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Next Week: Sweet and Savory Pies

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Published on Jan 18, 2013

Portland baker, Kate McMillan, owner of Lauretta Jeans bakery, demonstrates how to make a chocolate cream pie from scratch. For those who love baking pies, there are many expert tips that McMillan provides for both novice and more experienced pie makers.

From the field of criminology to becoming a restaurateur specializing in sweet and savory pies, it's been a circuitous path for Sarah Curtis-Fawley, but she (and her partner husband) have established their Pacific Pie Company restaurant in Portland, Oregon. The idea for the restaurant started with her husband after they moved to the States, and he began to miss his meat pies, a staple food in his native Australia. One thing led to another, and now after only a few years of being in business, their restaurant has become a success.

Restaurateur Sarah Curtis-Fawley shares the history of where the Australian meat pie originated, and it's intended purpose. Quite an interesting surprise!

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