1. Pat Maher's Christmas Message

  2. WCPT 17th General Meeting motion: PEDro

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  8. APA Christmas Message

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  13. Rotator cuff—the tendiopathy model

  14. Changes in Cerebral Oxygenation during Tai Chi and Qigong

  15. Great debate: physiotherapy research is not relevant to clinical practice

  16. Effect of low back pain and lower limb injuries on piriformis muscle size in elite football players

  17. Effect of transversus abdominis thickness and activation on the prevalence of 'ETA' pain

  18. Isokinetic and functional performance in middle east footballers: influence of injury and position

  19. Unstable sling exercise training for a long jump athlete with lumbar spondylolisthesis

  20. e-media in Private Practice

  21. Identification of patients with cervicogenic dizziness

  22. Altered tissue dynamics after surgical treatment of Achilles tendon rapture

  23. MRI assessment of regional abdominal muscle function in elite AFL players

  24. Predicting outcomes in individual and team athletes

  25. Prevalence of low back pain in adolescent rowers

  26. Size and symmetry of the hip abductor muscles in elite AFL players

  27. Reliability of measuring quality of performance on the single leg task in post-pubescent females

  28. Age-related hyperkyphosis in the thoracic spine

  29. Control of the core during different rotation torques

  30. Movement patterning in dorsal neck muscles during dynamic neck extension in patients

  31. Risk factors and clinical presentation of craniocervical arterial dissection: preliminary results

  32. Medical exercise therapy of dorsal neck muscles: a comparison of two exercises

  33. Sedentary life—barriers to physical activities

  34. Lateral epicondylalgia with severe pain and disability

  35. Strengthening versus postural re-education for age-related thoracic hyperkyphosis

  36. Enhancing outcomes of patellofemoral pain management: targeting the foot

  37. Functional, clinical and EMG outcomes of physiotherapy for shoulder instability

  38. It takes two to tango Part 1: the role of communication in clinical practice

  39. It takes two to tango Part 2: why won't the patient dance?

  40. On the Couch—Episode 9

  41. Physios and technology: Do we fit the job

  42. New directions in managing non-specific chronic low back pain

  43. Clinical pilates vs general exercise for chronic LBP

  44. Are static lumbar postures a signature for predicting landing postures in elite gymnasts?

  45. Clinical pilates directional bias assessment: reliability and predictive validity

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  53. Ride2Work Day 2012: physiotherapy getting you from A to B, pain free

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  57. International Women's Day Breakfast 2013

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  59. APA Conference 'New Moves' 2013

  60. Stay fighting fit with Tradies National Health Month

  61. Tradies fix most things, but not always themselves.

  62. Move well, Stay well with Tradies National Health Month

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  71. APA Member Insurance: Your Hands Are In Good Hands

  72. Journal of Physiotherapy to be Open Access

  73. Australian Physiotherapy Association: 2013 and Beyond

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