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  1. TOC Publishing Conference 2013

  2. TOC 2012: LeVar Burton, "Keynote"

  3. TOC 2012: Tim Carmody, "Changing Times, Changing Readers: Let's Start With Experience"

  4. TOC 2012: Joe Karaganis, "Copy Cultures"

  5. TOC 2012: Barbara A Genco, "Public Library Power Patrons Are Your Best Customers"

  6. TOC 2012: Matt MacInnis, "The Death of the Page, the Dawn of Digital"

  7. TOC 2012: Eric Ries, "Keynote"

  8. TOC 2012: Clay Johnson, "Is SEO Killing America?"

  9. TOC 2012: Steve Rubel "The Clip Report - Insights on the Future of Media"

  10. TOC 2012: Baratunde Thurston "Keynote"

  11. TOC 2012: Andrew Savikas, "Stories from 10 Years of Subscription Usage and Sales at Safari Books"

  12. TOC 2012: Kent Freeman, "Beyond The Classroom: Enhanced Content Lessons from the Education Market"

  13. TOC 2012: Theodore Gray, "Meaningful Interactivity In A Mobile World"

  14. TOC 2012: Bob Young, "Re-thinking Publishing In The Age Of The Internet"

  15. TOC 2012: Linda Holliday, "Why the Next Era Represents the Reemergence of Professional Media"

  16. Brett Sandusky interviewed at TOC 2012

  17. TOC 2012: Startup Showcase

  18. Clay Johnson interviewed at TOC 2012

  19. Jonathan Hevenstone interviewed at TOC 2012

  20. Larry Goldberg interviewed at TOC 2012

  21. Sameer Shariff interviewed at TOC 2012

  22. Sol Rosenberg interviewed at TOC 2012

  23. Linda Gagnon interviewed at TOC 2012

  24. Peter Meyers interviewed at TOC 2012

  25. Robbie Allen interviewed at TOC 2012

  26. Todd Sattersten interviewed at TOC 2012

  27. Kent Freeman interviewed at TOC 2012

  28. Bill Patry interviewed at TOC 2012

  29. Mogens Nielsen interviewed at TOC 2012

  30. Miral Sattar interviewed at TOC 2012

  31. Larry Gurreri interviewed at TOC 2012

  32. Kathy Meis interviewed at TOC 2012

  33. Greg Shackles interviewed at TOC 2012

  34. Bill McCoy interviewed at TOC 2012

  35. Louis Rosenfeld interviewed at TOC 2012

  36. Jim Lewis interviewed at TOC 2012

  37. Walter Walker interviewed at TOC 2012

  38. Sanders Kleinfeld interviewed at TOC 2012

  39. Dana Newman interviewed at TOC 2011

  40. Baratunde Thurston talks about leveraging social media and The Onion

  41. Matt Cutts of Google on rel="author"

  42. Consultant Joseph Esposito sheds light on competition in the publishing industry

  43. Entrepreneur and blogger Jason Calacanis shares his thoughts on Amazon's dominance

  44. WingedChariot founder Neal Hoskins on the present state and future of the children's book app market

  45. KiwiTech founder and CTO Gurvinder Batra discusses mobile app development for publishers

  46. Scott Berkun tells us about self-publishing after years of working with a traditional publisher

  47. PinchZoom founder Brian Fling tells us about his company's new HTML5-based publishing platform

  48. Dan Gillmor on the pros and cons of self-publishing vs. working with a traditional publisher

  49. O'Reilly's head of online and marketing talks about ebook discounting and promotional strategies

  50. Peter Meyers interviewed by Mac Slocum

  51. Tim Carmody interviewed by Mac Slocum

  52. Fluidinfo CEO Terry Jones on what API's are and why publishers should offer them for their content

  53. Fran Toolan of Firebrand Technologies navigates the challenges of content management

  54. Pubslush Press founder Jesse Potash on what makes their publishing service different

  55. Bookigee founder and CEO Kristen McLean explains how agile development can be used in publishing

  56. Patrick Brown of Goodreads discusses their new recommendation engine and discoverability

  57. Jesse Wiley on how a 200+ year-old company evolves with the econtent world

  58. Javier Celaya, CEO of Dosdoce Digital Culture, discusses Spain's rapidly-changing ebook marketplace

  59. Evan Doll, co-founder of Flipboard explains how simplicity is one of the keys to success

  60. Adam Salomone of The Harvard Common Press atomized, ad-based and rich content

  61. CEO Mark Johnson talks about what makes Zite such a popular iPad application

  62. Inking Founder and CEO Matt MacInnis talks about reinventing the publishing industry

  63. Bob Lefsetz talks about what the book publishing industry can learn from the music industry

  64. Joe Wikert interviews Jonas Lennermo, Head of Publishing at ustwo

  65. Joe Wikert interviews Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image

  66. Marshall Kirkpatrick talks about data journalism and ReadWriteWeb

  67. Joe Wikert interviews Nelson Saba, CEO of Immersion Digital

  68. TOC2012: Roger Magoulas, "What Can Data Tell Us?"

  69. Textbook publishing conditions and challenges

  70. Eric Ries interviewed at TOC 2012

  71. What goes into the creation of a terrific children's book app on the iPad?

  72. The ebook distribution model

  73. A multiplatform approach to children's ebooks

  74. Cocktails: Yahoo!'s evolving platform for content distribution

  75. We don't need indexes in ebooks, right?

  76. Carmen Lamb interviewed at TOC 2012

  77. Brendan McNerney interviewed at TOC 2012

  78. John Wheeler interviewed at TOC 2012

  79. Daniel Mayer interviewed at TOC 2012

  80. Sheri Martin interviewed at TOC 2012

  81. Ralph Coviello interviewed at TOC 2012

  82. Donovan Lytle interviewed at TOC 2012

  83. Tyler Ruse interviewed at TOC 2012

  84. Bob Kasher interviewed at TOC 2012

  85. George Slowik interviewed at TOC 2012

  86. Transmedia the agile way