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  1. All Sale Videos

  2. Part 2 of 2014 Central New York Holstein Show

  3. Part 1 Heifer Show at Central NY Show at Norwich

  4. 2014 Distinguished Junior Member Semifinalists Introductions

  5. 2014 Holstein Association USA Distinguished Leadership Award

  6. 2014 Elite Breeder

  7. 2014 Distinguished Young Holstein Breeder

  8. Young Breeders Panel at National Convention

  9. Enlight Dairy Overview Video

  10. 2014 Early Bird Session at the National Holstein Convention Speaking Frank Regan and Bob Miller

  11. Speaks at the 2014 Holstein Convention NFL Star Marshal Yanda,

  12. Setting up for the 2014 National Holstein Convention Sale in Dubuque, Iowa #2014NHC

  13. Ditch Dairy???

  14. 17th Birthday of Lana Rae at Gloryland Holsteins

  15. LE Grande Finale at Gloryland Holsteins

  16. Chip English of Washington DC speaks about the legal issues

  17. Tom Gallagher of DMI speaks at the DFA convention

  18. USDA's Dana Hamilton Coale talks Federal Order

  19. Ar-Joy Roof Collapse video

  20. Dr. Brian Miller, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica

  21. Ice Cream by Rachel Mancebo

  22. Holstein USA Member Update: State of the Association

  23. Gemini Protein - What's Next

  24. Holstein USA Member Update: AgriTech Analytics (ATA)

  25. Holstein USA Member Update: Holstein Foundation

  26. Holstein USA Member Update: Holstein Association USA & the Red & White Dairy Cattle Association

  27. Holstein USA Member Update: Holstein Genetic Services

  28. Holstein USA Member Update: Holstein Association USA Awards

  29. Holstein USA Member Update: 2014 Director Elections

  30. Holstein USA Member Update: Tag Program Update & 840 Official Tags

  31. New Holland Has Naming Rights for new Expo Barns

  32. Dairy Profit Seminar: A Portrait of the Next Dairy Generation Part I

  33. DeLaval activity meter (Venice view dairy, New York, USA)

  34. Dairy Profit Seminar: A Portrait of the Next Dairy Generation Part II

  35. Empire Farm Days Polled Genetics Panel Part I

  36. Empire Farm Days Polled Genetics Panel Part II

  37. DairyBusiness Herd Profile - Tony Mattos

  38. Introducing the New General Manager of World Dairy Expo

  39. Dairyman's Edge Pro - Controlled Research

  40. ARS-USDA Signs Agreement with the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding

  41. Jay Gordon, Wash. St. Dairy Federation

  42. Ask the Silage Doctor 2

  43. Sexing Technologies part 3

  44. DairyLine Radio the Silage Doctor

  45. Sexing Technologies part 2

  46. Sexing Technologies Interview Part 1

  47. Collecting Genetic Material with the Tissue Sampling Unit from Holstein USA

  48. Katy Coba, Oregon Dept. of Ag Director

  49. Spend A Few Minutes with Oliver North before the Ag Warriors event at World Ag Expo

  50. California Federal Order Panel Discussion at World Ag Expo.

  51. Conant acres a talk with Duane conant


  53. Official Ram Trucks Super Bowl Commercial "Farmer"

  54. 2012 11 28 Brad Scott 020

  55. Dairy Farm Families

  56. Judd Chambers - Georgia Dairy Farmer

  57. Albert Blackburn - Tennesse Dairy Farmer

  58. Next Generation

  59. South Carolina Dairy Farmers

  60. Mississippi Dairy Farmers

  61. Lanny Conerly - Lousiana Dairy Farmer

  62. Holstein USA Tour

  63. DairyBusiness Weekly Help Video

  64. DairyBusiness Weekly!

  65. 11 08 12 DCRC mtg

  66. A trip through Expo 2012

  67. NY Dairy Producer Patty Bikowsky Discusses the Beef Checkoff

  68. Cotton Inc at World Dairy Expo 2012.

  69. Steel Cow at World Dairy Expo 2012

  70. Virtus at World Dairy Expo 2012.

  71. Midwest Dairy Beef Quality Assurance at World Dairy Expo 2012.

  72. PDPW at World Dairy Expo 2012.

  73. Animart at World Dairy Expo 2012

  74. Animart at World Dairy Expo 2012

  75. DMI at World Dairy Expo 2012.

  76. Cotton Inc at World Dairy Expo 2012.

  77. Aflatoxin and Mycotoxin Risks

  78. NY Dairy Producer Patty Bikowsky Discusses the Beef Checkoff

  79. 2012 World Holstein Conference

  80. Ferme Gillette Heifers (Gillette Visions Sale)

  81. Ferme Gillette Cows (Gillette Visions Sale)

  82. Hardie Farm 2

  83. DairyProfit Seminair Day1 Empire Farm Days 10:30 session

  84. Are large farms putting small farms out of business? -Shelly Mayer, PDPW

  85. 2012 World Holstein Conference

  86. President Obama In Iowa On USDA Purchases To Help Farmers

  87. Dairy Farming FAQ - Farm to Store

  88. Hardie Farm 1

  89. A visit at Comestar

  90. Using Soybeans as an Alternate Forage

  91. Avoid Residue

  92. World Dairy Expo Office Interviews

  93. Milk Quality Focus: David Kelbert, DVM, on managing milk quality despite weather challenges

  94. Hardie Farm 3

