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  1. Pres. Obama on Top in First Presidential Election Forecast

  2. Expert Conversations on Strom Thurmond

  3. Pros and Cons of Republican VP Candidates

  4. Atlanta's Transportation Referendum to Benefit Clifton Corridor

  5. Expert Conversations on the Economy

  6. How to Improve America's Healthcare System

  7. Emory University Commencement Time-lapse

  8. Adam Richman Unfiltered

  9. 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom Ceremony: William Foege

  10. What Emory Staff Like Most about the University

  11. Adam Richman Speaks to Emory Seniors

  12. Emory's Living Mandala Inspires Peace

  13. Emory Receives Safe Community Award

  14. The New Black Politician

  15. Adam Richman's Speech at Emory's Class Day (clip)

  16. Job Market Improving for Emory Seniors

  17. Romney and Obama Neck-and-Neck in the Polls

  18. Did Romney Go Too Far Right to get Elected?

  19. Republican Nominee Scarred from Primaries

  20. President Obama Has a Difficult Path to Re-election

  21. Staff Fest Videos

  22. The Science of Cooking

  23. Supreme Court to Rule on Affordable Care Act

  24. SCOTUSblogger on the Affordable Care Act

  25. Affordable Care Act Helps Children

  26. Welcome to the Emory News Center

  27. War between Israel and Iran?

  28. Super Tuesday Key for Newt Gingrich

  29. How Reagan's 1980 Campaign Can Help Romney

  30. World Record for Longest Taco Line

  31. The Influence of Super PACS

  32. The Ethics of Lobbying and Super PACS

  33. The Facts about Tuberculosis

  34. Love Letters in the Digital Age

  35. The History of Nasty Politics

  36. Emory Celebrates King Week

  37. Polls Show SC Primary Last Leg for Some Candidates

  38. South Carolina Primary Key to Republican Nomination

  39. Voter Turnout, Enthusiasm: Trends to Watch in Election 2012

  40. Emory Celebrates 175 Years

  41. Emory Going Tobacco Free

  42. Tobacco-Free Emory: How to Approach Smokers

  43. Tobacco-Free Emory: Talking to Vendors

  44. Tobacco-Free Emory: How to Talk to Parents

  45. Emory History Minute: Lullwater Tower

  46. Emory Honors Those Lost to AIDS

  47. Previewing the Republican Primaries

  48. Gingrich vs. President Obama: Who Wins?

  49. Children of Abraham: Breaking Barriers

  50. Emory Student Awarded Marshall Scholarship

  51. Community Building and Social Change Fellowship

  52. Emory History Minute: Gravity Monument

  53. Emory History Minute: Lullwater Preserve

  54. The "Super committee" is a Gimmick

  55. Emory History Minute: Bobby Jones's Shoe

  56. Emory History Minute: Oxford's President's House

  57. Emory History Minute: Candler Mansion

  58. The Future of Libya after Gadhafi

  59. Emory History Minute: Miss Kitty's Cottage

  60. President Obama's Jobs Bill is a Stimulus

  61. Why Herman Cain is Surging

  62. Are African-Americans "brainwashed"?

  63. Emory History Minute: Pushball

  64. How to Turn the Economy Around

  65. Is the Eurozone falling apart?

  66. Carter Town Hall

  67. Emory History Minute: Oldest Academic Buildings

  68. Emory History Minute: The Depot

  69. Emory History Minute: Hopkins Hall

  70. Emory at 175: A World Leader in Discovery and Learning

  71. Emory History Minute: Seney Hall

  72. The Lasting Effects of 9/11 on the U.S.'s Economy

  73. Big Changes Coming in 2012 Elections?

  74. American Tolerance of Muslims post 9/11

  75. How do Muslims Feel About the U.S.?

  76. What Businesses Need to Hear from the President

  77. Breaking Down the Republican Field

  78. Emory History Minute: Oldest Mummy in the West

  79. Emory History Minute: Old Church

  80. Emory History Minute: The Letter that Started Emory in Atlanta

  81. TIME-LAPSE: Emory Class of 2015 Photo

  82. Revitalizing Emory Village

  83. Parenting a College Student: What to Expect

  84. Oxford College Students Tour Civil Rights Sites

  85. International Conflict Resolution

  86. Don't Expect Long-Term Budget Agreement

  87. American Economy is Better Than You Think

  88. Are We Witnessing True Revolutions in N. Africa and the Middle East?

  89. The Israeli Conflict

  90. Nuclear Proliferation

  91. Will Gas Prices Affect Summer Travel?

  92. Islam and Secularism

  93. The Future of Egypt

  94. The Future of Sudan

  95. The Future of Libya

  96. Tobacco-Free Emory Campus Perspectives

  97. Tobacco-Free Emory Campus Perspectives

  98. Chair Rodeo Time-Lapse

  99. The Future of Al Qaeda after bin Laden's Death

  100. The Ethics of Killing Osama bin Laden

  101. Emory History Minute: Coca-Cola Commons

  102. History of Royal Weddings

  103. Emory History Minute: Commencement Mace

  104. Emory History Minute: Commencement Ceremonies

  105. Tobacco-Free Emory Campus Perspectives.

  106. Tobacco-Free Emory Campus Perspectives

  107. [Private Video]

