1. Cathy-Anne McClintock NARM 2011.mov

  2. Tessa McClintock: divas lament spamalot

  3. Tessa McClintock sings Spamalot

  4. Video 14

  5. Cats and Dogs Play fighting.

  6. Cathy-Anne McClintock at Merritt Mountainfest July 2011.mp4

  7. Tessa McClintock: turn off the lights

  8. Tessa McClintock: Sarah smiles

  9. Tessa McClintock: the ballad of Mona lisa

  10. Tessa McClintock: taking chances

  11. Tessa McClintock: every time you lie

  12. Tessa McClintock: rolling in the deep

  13. Tuesday afternoon moody blues

  14. Snowflakes In Studio Acoustic Version Final.mov

  15. National Anthem for the Derby Dolls by Cathy-Anne McClintock.avi

  16. me and friends being weird and hanging and singing

  17. "Little Girls" from Annie with Tessa McClintock.MOV

  18. Elevven by White Apple Tree

  19. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Spoof

  20. Tessa McClintock singing "I Wanna Live Like That"

  21. White Apple Tree LIVE at San Diego Indie Fest MVI_2115.MOV

  22. Cathy-Anne McClintock LIVE! Singing... "The Folsom Prison Blues"

  23. Cathy-Anne McClintock LIVE! Singing... "So American"

  24. Cathy-Anne McClintock LIVE! Singing... "No Matter What"

  25. Cathy-Anne McClintock LIVE! Singing "Lilly"

  26. Cathy-Anne McClintock LIVE! I Wanna Live Like That


  28. la Sara - I'm Everywhere.mov

  29. Cathy-Anne McClintock_interview 2 YOW TV.m4v

  30. Cathy-Anne McClintock interview with YOW TV 1.m4v

  31. Check it out Girls with dolls

  32. Kelly Cooper terrible movie

  33. Twiltight parody with dolls

  34. New Moon the twilight saga with dolls

  35. Mama Who Bore Me from Spring Awakening

  36. Shiny Toy Guns - Ricochet! NFL Promo

  37. Dont let this plane touch down-Steven McClintock

  38. Woman She Used to be-Tumbleweed

  39. All My Loving- Tumbleweed