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Jessica English: Join the Coffee Party!

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Published on Aug 16, 2012


Hi Everyone!

Less than a year ago, former Vice President Walter Mondale spoke at my church in Minneapolis, MN. Afterwards, I asked him if Washington was really all about "show me the money," or if he felt that leadership and statesmanship matter more than money.

In his response, he challenged me (and my generation) to overturn the "Citizens United" ruling and re-enact Glass Steagall. After that event, I got more involved in Coffee Party's efforts. I spoke at the Citizen's Intervention rally at the US Capitol along with hundreds of other everyday Americans who, like you, deserve to be at the podium, and to be heard. After the speech, Annabel Park asked me to be a guest on her radio show. I did, and before I knew it, I was hosting the show! I hope you'll join me one of these Sundays (5 pm ET, 2 pm PT).

I love the core values of the Coffee Party and that is why I can't express how happy I am to be your new Volunteer and Membership Coordinator!

I am excited and honored to hang up my Target red & khaki uniform, and my lawn mowing shoes, in order to finally have the chance to put my talents to work for an organization I love. For the past fifteen years I have worked in retail, stocking shelves, and I went back to school, with the aim of pursuing a career that would utilize my talents and feed my family. Though most of my employment was limited to minimum wage jobs, I did serve as a volunteer coordinator for my town's community theater. I also kept myself involved in my community, serving on boards and committees — political, educational, and environmental — and serving in my church.

Fortunately, my volunteer work with the Coffee Party turned into a position where I can use my writing, organizing, fundraising and community building skills to further a movement I believe in wholeheartedly.

With the November election just around the corner, I see the need to grow the Coffee Party movement. I'm concerned about the negative campaign ads being showered upon us by the SuperPACs and the ruthless oligarchs who fund them. To me the solution is clear: We the People need to graduate from being mere consumers of media products, into becoming producers of media products. That's what I do. I'm a media content producer, and I tell you it's so much fun, please join me!

We are welcoming volunteers for our Be the Media campaign who enjoy: sharing articles of interest; writing articles about that highlight the efforts in their hometowns; reporting from rallies; joining our radio team to help the hosts brainstorm topics for the shows, find guests, and produce online content, etc. If you are looking for a way to make a difference, please contact me or fill out our volunteer form. I am also the person to contact with membership questions.

I am ready to pour my heart into this organization because I really believe in it, and, in people like you who make it possible. If it's within your means to do so, please consider becoming a Sustaining Member and give a little bit each month.

Thanks to those who support us financially and by volunteering their expertise.


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