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    Penn State Law Professor Carla Pratt Describes Challenges for African American Law Students

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    P.J. Crowley shares his foreign policy expertise with students

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    Bar exam expert Keith Elkin explains best way to approach the MBE.mp4

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    Law Professor Stephen Ross Gives Play-by-play on potential NFL lockout

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    Penn State Law Professor Sam Thompson Covers the Complex Laws of Mergers & Acquisitions

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    Marie Reilly

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    Ross Pifer

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    Penn State Law professor on why fixes to No Child Left Behind may miss the mark

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    Penn State Law Professor Laurel Terry on International Legal Ethics

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    Penn State Law Professor Stan Brand on ethics trials.mp4

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    Penn State Environmental Law Professor Jamison Colburn on the BP Oil Spill Fallout

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    Professor Kit Kinports on the legacy of Justice Stevens

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    Penn State Law Professor Victor Romero on Arizona Immigration Statute SB 1070

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    Victor Romero: Race and Immigration - Conversations from Penn State

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    Author interview: William E. Butler on The Russian Legal Practitioner

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    World On Trial - Episode 1

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    Why the U.S. must come to terms with Iran

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    Elder law expert Katherine Pearson explains new family support decision in PA and its policy issues

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    Flynt Leverett on protests in Benghazi and Cairo

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    IBA Showcase at HLS: Preparing for the Future—Changes in Structures, Technology & Regulation