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  1. Furry cat breaks world record: Colonel Meow has the longest fur in the world

  2. World's oldest woman: Japan's Misao Ookawa is officially recognised as the world's oldest woman

  3. Couples in Thailand try to break record for the world's longest kiss

  4. Hula hooping Guinness world record broken in Thailand

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  6. Guinness World Records: How many women can you fit into a Mini?

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  8. How low can you go? Hear the world's deepest voice

  9. World's strongest seven-year-old carries 90kg man in China

  10. World's fastest mobility scooter reaches 51mph on snow!

  11. Amazing video of 145 water-skiers breaking record

  12. GUINNESS WORLD RECORD: Chayne Hultgren swallows most swords simultaneously

  13. GUINNESS WORLD RECORD: Sumo wrestling Sharran Alexander named Heaviest Sportswoman

  14. WORLD RECORD: Couples take place in the world's longest hug

  15. GUINNESS WORLD RECORD: Moustafa Ismail boasts the largest biceps in the world!

  16. Farthest throwing of a human being

  17. 'Professor Splash' dives 36ft into 30cm of water to break Guinness World Record

  18. The shortest man in the world takes a trip to Sydney

  19. World's smallest puppy born in California, United States

  20. World's Shortest Man: Nepal's Chandra Bahadur Dangi measures just 54cm tall

  21. Thai couples lock lips for world's longest kiss record

  22. Human dominoes World Record broken with 850 mattresses in New Orleans

  23. Darius the world's largest bunny rabbit

  24. BIKINI LINE: World's longest created on the Gold Coast

  25. CAMEL RACE: World's largest in Inner Mongolia, China

  26. World's Smallest Man Dies: A tribute to Ping Ping

  27. New World's Shortest Man just 60 centimetres tall

  28. MAN ON FIRE: Stuntman breaks world record

  29. Record-breaking tightrope walker

  30. Booze Cruise: Record for riding unicycle along beer bottles

  31. Colorado dog with ENORMOUS EARS breaks a record

  32. WORLD RECORD DAY: 7th annual Guinness celebration

  33. GUINNESS RECORD: Fastest scooter wins Brit investors race

  34. The most flexible woman in the world (Guinness World Record)

  35. A match for Doctor Who! The man who owns hundreds of Daleks

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  37. Samurai sword legend: New world record

  38. World's longest tongue (Guinness World Records)