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  1. Tourist Spotting / Wajiha - Chatri e Kohna

  2. Some nice birds at the Reichstag

  3. Funny street musicians with giant puppet

  4. Fanfara Kalashnikov - Misirlou (Pulp Fiction)

  5. Gay & Lesbian Festival Berlin 2011

  6. The Knef - Berlin song (chipmunked)

  7. Green Berlin at the Reichstag

  8. Brandenburg Gate Berlin Germany

  9. Tourists feeding the birds

  10. dirty Berlin # 1

  11. dirty Berlin # 2 (clean sweep)

  12. Tourist Boat passing by Museum Island, Berlin, Germany

  13. dirty Berlin # 3

  14. dirty Berlin # 4- Smokers' City

  15. Birds at Night

  16. The moon is back

  17. doves

  18. Unknown Flying Object

  19. Lesbian Dog feels attracted

  20. Spotting a squirrel

  21. Berlin Bus 109 to Charlottenburg Palace

  22. Flea Market Berlin, Germany

  23. Schloss Charlottenburg

  24. Berlin, subterranean shopping mall

  25. Autumn walk in Berlin, Germany

  26. Sundown at Brandenburg Gate

  27. Subway station Reichstag and Chancellery

  28. Stampede at Berlin, Germany central station

  29. 2 buses passing by

  30. Firefighter trucks and tourists at Brandenburg Gate

  31. Tourists

  32. Donuts and Tourists

  33. riding Berlin Bus M41 at night

  34. Fun ride on artificial Ice in Berlin, Germany

  35. Snow Fun Ride POV

  36. German Sausage

  37. Berlin by night

  38. November Fog in Berlin, Germany

  39. Occupy Berlin fail

  40. Berlin City Train ride from Ostbahnhof to Zoo

  41. Museum Island and River Spree

  42. yesterday evening in Berlin, Germany

  43. Wow Day Musicians in the Subway Tunnel

  44. Christmas Market in Berlin Alexanderplatz (1 of 2)

  45. Grab the Plush Toy

  46. Christmas Market in Berlin Alexanderplatz (2 of 2)

  47. Berlin Gendarmenmarkt

  48. Illuminati helicopter spying on Berlin

  49. Prussian historical soldier at Xmas Market entrance

  50. Germans eating sausages

  51. Secret Safes in food cans etc.

  52. Moon December 3rd, 2011

  53. Ferris Wheel ride on XMas market Berlin

  54. another XMas market in Berlin, Germany

  55. Meditative roasting of Salmons at Xmas Market

  56. Ice skating in Berlin Germany

  57. Berlin tonight

  58. Cloudy Sky over Berlin

  59. Berlin Central Station

  60. Berlin night drive (speed version)

  61. 150 ft Giant Ferris Wheel in Berlin

  62. regular speed Berlin night drive

  63. German countryside drive

  64. more German countryside

  65. German Autobahn

  66. untypically bad road in Germany

  67. Berlin bus ride tonight

  68. Berlin by night

  69. Merry Christmas from woggyflush

  70. Another Ferris Wheel in Berlin, Germany

  71. Another Ferris Wheel (short version)

  72. Bavarian Beer Music at Berlin Alexanderplatz

  73. Webcam Berlin Germany

  74. Thank you all my friends, subscribers and viewers

  75. Rainy day in January in Berlin, Germany

  76. Hitchcockian Birds in Berlin, Germany

  77. Berlin frozen (1) - River Spree

  78. Berlin frozen (2) Ice Birds

  79. Bird watching on an ice cold day

  80. Ice Breaker Ship in Berlin Germany

  81. Ice Ice Ice to the horizon

  82. Eisbrecher

  83. Snow Sweeper Mini Mobile Close-Up

  84. Berlin by night near Cubix Cinema Alexanderplatz

  85. people

  86. enjoy shopping

  87. a dove

  88. Bus 100 in Berlin, Germany on a grey and snowy day

  89. Graffiti and Snow in Berlin, Germany

  90. Black Helicopter spying on the people

  91. British Biscuits on sale in Germany

  92. The smallest hedge in the world

  93. Hedges near German Parliament (Reichstag)

  94. Woggyflush meets the Happy Cow (REAL animal footage!!)

  95. Woggyflush meets the Shy Lama (REAL animal footage!!)

  96. Planet Mars or Berlin, Germany?

  97. Scottish Highland Cattle in Berlin, Germany

  98. My Rock Jump Fail

  99. Flea Market glimpse

  100. Berlin impressions: Soap Bubbles, Boats and Tourists

  101. World Laughter Day 2012 in Berlin Germany

  102. World Laughter Day in 1 Minute

  103. Berlin City TV features the World Laughter Day 2012

  104. Happy Noodles in Berlin, Germany

