Toast: to ANNA!

  7. Victim of Vesuvius

  8. Trevi Fountain, Rome

  9. Roman Forum Ruins

  10. Punk kid steals money from the Trevi Fountain

  11. Trevi Fountain -- in the moonlight. . .

  12. Bells ringing in Saint Marks Square, Venice

  13. Hitchcock's "The Birds" revisited in Saint Marks Square

  14. The people of Pompeii must have been really short!

  15. Look at this crazy New Yorker with the matches over here

  16. Checking out the Colosseum!

  17. Vesuvius: 12 miles from Pompeii

  18. Overview of the Panthenon, Rome

  19. Bells ringing at Duomo Sante Maria Del Fiore, Florence

  20. Walking down the Spanish Steps at night

  21. Weird Bird in Florence

  22. Close Up: Bernini's Canopy & Michelangelo's Dome: St. Peters

  23. Pat shows off his GAME!


  25. Palazzo Vecchio: Florence, Italy

  26. The world's oldest bar: in Pompeii

  27. Meeting Richie Kotite on a Gondola!

  28. Ana teaches us how to order coffee

  29. Gondola Ride with view of Rialto Bridge

  30. Glass Blowing Demonstration in Venice

  31. Bells ringing at Saint Peters Basilica, The Vatican

  32. Close up of The Pantheon Dome

  33. Walking the Streets of Pompeii

  34. Pigeon is BOOKIN'!

  35. Get Krump with 'da Pigeons!

  36. Italy Grappa Adventures #1: On the Lookout

  37. Italy Grappa Adventures #2: Pat Pours

  38. [Private Video]

  39. What -- no sand on Capri?

  40. What -- no sand on Capri?

  41. The Origins of FANTASTICO!

  42. Driving past Orte!

  43. Little girl has her hands full!

  44. Room with a VIEW!

  45. Walking through the doors of The Pantheon

  46. [Private Video]

  47. [Private Video]

  48. Got Fish?

  49. Images of Italy! (practice with Adobe Elements 4)

  50. Michael and Luanne eat appetizers!

  51. Florence: chillin' in the TAPAS Bar with our Perillo Friends

  52. PERSPECTIVE in The Vatican Museum!