1. Salmon Jumping Like Crazy

  2. Alaska Brown Bear

  3. Towing Another Boat in Cook Inlet, Alaska

  4. The Perfect Set

  5. Seal says "NO" to your proposal.

  6. Tidal Rapids at Pt. Harriet, Alaska

  7. Marking the Channel

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  9. Cat vs Puppy

  10. Mattress Flammability Test

  11. Change the World | 4 Legged Bike

  12. #Winning

  13. Testing Homemade Sailboat Rudder.

  14. Cheap Folding Cargo Bike Trailer Project

  15. ♥ A Singing Valentine ♥ Music Video Greeting by Henry Kroll III

  16. Live Performance of [name that tune?]

  17. 13 Dimensions : Philosophy Goes Mainstream

  18. BeachOut.com New Social Networking Site

  19. Video Greetings from EasyHi.com

  20. Henry Kroll II Playing Piano

  21. Reversed Speech: "Barack Obama"

  22. Play "Guitar" with your voice! Talking guitar.

  23. I love Chelsea ♥ A Capella Song ♥♫♪

  24. Solving Systems of Equations with OpenOffice (and Excel)

  25. Corexit 9500: Bad for the environment and bad for you

  26. Shallow Water Boating

  27. Simplest Glider | UFO Aerodynamics

  28. Convert a Bicycle to a Sailing Bicycle - $5 Project

  29. 4th of July Parade Highlights, Kenai, AK

  30. Groaning Earth: Editing Proves Moon Did It

  31. Duct Tape VAWT in Strong Wind!

  32. Hacking the Panasonic OmniMovie CamCorder

  33. The Magic BIKE BUS TOWED! -- Final video of DIY Homebuilt Bike Car

  34. Record 3D with ordinary single lens camera. First attempt.

  35. Sorry, Notepad. SciTE is The Best Text Editor of All Time!

  36. Reaction to Balloon Boy: "We did this for the show"

  37. Java Development on Linux, easy beginner tutorial

  38. Win Battles Without a Fight

  39. YOU Are the Secret

  40. Home Mocap in C With Free ffmpeg-libs

  41. Ampere's Force Law and Electromagnetism - Introduction to "Warp Technology" and Force

  42. Do "self-improvement" programs really work?

  43. $5 DIY Cosmetic Dentistry, Cheap Dentures, False Teeth

  44. 3D mesh capture from video using all free programs.

  45. Tricked-Out Fedora12 Live CD Install with subtitles!

  46. It's All Wrong ♫♪ Music Video by Henry Kroll III

  47. ♥♫♪ Friends - A Fishing Song I Wrote ♥♫♪

  48. State Surplus Computer Auction, Alaska

  49. Hawaii Statehood Festival Highlights (Anchorage, Alaska)

  50. $1 solar hot water heater is portable, collapsible

  51. Command line programs get windowed!

  52. Cow Tipping in Asheron's Call

  53. Extending C: "Variable Variables" like PHP $$var

  54. Rapid Application Development with Glade 3.0 part 5

  55. Rapid Application Development with Glade 3.0 part 4

  56. Rapid Application Development with Glade 3.0 Part 3

  57. Rapid Application Development with Glade 3.0 part 2

  58. Rapid Application Development with Glade 3.0 part 1

  59. Compiling Windows Programs on Linux

  60. C Programming Optimized Code, RAMifications

  61. Making Out with Makefiles, C Objdump (Dis)Assembly

  62. C Programming, Disassembly, Debugging, Linux, GDB

  63. Linux Game Hacks - Bots, Macros for games like Asheron's Call

  64. Breakfast in Boat

  65. Sun Racer Recumbent Custom Mods

  66. Birds Attraced to Power Plant

  67. Ancient VAWT Wind Turbine Prototype Resurrected!

  68. Ancient Science Solves Future Energy Crisis! Pyramid Wind Turbine VAWT

  69. Beethoven Fur Elise on Keyboard, Harp

  70. Minuets in G, Bach (name that intro)

  71. Hi, I'm Henry... Watch me Dance!

  72. Happy New Year 2009!

  73. How to Chroma Key (Green Screen) Blender (free software)

  74. Build an Air Zooka or Candle Cannon

  75. Re: Moon Hoax- "That was done on Earth"

  76. KILL IT WITH FIRE 2 of 2 with soundtrack "Everything Explodes"

  77. Walking Paddle Wheel

  78. Homebuilt DIY Flying Saucer (Economy Model) Concept

  79. Video Editing on Linux 2 of 3 (Audio)

  80. Video Editing on Linux 1 of 3 (Crop & Rotate)

  81. Homebuilt DIY Flying Saucer (Sport Model) Biplane Concept

  82. The Demonic Pumpkins: Possessed Beatbox Mash-up

  83. KILL IT WITH FIRE 1 of 2 featuring "Explode" soundtrack by Automated Acoustics

  84. Extreme September Bike Ride - Early Snow in Alaska

  85. The Magic BIKE BUS! -- My DIY Homebuilt Bike Car

  86. Fourth of July Parade 2008: Anchorage, Alaska

  87. Mom and Baby Moose

  88. The Magic BIKE BUS Test Drive -- DIY Homebuilt Bike Car

  89. The Magic BIKE BUS Build Process -- DIY Homebuilt Bike Car

  90. Can you Levitate with Sound?

  91. Home-made LCD Projector 8' HD TV / Computer Monitor

  92. Moose Calf in Yard

  93. Shaiya on Linux GG bypass

  94. Spiderboard skateboard - wheels are overrated

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  97. How not to do passwordless logins via ssh

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