1. Citizen Soldier Goes Above and Beyond

  2. Convoy Mechanic

  3. Convoy Superstitions

  4. CMSAF Pins on Stripes

  5. Enduring Freedom - SPC La Vue

  6. Naturalization Ceremony

  7. Engineers Build Border Relations (Package)

  8. Operation Afghan Medical Course

  9. Enduring Freedom: CPT Nicholas Barry

  10. Door Gunner Training YT.mov

  11. Enduring Freedom - SSG Dustin Watson

  12. Apache Knife Fighter Trains Troops

  13. Enduring Freedom SFC Michael Skellie

  14. Big Reggae Foot Patrol

  15. Coalition and Afghan Forces Host Airfield Open House

  16. Coalition and Afghan Forces host first Kandahar Airfield open house

  17. Enduring Freedom: Maj. Rob Anson

  18. Enduring Freedom MSgt Kenneth Vassar

  19. Afghan Security Forces lead Humanitarian Mission

  20. Occupational Therapy Team helps Wounded Warriors

  21. Enduring Freedom: CPT Brad Foster

  22. Shindand Flight Simulators (Package)

  23. Chief of Staff of the Army visits Kandahar Airfield

  24. Afghan Air Force Pilot Training Inauguration (Package)

  25. Air Force EOD Trains Afghan National Army

  26. Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Ray Mabus, visits Regional Command Southwest

  27. Enduring Freedom: TSGT Jamie Rice

  28. Ghazi Stadium Grand Re-opening

  29. Ghazi Stadium Reopening

  30. Enduring Freedom: CPT Steven Brenoskie

  31. US & Afghan Air Force Security Forces Patrol

  32. Enduring Freedom CPT Chipman.mp4

  33. Female Engagement Team

  34. Enduring Freedom - CPT Carla Getchell

  35. Afghanistan Army-Navy Game Shout-Out

  36. Enduring Freedom: Specialist Douglas Wilson

  37. Enduring Freedom: Marine Staff Sergeant Clayton Covel

  38. NCO Infantry Battle Course

  39. School Supplies for Afghan Girls

  40. Kentucky National Guard Veterinarian Helps Farmers in Afghanistan

  41. Cpl. Elizabeth Nipper

  42. PRT Nangarhar (Package)

  43. Malalai Graduation

  44. Night Ops-Sgt Jason Horn-Enduring Freedom

  45. Future Afghan Pilots

  46. Enduring Freedom - Sgt Kevin Mehegan

  47. Basics of Building the Afghan Army

  48. Enduring Freedom - Tech Sgt Laurie Jones

  49. Enduring Freedom - Tech Sgt David Jones

  50. Afghan Route Clearance Training (Package)

  51. Enduring Freedom: SPC Jonathan Reiner

  52. Joint Exercise-VBIED

  53. Repairing the Runway

  54. ANA Basic Trainee Graduation

  55. Afghan Firefighters of Shindand

  56. Shindand Afghan Base Construction

  57. Infantry Platoon Sergeant - SFC Kevin Reinhardt

  58. PRT Zabul-Battle Space Site Survey

  59. Afghan Youth Taekwondo Exhibition

  60. Shinkai Schoolhouse Construction- PRT Zabul

  61. Sgt Wall-PRT Zabul-Enduring Freedom

  62. After 500 Hours

  63. Seabees Build for the Future

  64. Two Tent School (Package)

  65. Enduring Freedom: SPC Misty Stow

  66. A New Hope for Gormach (Package)

  67. Shop class for Afghan servicemembers

  68. Soldier is a shop teacher for the Afghans

  69. First MRI in Theater

  70. Enduring Freedom: SGT Ryan McKay

  71. ANA Basic Trainee

  72. Women Of Kapisa Province

  73. PRT Khost Re-Visits a Village

  74. PRT Khost Provides Medical Assistance to an Orphanage

  75. Forward Surgical Team

  76. Kandahar Air Wing Firefighters

  77. Servicemembers Pump Iron

  78. Humanitarian Assistance Drop

  79. Practice Makes Perfect

  80. Counter Insurgency at an Altitude

  81. Keep the Birds Flying and Pilots Safe

  82. Enduring Freedom - SSG Thomas Bronesky

  83. Medics Train Afghans

  84. Combat Life Savior Training

  85. Electronic Skills Training

  86. Maintenance with Lives on the Line

  87. Tinkering on Cars to Multimilion Dollar Aircraft

  88. Corruption Fighters

  89. "Best Seat" in Afghanistan

  90. Army Ordnance Specialist from Los Angeles, CA

  91. USFOR-A Fusion Cell plans for Surge Recovery

  92. Enduring Freedom: SPC Robert Manning

  93. Helping Afghans Get Rounds on Target

  94. Marines Help With Aftghan Police Recruit Training

  95. Aghan Policeman Lives Out a Childhood Dream

  96. Dad's Experiences Influence Job Decision

  97. Soldiers Manage Fast Re-Fuels

  98. Afghans Hoop Against Troops

  99. Kabul Orthopedic Organization (Package)