1. Violating first rule of video standups. Know your facts first.

  2. WTXF-TV Cheltenham Fire - Please Donate

  3. WPVI-TV Cheltenham Fire 10/6/12 11PM

  4. WPVI-TV Cheltenham Fire 10/6/12 12AM

  5. Mission Moment: "I got nothing. I'm glad I'm still here."

  6. Folcroft Fires

  7. Wyncote fire

  8. Cheltenham Fire

  9. Mission Moment: Why I Volunteer, Carol

  10. A Simple Step to Save Your Life.

  11. Mission Moment: One Red Cross, Two Ways to Give

  12. WPVI TV 2012 09 27 11PM Celebration of Volunteers

  13. Mission Moment Celebrating our Greatest Resource

  14. 2012 Year In Review

  15. Celebration of Volunteers Slideshow

  16. 2012 Summer Deployments

  17. Mission Moment: First Aid App to the Rescue

  18. Mission Moment: One Fire- Two very different outcomes

  19. WTXF Fatal Coatesville Fire 9/18/12

  20. WPVI Fatal Coatesville Fire 9/18/12

  21. WCAU Fatal Coatesville Fire 9/18/12

  22. Mission Moment: Coatesville fire response

  23. Mission Moment: Heart Pumping help to get prepared

  24. Volunteer Randall Gort deployes for Isaac

  25. KYW TV 8 /24/12 Volunteers to Issac Area 1

  26. WCAU TV 8/24/12 -Volunteers to Issac Area

  27. WTXF TV 8/27/12 - Volunteers to Issac Area

  28. For The Maybe - Be Prepared video

  29. Stan and Shelli Dunn - How 9/11 brought them to the Red Cross

  30. MISSION MOMENT: 9/11, Why we volunteer for the Red Cross

  31. Mission Moment: Pet Disaster Planning

  32. Red Cross SEPA Chapter PSA with Mayor Nutter

  33. What to do if you hear a tornado siren

  34. MISSION MOMENT: Shelters on Wheels

  35. Mission Moment: National Prepareness Month

  36. Mission Moment: AmeriCorps Deploy to Isaac

  37. Mission Moment: SEPA's Date with Isaac

  38. Mission Moment: New RedCrossPhilly.org

  39. Mission Moment: Responding to a disaster 140 Characters at time

  40. fox29stories combined

  41. Mission Moment: The Media and the Mission

  42. Mission Moment: The Driving Force Behind our Disaster Responses

  43. Mission Moment: Making a Love Connection with Safe and Well

  44. MISSION MOMENT: The Red Cross is Always h-APP-y to help

  45. Mission Moment: How Money Affects the Mission

  46. Mission Moment: Red Paw Emergency Relief Partnership

  47. Water Main Break

  48. Camp Save a Life

  49. Mission Moment: Why I Volunteer: Joe L.

  50. Mission Moment: Responding to Aurora Shooting and other mass casualty incidents

  51. Mission Moment: Camp Save a Life

  52. Mission Moment: Helping a Neighbor

  53. Mission Moment: Camp Save a Life

  54. Volunteering in West Virginia under very hot conditions

  55. The Cambro

  56. Mission Moment: From Italy with Love

  57. CO Wildfire Deployment 6/27/12

  58. Mission Moment: Volunteer boots on the ground

  59. VLOG: Blackout during a heatwave

  60. Mission Moment: Colorado Here I Come

  61. What to do when there's a tornado warning

  62. Mission Moment: One Red Cross

  63. Mission Moment: Wild About Wawa

  64. Mission Moment: Excessive Heat Warning Tips

  65. Mission Moment: Darryl Cook the Red Cross House cook

  66. MISSION MOMENT: Why I Volunteer - Tom

  67. CEO Judge Renee Hughes giving inspiring career advice

  68. Coatesville fire TV coverage

  69. Hurricane Season Begins Mission Moment

  70. Mission Moment: Tornado Disaster Drill

  71. Tornado Drill: Safe and Well

  72. BRIDGE Mission Moment

  73. Mission Moment - Duane, Red Cross House client

  74. Joplin Tornado Anniversary Mission Moment

  75. Mission Moment: Why I volunteer - Jasmine

  76. Fire Safety Mission Moment

  77. Atrium Apts Fire

  78. CEO Mission Moment

  79. Red Cross SEPA Chapter response to Pennsgrove Street Double Fatal Fire

  80. SEPA Connection to Titanic

  81. Red Cross CEO Hughes talks about Fire Safety Walkthroughs

  82. April 9 Disasters

  83. Bringing out cots and blankets at Twin Valley Fire Station

  84. Twin Valley Fire Station Shelter for French Creek Forest Fire

  85. Chad and client speak

  86. CEO Hughes message of condolence

  87. "Freedom From Fire"

  88. Levittown, Bucks Co., PA Firesafety Walkthrough

  89. Art Fennell Reports: Interview with SEPA CEO

  90. Red Cross Month Proclamation 2012

  91. The Red Ball 2012 new Coverage

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  93. Eddystone Fire Response

  94. Feltonville Fire Response

  95. Children's Holiday Party 2011

  96. NBC 10 Wake Up Calls

  97. Exelon Donation to Red Cross House

  98. Chester City apartment complex fire TV Coverage

  99. Red Ball 12 Preview Party Remarks