1. Lion Dance for the beginning of 2012 for China Team, 34th America's Cup

  2. Ma Jian describes his day with China Team (in Mandarin)

  3. China Team is all smiles after finishing 3rd on today's last race!

  4. China Team's Charlie, Andy and Ma Jian celebrate their top-3 result in today's last race

  5. China Team is off to the races...

  6. China Team has a new wing!

  7. Thank you to our friends from Artemis...

  8. China Team guest racer shares her experience on board today

  9. This is how it feels to be a guest racer with China Team...

  10. China Team fan Chang describes his experience at the team base today (in Mandarin)

  11. China Team awakens the curiosity of an excited Beijing-er fan currently studying in Oxford

  12. Brice Jaffuel from China Team discusses the team's fitness today (in French)

  13. Will Howden from China Team talks about today's fleet race in Plymouth with the new wing

  14. Skipper Charlie Ogletree tells us about their first day of fleet racing with the new wing

  15. Ma Jian talks just about to go on the AC45 with China Team

  16. China Team's skipper Charlie shares his plans for the second racing day in Plymouth

  17. China Team's Andy Hagara shares his plans for today's race in Plymouth

  18. China Team's Ma Jian talks about his expectations before going on the AC45 for his first time

  19. Skipper Charlie says China Team's consistency is all down to team effort

  20. Tomas shares his experience in Plymouth so far with the China Team

  21. Kit from China Team shares his first impressions on ACWS Plymouth

  22. Charlie talks about the team's progress, at the Skippers' Press Conference in Plymouth

  23. China Team's Skipper and Coach (Charlie and Derek) share their views on Plymouth

  24. China Team's Charlie Ogletree Talks about ACWC Plymouth on BBC radio

  25. William Howden shares his China Team experience so far

  26. Andreas Hagara shares his experience with China team so far

  27. China Team's experience in Cascais, August 2011

  28. MITCH BOOTH talks about his first race with China Team in Cascais

  29. CHENG YING KIT 郑英杰 talks (in English) about his first race with China Team

  30. CHENG YING KIT 郑英杰 talks (in Mandarin) about his first race with China Team

  31. ANDREW MILLS talks about China Team's daily routine in Cascais

  32. EDWARD ED VAN LIERDE (Ed) talks about life on board China Team

  33. Pim and Ed from China Team share their experiences before the first race

  34. SYLVAIN BARRIELLE talks about his experience with China Team so far

  35. CHARLES FRANKLIN OGLETREE III on the day ahead in Cascais

  36. MITCH BOOTH on China Team's progress to date

  37. China Team Jia You!

  38. LIU CHENG QI, LARRY 刘承奇 is happy to be at his first America's Cup!

  39. WU LIANG WILLIAM 吴亮 talking about his first America's Cup