1. EUTM Mali - Headquarters in Bamako

  2. EUTM Mali - Statement by Defence Minister of Mali - 25 March 2013

  3. Statement by EUTM Mali Mission Commander - General Lecointre

  4. Koulikoro Training Area

  5. EUTM Mali - Statement by Ambassador Zink - 25 March 2013

  6. Common Security & Defense Policy Conference: Van Osch

  7. 26.02.2013 - SEDE Meeting - Subcommittee on Security and Defence

  8. 26.02.2013 - SEDE Meeting - Subcommittee on Security and Defence

  9. Advance party of EUTM Mali arrives in Bamako

  10. Signature du Programme d'Action MDNAC - FARDC -- EUSEC le 7 novembre 2012

  11. Entretien avec le Colonel Jean-Louis NURENBERG, Chef de la mission EUSEC RDC

  12. EU Naval Force Romanian frigate Conducts Friendly Approach to a Merchant Vessel (interview)

  13. EU Naval Force Quick To Capture Suspect Pirate Boat

  14. EU Naval Force Italian ship ITS Scirocco rescues tug in Gulf of Aden

  15. European Union Police Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  16. Fighting piracy on the high seas

  17. EULEX photo exhibition - 31 May 2012 - Brussels

  18. EU Naval Force (EU NAVFOR) - Operation ATALANTA

  19. EU MILITARY STAFF - "Who we are, what we do"

  20. Interview with General António Martins, Head of Mission EUSEC RDC

  21. The European Union for Somalia

  22. EUTM-Somalia - Overview

  23. EP Plenary Session, 13 December 2011

  24. Signature of the framework agreement for US participation in EU-led operations

  25. EUPOL COPPS Press Briefing

  26. Press briefing by General Syrén, Chairman of the EU Military Committee

  27. Meeting of EU Chiefs of Defence

  28. EUTM Somalia Mission Commander inspects the training of the second intake

  29. EUTM Somalia in Operation 'Crested Star'

  30. EULEX Kosovo: DFM-Exhumations-in-Pastesel

  31. CSDP Heads of civilians missions: family photo

  32. Signing of the Crisis Management Agreement with Montenegro

  33. De week van...Kees Klompenhouwer

  34. Separ (The Shield) TV serie

  35. EUTM Somalia: First intake of Somali recruits, Final parade, 15 December 2010

  36. Statement by Head of mission EUPOL COPPS Henrik Malmquist

  37. EUFOR ALTHEA SCHOOL: the peacekeepers of the future


  39. EUFOR ALTHEA LOT teams are deployed throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina

  40. Press briefing by General Syrén, Chairman of the EU Military Committee

  41. Statement by EUTM Somalia Mission Commander

  42. European Security and Defence College

  43. Interview with General Antonio Martins, EUSEC DR Congo Head of Mission

  44. Statement by Jean Paul RIKIR, Head of EUPOL RD Congo Mission

  45. Statement by EUNAVFOR Atalanta Force Commander

  46. EUNAVFOR-Atalanta, FHQ ceremony, 14 August 2010

  47. French flagship of EUNAVFOR Atalanta operation

  48. EUHR Ashton at conference on the fight against piracy

  49. Swedish forces at EU NAVFOR Atalanta operation

  50. Statement by General McColl, Commander of EUFOR ALTHEA Operation

  51. Statement by Stefan Feller, Head of EUPM Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina

  52. Statement by Xavier Bout de Marnhac, incoming Head of EULEX Kosovo Mission

  53. Statement by Gilles de Kerchove, EU counter-terrorism coordinator

  54. Interview with Francisco Díaz Alcantud, Head of mission of EUJUST LEX Iraq

  55. EUMM working for security stability and conflict resolution

  56. EU and Somalia (long version)

  57. Speech by Cristina Gallach on behalf of Javier Solana during the ESDC fifth anniversary ceremony

  58. Karl von Wogau receives hononary fellowship from European Security and Defence College

  59. Walter STEVENS and Alvaro de VASCONCELOS at ESDC fifth anniversary ceremony

  60. Speech by Hans Bernhard WEISSERTH at the ESDC fifth anniversary ceremony.

  61. EU and Somalia

  62. Karl von Wogau, former Chairperson of the EP's Subcommittee on Security and Defence

  63. Entretien avec le Chef de la Mission EUSEC général Jean-Paul Michel, (28 septembre 10)

  64. European Security and Defence College honorary fellowships

  65. Statement by Hans Bernhard WEISSERTH, Head of the ESDC Secretariat

  66. Statement by Rosalind MARSDEN, new EU Special Representative for Sudan

  67. EUPOL RD Congo: formation de la police nationale congolaise

  68. Statement by Buster HOWES, Operation Commander EUNAVFOR Atalanta

  69. EU Special Representative for Afghanistan on Afghan elections

  70. Clip CSDP 2010 (June 2010)

  71. Statement by Francisco Díaz Alcantud, Head of EUJUST LEX mission

  72. Statement by Special Advisor for African peacekeeping capabilities

  73. Statement by EULEX Kosovo Head of Mission

  74. EUHR Ashton visits EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia

  75. EUHR Ashton visits Swedish EUNAVFOR vessel in Seychelles

  76. International Task Force on Great Lakes

  77. ITW Commandant de la Mission EUTM Somalie, le Colonel Ricardo Gonzalez Elul, Bruxelles 23.6.2010

  78. Press Briefing by EUJUST LEX Head of mission of Francisco Diaz Alcantud

  79. EDA Multinational Helicopters Exercise - AZOR 2010

  80. Press Briefing by Operation Commander EUNAVFOR Atalanta

  81. 38 Spanish soldiers arrive in Uganda to train Somali soldiers.mp4

  82. EU starts training Somali soldiers in Uganda.mp4

  83. EU HR Ashton visited EU NAVFOR HSwMS Carlskrona

  84. Greek navy in the operation ATALANTA

  85. Interview with Operation Commander Hudson

  86. HR Ashton visits Tanzania to discuss anti-piracy operations

  87. Interview with EU Military Committee Chairman

  88. EUPOL COPPS Mission briefing

  89. Interview with EUNAVFOR Operation Commander

  90. EUSEC Head of Mission interview

  91. Interview with EUSR for the African Great Lakes Region

  92. HR Ashton visits EUNAVFOR-Atalanta HQ

  93. Interview with Guinea Bissau Head of EU Mission

  94. Statement by EUTM Somalia Commander

  95. Capture of pirates by French frigate Nivose.mp4

  96. Montenegro joins EU NAVFOR Atalanta

  97. Interview of EUPOL AFGHANISTAN Head of Mission

  98. One Year of EU NAVFOR SOMALIA Operation ATALANTA

  99. Operation EU NAVFOR Atalanta and EU assistance to Somalia - Press briefing part 7 - 2.2.2010