1. Morro Castle, Havana Harbor

  2. "Vizcaya" under full headway

  3. U.S. battleship "Oregon"

  4. Troops at evacuation of Havana

  5. 10th U.S. Infantry, 2nd Battalion, leaving cars

  6. Shooting captured insurgents

  7. Parade of marines, U.S. cruiser "Brooklyn"

  8. U.S. cruiser "Olympia" leading naval parade

  9. U.S. cavalry supplies unloading at Tampa, Florida

  10. Observation train following parade

  11. Trained cavalry horses

  12. Major General Shafter

  13. 9th Infantry boys' morning wash

  14. Governor Roosevelt and staff

  15. 71st Regiment, Camp Wyckoff

  16. Aguinaldo's navy

  17. Wounded soldiers embarking in row boats

  18. Military camp at Tampa, taken from train

  19. General Lee's procession, Havana

  20. Cuban ambush

  21. Colored troops disembarking

  22. Admiral Dewey leading land parade, no. 2

  23. War correspondents

  24. Transport "Whitney" leaving dock

  25. Soldiers washing dishes

  26. Secretary Long and Captain Sigsbee

  27. Raising Old Glory over Morro Castle

  28. Packing ammunition on mules, Cuba

  29. An historic feat

  30. Blanket-tossing a new recruit

  31. Wreck of the "Vizcaya"

  32. Sampson and Schley controversy--tea party

  33. Roosevelt's Rough Riders

  34. President Roosevelt and the Rough Riders

  35. McKinley and party

  36. General Wheeler and Secretary Alger

  37. The Dandy Fifth

  38. Admiral Dewey receiving the Washington and New York committees

  39. The Dewey Arch

  40. Admiral Dewey taking leave of Washington committee on the U.S. cruiser "Olympia"

  41. Admiral Dewey receiving the Washington and New York committees

  42. Admiral Dewey landing at Gibraltar

  43. Love and war

  44. Skirmish of Rough Riders

  45. U.S. Infantry supported by Rough Riders at El Caney

  46. Filipinos retreat from trenches

  47. Capture of trenches at Candaba

  48. U.S. troops and Red Cross in the trenches before Caloocan

  49. Advance of Kansas Volunteers at Caloocan

  50. Morning colors on U.S. cruiser "Raleigh"

  51. U.S. cruiser "Raleigh"

  52. Astor Battery on parade

  53. Reviewing the "Texas" at Grant's Tomb

  54. The fleet steaming up North River

  55. Troops making military road in front of Santiago

  56. Pack mules with ammunition on the Santiago Trail, Cuba

  57. U.S. troops landing at Daiquirí, Cuba

  58. Cuban volunteers embarking

  59. Roosevelt's Rough Riders embarking for Santiago

  60. Troop ships for the Philippines

  61. Troops embarking at San Francisco

  62. Cuban refugees waiting for rations

  63. U.S. battleship "Indiana"

  64. Wreck of the battleship "Maine"

  65. N.Y. Journal despatch yacht "Buccaneer"

  66. Burial of the "Maine" victims