  105. Bullshit Mike # 30 The vanished TV Tower

  106. Berlin Alexander Square

  107. Rain in Berlin (1)

  108. Rain in Berlin (2)

  109. The Green Beer of Berlin

  110. Tourist boat passing by

  111. (13 minutes long video) Subway Tunnel Walk

  112. (short video) Subway Tunnel walk

  113. A tourist's walk is never done [feat. Mustache Man]

  114. Hit the Road Jack played on Berlin City Train

  115. Seagulls over Berlin

  116. just a glimpse of rain

  117. Street musician playing Theme from Godfather and Singing in the Rain

  118. 200 bikes cavalcade

  119. Waterfall Park feat. Ginkgo Trees

  120. Waterfall Park in a minute

  121. Midnight at Waterfall Park

  122. Sunset stroll near River Spree in Berlin, Germany

  123. H.M.S. Woggyflush paper boat at Waterfall Park

  124. Waterfall the closest encounter possible

  125. Rubber Duck adventure at Waterfall Park

  126. Traditional German Food in Berlin

  127. Happy Goldfish Pond

  128. Gruß an HammerharterErni (Gast-Star: eine nette Plastik-Kuh)

  129. Put your dog poo in the orange bin

  130. the Pub of a million Beer glasses

  131. Happy Ducks in Floating Island Park

  132. Full moon at 3 A.M. in Berlin, Germany

  133. OMG! Man bungee jumps from Hotel roof

  134. Nightfall in the Church Park of the Golden Cross

  135. Sunrise in the Church Park of the Golden Cross

  136. View from Museum Island to the TV Tower in Berlin, Germany

  137. They switched OFF the Waterfall!

  138. Sunrise in the City

  139. [Private Video]

  140. The Holy Stones of Berlin

  141. Brandenburg Gate on a grey, rainy day

  142. What's inside the Garbage Container?

  143. Black Helicopter and Pink Trousers near the Chancellery Building

  144. Fall Season in Waterfall Park

  145. Woggyflush is walking on Water

  146. I discover a Medieval Dragon Well - will it work?

  147. Sunny October sunday

  148. Nike Zombie Girls Run Berlin 2012

  149. Midnight at the Brandenburg Gate

  150. Tram ride on a rainy evening in Berlin

  151. Climb the cars floating in the Sky

  152. The Golden Sunset of Whow!

  153. just another sunny Fall day in a Berlin mini-park

  154. Five Swans confused by 1 Rubber Ducky

  155. 2 happy Kids chasing leaves

  156. Girl walks crazy Dog in empty Waterfall spillway at Waterfall Park

  157. Evening at the City River (Tune "Overcast Mood" by Geoff Peters)

  158. Nightfall at Berlin Alexander Square (with jazz music)

  159. Foggy Evening at Berlin City River

  160. Idyllic Lake with Swans and Ducks

  161. Grafitti Waterfall with happy Ducks

  162. Sunrise at Berlin Central Station

  163. The Madness of 1 Million Swans

  164. Seducktion at Grafitti Waterfall

  165. Snow in Berlin

  166. Tram ride through snowy Berlin

  167. Christmas Market Berlin Germany near TV Tower (10 minutes)

  168. Christmas Market in a minute

  169. The Moon at dawn

  170. Winter Walk near the River

  171. Santa Claus Parade inside the Shopping Mall

  172. Santa Parade in a minute

  173. Berlin homes in Christmas illumination

  174. Ferris Wheel Ride Christmas Market Berlin

  175. White Christmas in Berlin Germany

  176. Look at this, or this

  177. Illuminated Trees Avenue

  178. The Art of dog poo

  179. Mini Museum Island model

  180. one peaceful minute on a sunny winter day

  181. Winter day at Museum Island

  182. Church park of the Golden Cross in Winter

  183. miniature countryside in the big city

  184. glimpse at subway construction site at night

  185. Woggy rescues a Buggy

  186. Tourists - I feel trapped among them

  187. fast forward city life

  188. Feeling uneasy among Tourists again

  189. Snow clearing at Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

  190. Sunny Sunday

  191. Starlings darlings

  192. Easter snow in Berlin

  193. one BILLION tourists!!!!

  194. Waterfall Park has water again

  195. Tram Commander's Toilet

  196. Pink toilets abound, and a shoutout to Stratboy999

  197. The Bell Tower

  198. Cherry Blossom, and a Swan on the water