1. Chicago Pride Parade 2012 ~ Kick Off, Mayor, Cops, Dykes On Bikes

  2. Green Music Festival Chicago 2012

  3. Wading in Millennium Park's Crown Fountain by Jaume Plensa

  4. Free Admission Day at the Shedd Aquarium. Just get in line.

  5. The Polkaholics at 6 Corners BBQ Fest - Talking with Dandy Don

  6. Water Taxi up the Chicago River - Raw Unedited

  7. New CTA Green Line Station at Morgan Street

  8. Chicago Blues Festival 2012 ~ Lil' Ed & The Blues Imperials and others

  9. Buckingham Fountain At Night

  10. Hangin' at Blues Fest

  11. Robo de Salario en Chicago

  12. Wage Theft In Chicago's Little Village

  13. Chicago Police Marine Unit at Monroe Harbor

  14. Wage Theft In Chicago's Little Village (English & Spanish)

  15. NATO Protesters - Spirit Guardian, a real action hero.

  16. NATO Protesters And The Chicago Police

  17. NATO protesters in Chicago - Syrian Children Call For No-Fly Zone

  18. Chicago Police clash with NATO protesters. May 20, 2012

  19. NATO Protests - Michigan Avenue - Kettles and Horse Crap

  20. NATO Protests - Occupy Demonstrators "Kettled" at Jackson and LaSalle

  21. Raw Video - Chicago Police Van Plows Through NATO Protesters - Dogstar7 Exclusive

  22. NATO Protests - Occupy takes to the streets

  23. NATO Protesters Practice Non-Violent Tactics In Grant Park

  24. NATO Summit - US Coast Guard Patrol Boat with mounted machine gun on Chicago River

  25. NATO Protests - Blackhawk Helicopters Above Grant Park

  26. NATO Protests - Tom Morello plays in Chicago

  27. NATO Protests - Occupy Holds Die-In Over Keystone Pipeline

  28. Studs Terkel Bridge Re-dedicated part author's 100 Year Birthday celebration.

  29. Lifeline Ambulance

  30. Mucca Pazza @ Studs Terkel Bridge Re-dedication

  31. National Nurses United organizer Bill Gallagher ~ Rally May 18th in Chicago for the Robin Hood Tax

  32. LIVE ~ Heartland Institute "Unabomber" Billboard ~ DogStar7 EXCLUSIVE

  33. March On Obama HQ To Protest Chicago Mental Health Clinic Closings

  34. The Wildest Chicago Cubs Tradition - Gen. Sheridan's Horse

  35. May Day 2012 ~ Japanese Labor Organizers Visit Haymarket Monument

  36. May Day 2012 ~ Occupy Chicago Takes The Streets

  37. May Day 2012 ~ Frente Autentico de Trabajo mounting a plaque at the Haymarket Monument Chicago

  38. US Coast Guard 25-FOOT RB-S

  39. Syrian's in Chicago Call For "No-Fly-Zone" - Rally & March

  40. "Sarah Palin Tea Parody" Art Cooker

  41. Dana Loesch repeats Breitbart's allegations of rape at Occupy

  42. Lisa Fithian on Non-Compliance and Jailhouse Solidarity

  43. Joel Pollak, Folk Singer

  44. Occupy Chicago Receives Training In Non-violent Direct Action from Lisa Fithian

  45. Lisa Fithian on the impact of Occupy Wall Street on America

  46. Lisa Fithian on Black Bloc Tractics

  47. Occupy Trainers Practice Tactics For NATO Summit (RAW)

  48. "Chris Drew Way" dedicated by Occupy Rogers Park, Chicago

  49. A personal message from Chris Drew

  50. Vermin Supreme brings his campaign to Chicago Spring

  51. Damen L platform at sunset

  52. More un-exhumed victims John Wayne Gacy located?

  53. Chicago Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin (Complete)

  54. Chicago Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin III

  55. Chicago Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin II

  56. Chicago Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin I

  57. Orchids Early Blooming

  58. St. Patrick's Day Parade Chicago 2012

  59. Happy St. Patrick's Day ~ Chicago

  60. Chicago Police 27-foot Defender class fast patrol boat.

  61. Dragons Dance For Prosperity - Chicago Begins Celebrating Chinese New Year

  62. Graves of the victims of the SS Eastland disaster of 1915

  63. Animals at the Hal Tyrell Trailside Museum in River Forest

  64. Deer colony in River Forest

  65. Deer in the forest along the Des Plaines

  66. Pilsen Lead Polluter Gets Dumped On

  67. Victory for parents who occupied Chicago school slated for "Turnaround"

  68. Occupy Chicago Adopts the "Chicago Principles" of Non-Violence

  69. The Golden Toilet sent to Mayor Emanuel - Community wants TIF money returned by CME

  70. Chinese New Year Parade ~ Year of the Dragon ~ 4710 - 2012

  71. Year of the Dragon 4710 ~ 2012 - Before the Chinese New Years parade.

  72. Chinese Firecrackers ~ Year of the Dragon 4710

  73. Loud Firecrackers ~ Chinese New Year 2012 ~ Chicago

  74. Chicago Celebrates Year of the Dragon ~ 4710

  75. Chicago Occupy the Dream Rally - January 16, 2012

  76. MLK Day 2012 - Occupy the Dream - A celebration and public meeting

  77. Pin-In Accident w/minor injuries in front of Felony Franks on Chicago's west side.

  78. Artist and unemployed teacher, Lourdes S. Guerrero talks about Education in a "Market Economy"

  79. LGBT Community Spokesman Andy Thayer Responds To Cardinal George's "KKK" Remarks

  80. NATO/G8 Protest Organizer Andy Thayer On Mayor Emanuel's Proposed Crackdown

  81. Squad 2 - Snorkel 2A Chicago Fire Department Responding

  82. Occupy On Hand As President Obama Motorcade Arrives At UIC Fundraiser in Chicago

  83. Occupy Chicago Rockin' Fundraiser! Future Events & Benefits Info

  84. Occupy Chicago All-Ages Benefit at Empty Bottle - Raw

  85. Occupy Chicago Raises Banner, Serves "Rahm-en Noodles" at AEA Conference

  86. Occupy Chicago Bites the "Invisible Hand" of Market Economics - Occupy the AEA

  87. Chicago Kurds Denounce Erdoğan As Turkish Raids Kill 35

  88. CFD - Engine 55 and Truck 44 - Smell of smoke investigation.

  89. Noisy Lynx Cat At Lincoln Park Zoo

  90. Med-Ex Ambulance : Lights & Siren

  91. Fatal Accident On The Eisenhower Expressway

  92. CFD Engine 69 Responding

  93. CFD - Engine 1 & Aerial Tower 1 Responding

  94. Chicago Teachers Union and Occupy Rally Against More School Closings

  95. Occupy Rogers Park ~ Chicago

  96. Occupy Chicago Votes On Leasing An Indoor Headquarters

  97. CTA 2011 Holiday Train

  98. The Occupy Chicago Fight Song!

  99. Reverend Billy Talen visits Occupy Chicago with Rainforest Action Network