1. The Register webcasts showreel

  2. Agility without anxiety

  3. Unilever adopts new technology to drive agile infrastructure delivery

  4. Windows Server 2012: MVP takes us under the bonnet

  5. What's new in Windows Server 2012

  6. What's new in Windows Server 2012: The View from a Systems Integrator

  7. HPC Power & Cooling: The Oak Ridge way

  8. Managing IT like a (service) pro

  9. Fast Forward to Big Data

  10. Business Process Management from back office to front office and beyond

  11. Winners and losers in the information race

  12. Office 365 in the real world

  13. The storage boom and bust cycle

  14. Public Sector: Unlock the business value of your information

  15. How the IT Department can support remote workers

  16. Will SaaS make you more efficient?

  17. Clouds for hire

  18. SSDs: A Buyer's Guide

  19. SSD Installation Guide

  20. ODD Buyer's Guide

  21. HDDs Buyers Guide

  22. Samsung Memory Cards Buyers Guide

  23. Office 365

  24. The Register talks to YO! Sushi

  25. msva

  26. Introduction to VDI

  27. Storage IOPS 101

  28. Big data and the cloud

  29. Smarter Networking for a smarter data centre

  30. HPC and its growing reach - The Register talks HPC with Intel

  31. SC11 Preview

  32. Can clouds ever be secure?

  33. The how and why of virtualising core business applications

  34. Can telephony and IT work together?

  35. Why does information management matter?

  36. Server Virtualisation for Hard-Nosed People

  37. The state of the x86 server estate

  38. Desktop and server virtualisation in a day!

  39. Does Office 365 keep its promises?

  40. The Co-operative on virtualisation and Windows 7

  41. Royal Mail opens the kimono once more

  42. Cloud today, tomorrow, not yet

  43. Windows 7 roll out: learning from the experts

  44. The other enterprise desktop

  45. The Royal Mail moves to the cloud

  46. The workload challenge

  47. How to visualise your data with Visio

  48. PaaS potential and practicality: This is a hype-free zone

  49. Does service centric IT deliver business value and happy users?

  50. Virtualising and customising desktops: All needs not equal

  51. Data centre orchestration: Marching to the beat of the business

  52. How to move to Windows 7: The practicalities of the project

  53. Video in the workplace

  54. BPM beyond automation: The lessons you can learn from others' experiences

  55. Moving to Windows 7: What to watch out for

  56. Moving beyond consolidation: The steps towards a private cloud

  57. Desktop virtualisation: One size doesn't fit all

  58. The IT Project Management Survival Guide

  59. Guarantee cloud service levels: Getting your networks up to speed

  60. What's the real deal on cloud?

  61. Working smarter, not harder: An alternative to the 25-hour day

  62. Shaping your next desktop upgrade

  63. The challenges of On-Demand IT

  64. Unified communications: What to expect

  65. Practicalities of unified comms implementation

  66. Unified communications in context?

  67. Information Delivery: Business Intelligence for real people

  68. IT Management How-To

  69. Data Centre Design: Power Management and Control

  70. Managing the distributed workforce

  71. High Availabilty IT: A walk through the options

  72. The great desktop refresh debate

  73. Virtualisation and Security

  74. Desktop virtualisation in the real world: And how to make it work

  75. Server Virtualisation for real: When your IT shop really is a Zoo

  76. Business Productivity: An alternative perspective...

  77. Optimising Business Communications

  78. Deploying VoIP in real life

  79. Making IT Work In The Real World

  80. Optimising the WAN

  81. Delivering information across the enterprise

  82. The Register interviews Dylan Larson at Intel about its new chips

  83. Danny talks licensing for virtualised desktop with Dave Buchholz from Intel

  84. Trevor talks Mission critical apps

  85. Trevor talks VDI

  86. The Register meets the Wise Group

  87. Down and dirty in the data centre Episode 1

  88. Down and dirty in the data centre Episode 2

  89. Down and dirty in the data centre Episode 3

  90. The Register meet Lewisham council and talk Cloud

  91. The Register talks to DRL about the systems it uses to run its business

  92. The Register talks Cloud with Shoothill dev firm