1. Freedom Run 2013 - Butuan City

  2. Freedom Run 2013 - Gumaca, Quezon

  3. "Free for All" and "Faces of Freedom" Video Launch

  4. Free for All

  5. Faces of Freedom

  6. Leadership and Citizenship Against Corruption

  7. I am Free from Corruption: Leadership and Citizenship Against Corruption

  8. Online Communications Workshop

  9. Video Exercise: Issues that Affect the Youth

  10. PCOS Machine Demonstration for May 2013 Election

  11. Comelec Procedures for May 2013

  12. Fair Competition: Key to Economic Growth

  13. Ako'y Malaya by Cathy Go at ChicBoy

  14. i am free from

  15. It's All About Freedom: Grace Padaca Freedom Speech, Freedom Flame & The Freedom Project

  16. Freedom Run by the Lake

  17. Fredo on Liberalism

  18. "I Am Prepared: Seminar on Good Governance as mitigation and adaptive measure to Climate Change"

  19. Freedom Cup

  20. Changing the Climate Towards Good Governance

  21. Philippine Liberal Youth: I Am Free (Noel Cabangon's Ako'y Malaya)

  22. 25 Jahre FNF Philippinen: Freiheitswand und Freiheitslauf

  23. New Age FTAs: Is the Philippines Mature Enough?

  24. FNF Philippines Anniversary Video: 25 Years in the Making

  25. 2011 Liberal Project Winners

  26. Freedom Campaign Levels Up for 2012

  27. Ako'y Malaya (I Am Free) - Noel Cabangon official video

  28. The Freedom Speech

  29. The Biggest Freedom

  30. Can You Say Freedom?

  31. Road to Manila Congress Fora

  32. Politics and Civil Society Seminar 2011

  33. FNF Visitors Program 2011 (Part 2)

  34. FNF Visitors Program 2011 (Part 1)

  35. FNF Philippines 25th Anniversary Program Launch

  36. Child Talk

  37. Liberal Party Leaders on Visitor Information Programme

  38. The Liberal Project

  39. Freedom Road to Manila

  40. Through the Years: The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty 25 years in the Philippines

  41. Corruption in the Philippines: What Went Wrong? What Can We Do Now?

  42. Peace in Mindanao: A Forum on Peace Process with the MILF

  43. Excesses, Recovery and Good Government

  44. FNF News: Political Party Performance and Stability in the Philippines