1. Homemade Duct Tape Flip Flops (Rubber Sole)

  2. Metal Tank Repair - Fix Bad Water Leak in Water Holding Tank from Well

  3. Homemade Sprouted Wheat Flour

  4. Heart Shape Sandbox Construction - Build any Custom Shape

  5. Homemade Orange Smoothie Recipe

  6. Growing Tree from Seed

  7. What NOT to do in a Monsoon Wash

  8. Homemade Solar Food Dryer : Simple Idea

  9. Homemade Mortar - Making a Simple Rock Entry

  10. Homemade Lard Recipe - Rendering Lard from our Grass Fed Hog/Pig (not as much fat but nutritional!)

  11. Homemade Soil Cement - Simple & Cheap Home Application

  12. Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe - Simple Christmas, Thanksgiving Chutney

  13. Simple Rotary Soil Sifter Idea - Mechanical Sand Sifting

  14. Simple Animal Shelter Idea

  15. Earthbag/SuperAdobe House Construction

  16. Ladder Construction - Build using rustic wood logs/branches

  17. Cheap Solar Water System Installation for Water Tank - Would work for Rain Water Barrels too!

  18. Homemade Flat Bread Recipe using Sprouted Wheat Flour (Matzah/Pita/Pocket)

  19. Homemade Lime Plaster for Earthbag/Superadobe House | Painting & Sponging Walls

  20. Radiant Heat Floor Part 1: Homemade Soil Cement Subfloor for Earthbag/Superadobe House

  21. Radiant Heat Floor Part 2: Hot Water Installation for Earthbag/Superadobe House

  22. Homemade Earthen/Cob Floor - Part 3 of Radiant Heat Floor for Earthbag/Superadobe House

  23. Building a Simple Homemade Desk Construction made with Metal & Marble

  24. Simple Rain Barrel Construction for Automatic Animal Waterer

  25. Homemade Self Watering Container Gardening Construction using a Rain Barrel

  26. Homemade Self Watering Container with Tire(s) - Garden Construction

  27. Corrugated Metal Privacy Fence Construction

  28. Homemade Metal Flowers & other Metal Art

  29. DIY Rustic Outdoor Shower Construction with Solar Hot Water for Cheap! (P.4)

  30. Healthy Homemade Ice Cream Recipe with Chef Shae

  31. Whole Grains Protect from Radiation Poisoning - Like Fukushima Exposure! (Prepper Idea)

  32. FREE Rustic Wood Ceiling! - Homemade Pallet Building Construction

  33. My Little Homestead Status Update!

  34. Make your own Box of Cereal Recipe - Homemade Breakfast - Simple & Easy

  35. Installing Tile Over Soil Cement - Homemade Mortar & Grout for Floor on Earthbag House Construction

  36. Raw Milk - History of Milk - Why We Milk - Part 1

  37. Raw Milk - How We Milk a Goat - Part 2

  38. Rocket Stove Space Heater for Superadobe Earthbag House Construction (superadobe)

  39. Rocket Stove Mass Heater with Homemade Mortar & Cob

  40. Making Homemade Yogurt - Simple Recipe with Chef Shae

  41. Clamshell Greenhouse for Tomato Seeds Starts! Free Homemade DIY Kit :)

  42. Extra Earthbag Material for Sale (Continuous Sandbags)

  43. Rabbit Housing Idea - Build a Homemade Hutch filled with Dirt (Natural Habitat)

  44. Homemade Solid Hammock Idea - Sleep Outdoors in Comfort

  45. Homesteading Setbacks | Country Living Adjustments

  46. Draw My Life - MyLittleHomestead - Story of our Homesteading Adventure so far...

  47. Free Lawn Mower Service - Mow Grass & Kill Weeds without Chemicals! - Simple Goat Powered Mower

  48. HugelKultur Permaculture Idea

  49. Self Water Container Gardening Construction connected to Rainwater Barrels (New & Improved)

  50. Homemade Sprouted Refried Beans Recipe - Made with Local, Organic Pinto Beans!

  51. Cob Wall Patch Idea - Fix to Rain Damaged Earthbag/Superadobe Wall

  52. Homemade Mint Extract Recipe - Use in Herbal Mint Tea or Chocolate Mint Ice Cream :)

  53. Brick Fence Made with CHEAP DIY Homemade Mortar

  54. Hamburger: Making Ground Rabbit Meat (& Bonemeal for Dog/Cat Food) - STX Turboforce 3000 Review

  55. DIY Handheld Milking Machine - Milking Skills NOT Required!

  56. Thank You Free T-Shirt Giveaway - Enter to Win!

  57. Simple Chicken & Rabbit Tractor/Weeder for the Organic Garden

  58. DIY Earthbag Patio with a Paper Bag Floor

  59. Documenting the First 24 Days of a Bunny