  95. International Intrigue Sale preview.........Heifers

  96. International Intrigue Pre-Sale Party

  97. Welcome to International Intrigue at Butlerview Farms

  98. Part 1 Cows at the Central Wisconsin Summer Event

  99. Part 2 Heifers at the Central Wisconsin Summer Event

  100. Part 3 Central Wisconsin Summer Event

  101. John Meyers CEO of Holstein USA speaking at the annual meeting.

  102. Welcome to Markwell Holsteins

  103. Welcome to Rocky Mountain Holsteins

  104. Unveiling of Romeo and Juliet the ne true type model bull and cow.

  105. Romeo and Juliet

  106. Cornell's Dr Dale Bauman

  107. Corbin Wood.......Giving Back!

  108. Impact of Ada part 2

  109. Impact of Ada Sale

  110. Lot 174

  111. Lot 40d

  112. Top Selection Sale

  113. ADFR_Dave_Forgey_Interview.mp4

  114. Interview with Dairy Farmer Duane Hill

  115. Idaho Dairyman Greg Andersen Discuss Proposed Agreement

  116. Holstein VP Glen Brown & Dir. Bill Wright Discuss Proposed Agreement

  117. Proposed Cooperative Agreement - President Chuck Worden

  118. Proposed Cooperative Agreement - Director Leroy Eggink

  119. Julie Berry interviewing Greg Wickham, CEO, Dairylea

  120. part 2 Julie Berry with Chuck Conner, president, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (NCFC)

  121. Julie Berry with Chuck Conner, president, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (NCFC)

  122. BQA 25th Anniversary

  123. 2012 Midwest Spring National Holstein Show

  124. Bob Miller, Mil-R-Mor

  125. USDA Chief Veterinary Officer On BSE Case

  126. Genomic Giant Sale by Trans America Genetics

  127. 2012 Canadian National Sale the Pairie Classic

  128. JETSTREAM Genetics

  129. Bill Rowell of Green Mountain Dairy spoke at "Got Manure" part 2

  130. Bill Rowell of Green Mountain Dairy spoke at "Got Manure" part 1

  131. Steve Reinford of Mifflintown, PA spoke at "Got Manure" about his manure digester.

  132. Dean Doornink of Baldwin, WI spoke at "Got Manure" regarding dairy expansion in Wisconsin

  133. EXCEDE_Metritis

  134. Siemers Holsteins Spring Showcase part 2 of 2

  135. Siemers Holsteins Spring Showcase Sale Part 1 of 2

  136. Califronia Earthquake Sale

  137. Farming Film Festival 2012

  138. Gemini Protein - What's Next

  139. FDB Holsteins

  140. Lorita Holsteins Welcome to the EarthQuake Sale

  141. GOV of South Dakota Dennis Daugaard

  142. Lot # 17 California Earthquake Sale Pencroft-Ammon GC Cierra-ET #1 Type Heifer in the Breed!

  143. Newt Gingrich Visits World Ag Expo

  144. 100th Anniversary Sale Airosa

  145. Airosa interview

  146. World Ag Expo 2012 intv

  147. Dr Tom Overton, Executive Director of Cornell's PRO-DAIRY Program

  148. 2012 NY All-Breeds Convention Awards Dinner

  149. 2012 New York All-Breeds Luncheon Program

  150. The Dairy Dollar

  151. Wake Up Wisconsin

  152. Brighter Future

  153. Dave Endres, Wisc., Talks about the Beef Checkoff and His Dairy

  154. Dean Strauss, Wisc., Talks About the Beef Checkoff

  155. Quadruplet Calves

  156. Veal Producer Beef CheckOFF

  157. America's Heartland Features Mabton Dairy Farmer

  158. Jeff Simmons - Gleaners Video

  159. SemexCorporateVideo.wmv

  160. U.S. Dairy Farmers Care -- Merck Animal Health

  161. Bovine Innovations Group

  162. Nov 3 dairyline

  163. NOV1 dairyline


  165. DairyLine Radio NOV 1

  166. Solar

  167. Dr. Goodman performs artificial insemination and teaches it

  168. Dr. Ostrum, "To operate or not to operate"

  169. football cow

  170. Markwell Cows part 2

  171. Dairyman's Edge Pro - Controlled Research

  172. Dr. Jamie Jarrett, Purina Animal Nutrition

  173. Bryan Doherty, Stewart-Peterson, Inc.

  174. Bill Sirico, Animal Health International

  175. Scott Hand, Vetericyn

  176. Nathan Brown, DeLaval

  177. Liz Doornick, Valley Ag Software

  178. David Cooper, FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative

  179. Jack Banker, DCHA

  180. Mark Walker, GEA Farm Technologies

  181. Keith Engel, GEA Farm Technologies

  182. Renee Smith, Virtus Nutrition

  183. Matija Kopic, Farmeron

  184. Chris Horton, Digi-Star

  185. Billy Brown, Kansas Dept of Ag

  186. Peter Kleiman, Farm First Dairy Cooperative

  187. Dr. Tom Earleywine, Land O'Lakes Animal Milk Products

  188. Randy Gorter, Houle

  189. Eric Moscho, GEA Farm Technologies

  190. Norm Spaeth, Pacific Coast Canola

  191. Dr. Mike Moore, Novartis Animal Health

  192. John Long, Mycogen Seeds

  193. Melissa Slagle, Cattlemen's Beef Board

  194. Andrew Stednitz, GSI

  195. Barry Lubbers, Advanta US

  196. USDA Explains Cattle Survey

  197. Dairy Producers Seeing Decent Prices

  198. New Omega Balancer App Available

  199. Ready For The Next Downturn?

  200. Dr. Tom Shelton, Merck Animal Health