1. Exposé: Live Lobsters, Crabs Torn Apart

  2. The Most Disturbing Sound in the World

  3. Marco Regil Narrates a Must-See Video About the Meat Industry (Spanish)

  4. Ducks Cruelly Force-Fed for Foie Gras

  5. Washington University Cat Intubation Laboratory: A PETA Exposé

  6. [Private Video]

  7. Graveyard Races: A PETA Undercover Investigation

  8. Kill Buyer Admits to Transporting Horses Illegally

  9. 36 Hours to Hell

  10. Ducks Cruelly Caged for Foie Gras

  11. Footage of Suarez Bros. Circus Cruelty to Animals

  12. Exposed: Imprisoned Bear Abused, Eaten

  13. Investigation Reveals Hell on Earth for Animals at California Dealer Warehouse

  14. Betrayal of Trust: A PETA Exposé

  15. In His Own Words: A Ringling Elephant Trainer Tells All

  16. Undercover at National Retailers' Frog and Miniature-Aquarium Supplier

  17. Drug Testing on Beagles

  18. Undercover Investigation at Wright State University

  19. Undercover Footage From Pig Factory Farm

  20. Undercover Investigation at the Weizmann Institute

  21. Fur Fraud Investigation

  22. Covance—Undercover Investigation in Virginia

  23. Butterball House of Horrors

  24. Undercover Footage Shows Rabbits Screaming During Slaughter

  25. 'Exotic' Animal Cruelty

  26. AgriProcessors Kosher Slaughterhouse Undercover Investigation

  27. Undercover Investigation at UNC-Chapel Hill

  28. Chinchilla Farm Investigation

  29. PetSmart's Big Suffering for Small Animals

  30. Pilgrim's Pride

  31. Iams: A Recipe for Cruelty

  32. Undercover Puppy Mill Investigation

  33. Angel's Story

  34. Joaquin Phoenix Reveals Exotic-Skins Horrors

  35. Nestea CruelTEA

  36. [Private Video]

  37. Whose Skin Are You In?

  38. Betta Fish Investigation

  39. Babies Stolen From Their Mothers

  40. The Truth Behind Angora Fur

  41. Alicia Silverstone Helps Uncover the Cruelty of Down

  42. 'Coon on a Log'

  43. Horse Racing Exposed: Electro-Shock Devices

  44. Taiwan Pigeon Races Exposed: Millions of Dead Birds

  45. Meet Your Meat in 30 Seconds

  46. Pigs Suffer and Die at Leading Breeder

  47. Sheep Killed, Left to Die for U.S. Wool

  48. Sheep Punched, Stomped on, Cut for Wool