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If you come today - South Indian English Video

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Uploaded on Dec 21, 2005

If you come today.. its too early
If you come tomorrow.. its too late!
You pick the timeeeeeee
tick tick tick tick.

The most hilarious english desi video

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A few months ago, our inboxes were flooded with a forward so priceless we have vowed to never again junk a forward without opening it. We're talking about a dance video from Dorairaj Bhagawan's 1978 Kannada film Operation Diamond Rocket.

It opens on a dance floor with flashing lights and rotating chandeliers. Girls thrash about to braying trumpets and jazzy beats. Enter Kannada superstar Rajkumar in white bellbottoms, waistcoat and red bowtie. He sings: "If you come today, it's too early. If you come tomorrow, it's too late. You pick the time. Tick tick tick tick tick tick."

As he croons, Rajkumar flirts with the ladies present and displays some fancy footwork on a mirrored floor. After watching the video on repeat for about 50 times, you begin to wonder what lyricist C Udayashankar was thinking when he wrote the song.

The video has staggered a vast number of internet users. It jumped from inbox to inbox faster than a virus and has been viewed close to 9,000 times on the popular video sharing site youtube.com. The folks at Channel V were so tickled by it, they tracked down a tape of the film so they could air the video. In fact, the music channel declared the first of April this year World Tick Tick Day and played the video close to 30 times. Said Channel V programming head Luke Kenny: "It's not everyday you get to see something as quirky, a '60s kitsch kind of look." The video can cause harmful side effects such as painful stitches on the side and breathing difficulties. So be careful and don't eat while you're watching it.

Source : Time Out Mumbai ISSUE 2 Friday, September 22, 2006
More Info:
I just couldn't post all at once as a response to your super Tik!! I lived in banagalore in the 70s very briefly and here you go about this Tik!:

his upcoming is from the low-caste in the unfair Indian caste system
his education is only upto 3rd grade(just 3 years of education)
got honerary doctorate from an indian university for his contributions to Kannada art and culture
a brilliant actor in the 1950s/60s/70s and 80s in kannada language
a great singer as well(as you can hear in tik tik!!)
simple, humble, and lovable human being
doesn't smoke and doesn't drink (even in movies!!)
50 million fan base mostly in Karnataka state in India
never entered politics which he never liked unlike most indian film actors
not a good dancer(u can see in tik!!), which is well known to his big fan base!
Amitabh(a film star in hindi) was rajkumar's fan in the 1970s
died in 2006 resulted in lot of violence in bangalore

Here are few videos of him I found right here:

youtube.com/watch?v=VzwmcbrLv7Y (love me or hate me!!!)
youtube.com/watch?v=0RY_S57O7Ms (from bhagavadgeeta)
youtube.com/watch?v=X2hmgUXqqpU (from bhagavadgeeta)
youtube.com/watch?v=wwWILy5C1NI (as a cowboy it seems)

From: cdsy11

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