1. Ed Rowe & Concept - What's Goin On (Official Video)

  2. Ed Rowe - Close But No Cigar (prod by Klim Beats)

  3. E.L.I (prod by Klim Beats)

  4. Empowerment (Originally Prod. by Apollo Brown)

  5. Ed Rowe & Concept - Activate Thought

  6. Quick Rehearsal Before Recording

  7. Ed Rowe & Concept - Essenchill

  8. ER - What Ya Want (prod. by Klim)

  9. Finite Life (prod by ThirdEyeFocused)

  10. No Man's An Island (prod. by ThirdEyeFocused)

  11. Soular Opposites (prod. by ThirdEyeFocused)

  12. Altered Dimensions (prod. by ThirdEyeFocused)

  13. IntegraSHUN (prod. by ThirdEyeFocused)

  14. Static Animation (prod. by DjDMANCQ)

  15. Ed Rowe-Panic Of Error (prod. by ThirdEyeFocused)

  16. In Character (prod. by Arza)

  17. Reset (prod. by Arza)

  18. Blunt Trauma (prod. by Arza)

  19. Process Of Individuation ft. Sleep Sinatra (prod. by Arza)

  20. Seven Butterflies (prod. by Arza)

  21. Entering Dreamscapes (prod. by Arza)

  22. Under Quarantine (prod. by Shar The Analog Bastard)

  23. Broken Compass (prod. by Arza)

  24. Cloak Of Invincibility (prod. by Arza)

  25. Waking Life ft. Realistic (prod. by Arza)

  26. Away We Go (prod. by Arza)

  27. A.G.E. (prod. by ARZA)

  28. Confronting (prod. by Shar The Analog Bastard)

  29. Build While I'm Still Capable (prod. by Shar The Analog Bastard)

  30. Good Old Days (prod. by Shar The Analog Bastard)

  31. Bomb Atomically

  32. New (prod. by Small Professor)

  33. Ed Rowe - Distinctly Unorthodox (prod. by DJ Evi Denz)

  34. Ed Rowe - Targets (prod. by DJ Evi Denz)

  35. Ed Rowe - Mental.Innoculation.Canal (prod. by DJ Evi Denz)

  36. J.O.B (prod. by Shar The Analog Bastard)

  37. Ed Rowe - Change Of Pace (prod. by DJ Evi Denz)

  38. Ed Rowe - Spit From The Soul (prod. by D.C.G.)

  39. The Repertoire (prod. by Shar The Analog Bastard)

  40. Dream In Motion

  41. You Never Know

  42. Ed Rowe - Resisting Arrest (prod. by Joe Demers)

  43. just a few sketches (literally)

  44. Ed Rowe - Lyrical Content (prod. by Brigade)

  45. Photogenic

  46. Magnetism

  47. Ritualz Of War (prod. by Shar The Analog Bastard)

  48. Ed Rowe - All I Got (prod. by Lakks)

  49. Sequential Vibez (prod. by Shar The Analog Bastard)

  50. Hard Hittin

  51. Ed Rowe - Fall On Me (prod. by Stillmatic93)

  52. Ed Rowe - Inhale Deep (prod. by Stillmatic93)

  53. Ed Rowe - For The Headz That Sleep (prod. by Brigade)

  54. Raise The Bar Cypher - Ed Rowe

  55. Au Naturale (prod. by Shar The Analog Bastard)

  56. Escape The Disarray (prod. by Shar The Analog Bastard)

  57. Eclipse (prod. by Shar The Analog Bastard)

  58. Makin' Love (prod. by Shar The Analog Bastard)

  59. Ed Rowe - Winds Of Change (prod. by ThirdEyeFocused)

  60. Ed Rowe - Take It Back (prod. by Concept)

  61. Ed Rowe - Chosen One (prod. by Concept)

  62. Intellectually Raw (RMX)

  63. The Real

  64. More Questions Than Answers (BONUS TRACK)

  65. Intellectually Raw

  66. Mic Therapy

  67. Good Enough For Me (ToMyHeart'sContent)

  68. The Deception

  69. That Girl (RMX)

  70. That Girl

  71. Actions Speak Louder

  72. Viewer Discretion

  73. Ed Rowe - Got Flows (prod. by Paul B.)

  74. My Future

  75. Mental War

  76. Power-Up

  77. Bring It

  78. Into You

  79. Forecast

  80. Steady Redeeming

  81. Inferiority Complex

  82. Art Innovates Life

  83. Learning To Cope

  84. Shorty Kinda Cute

  85. About Face

  86. Have My Way

  87. Increasingly Skeptical

  88. Rest In Peace (Gil Scott-Heron)

  89. Now It All Makes Sense (The Aha! Moment)

  90. Who To Trust

  91. I Wear The Pants Around Here

  92. Curiosity

  93. Karma's A Mutha.....

  94. So That's It, Huh?

  95. Thinking Of You

  96. CheckMate

  97. Star Gazer