  108. Emory Advantage

  109. 2011 Brittain Award Winner

  110. Tobacco-Free Emory Campus Perspectives

  111. Tobacco-Free Emory Campus Perspectives

  112. Tobacco-Free Emory Campus Perspectives

  113. Tobacco-Free Emory Campus Perspectives

  114. Tobacco-Free Emory Campus Perspectives

  115. Emory History Minute: Wesley Holly

  116. David Eltis: "Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade"

  117. Emory History Minute: Lullwater House

  118. The Eichmann Trial

  119. Zimride: Carpool Everywhere

  120. Goodbye Gossip

  121. Job Market Improving for College Seniors

  122. Collective Bargaining

  123. Birthright Citizenship: Should it stay or go?

  124. Rewriting the Civil War

  125. Inside the Lives of Tibetan Monks at Emory

  126. Emory History Minute: Clairmont Campus Cemetery

  127. Emory History Minute: Source Route

  128. Prayer Ribbons for Japan

  129. Walmart and the Supreme Court

  130. Campaign Finance Reform

  131. First Amendment Cases

  132. Interviewing Possible Child Abuse Victims in School

  133. Emory History Minute: Cannon Chapel

  134. Emory's Day of Science

  135. Emory Sets World Record for Longest Taco Line

  136. It Gets Better: Emory University

  137. Carter Town Hall

  138. Slavery and the University: Commemoration, Reflection and Celebration

  139. Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

  140. Emory History Minute: Church School Amphitheater

  141. Slavery and the University

  142. Slavery and the University Conference

  143. Emory History Minute: New York Stock Exchange

  144. Tax Reform

  145. Students Experience Social Problems First Hand

  146. Emory History Minute: The Little Chapel

  147. Emory History Minute: 1836 Charter

  148. Emory's ITunes U Site Hits 10 MIllion Downloads

  149. Emory History Minute: Hidden in the Eaves

  150. Move-In Day at Emory

  151. Freshmen Class Photo

  152. Jobs in 2011

  153. Emory's Sustainability Pledge

  154. Emory-Tibet Science Initiative

  155. Happiness and Faith

  156. Happiness and Faith: Judaism

  157. Happiness and Faith: Islam

  158. Happiness and Faith: What is Happiness?

  159. Happiness and Faith: Old Testament

  160. Happiness and Faith: New Testament

  161. Compassion Meditation

  162. Dalai Lama Press Conference-Part 3

  163. Dalai Lama Press Conference-Part 2

  164. Dalai Lama Press Conference-Part 1

  165. His Holiness the Dalai Lama Press Conference

  166. Dalai Lama at Emory: Professor's Office Hours

  167. The Creative Journey: Dalai Lama, Richard Gere and Alice Walker

  168. Mid-Term Elections

  169. Mid-Term Elections: A Republican Takeover?

  170. Mid-Term Elections: Why are politics so polarizing?

  171. Mid-Term Elections: Political Mobilization and Race

  172. Mid-Term Elections in the South

  173. Preserving a Rare Turkey Breed... for Thanksgiving

  174. Emory's ITunes U. Site Approaching 10 Million Downloads

  175. Learning Obscure Languages

  176. Project SHINE

  177. Eating Meat to Save a Breed

  178. Synthetic Biology: Creating Life in a Lab?

  179. Oxford Olympics

  180. New Longstreet-Means Residence Hall Opening to Freshmen

  181. How far has America come since 9/11?

  182. Is America safer since the 9/11 terrorist attacks?

  183. An Outlook on the Mid-Term Elections

  184. How has 9/11 changed the world's view of America?

  185. Oxford Road Building

  186. "Beyond Katrina": A Memoir by Natasha Trethewey

  187. Natasha Trethewey Reads a Poem from "Beyond Katrina"

  188. New Orleans: Five Years after Katrina

  189. Trying to Understand Hurricane Katrina and its Aftermath

  190. Emory's New Bookstore

  191. New Orleans Politics Five Years after Katrina

  192. Youth Theological Initiative

  193. The Wall Street Reform Bill: Will it protect America?

  194. Will the BP Oil Spill Affect the Industry's Relationship with the Government?

  195. Gulf Oil Spill Disaster: Emory Environmental Expert Weighs In

  196. University Senate/Faculty Council Meeting

  197. Patent Reform Legislation

  198. Disability Reform

  199. Workplace Ethics

  200. Tobacco-Free Emory: Campus 100% Tobacco Free