1. Gov. Haley, Sen. Graham & Sen. Scott - June 11, 2014

  2. South Carolina Democrats: "Oshkosh"

  3. Vince Sheheen: Protecting Criminals, Not Us

  4. ICYMI: Sheheen Protects Criminals, Not South Carolinians

  5. Kathy Rawls leaves the Democratic Party and joins the S.C. Republican Party

  6. Faces of ObamaCare - George Clements & Family

  7. SCGOP "Faces of ObamaCare" Press Conference

  8. SCGOP Announces VinceSheheen.com

  9. Bakari Sellers: Can't Win in South Carolina

  10. SCGOP Tribute to Senator Jim DeMint

  11. SCGOP: US Senators Play Tribute to Senator Jim DeMint

  12. SCGOP Tribute to US Senator Jim DeMint

  13. Rand Paul coming to South Carolina!

  14. Attorney General Alan Wilson: Obamacare is "lipstick on a pig"

  15. 2012 SCGOP Convention: Party Leaders

  16. Senator DeMint invites you to join him and Senator Marco Rubio on May 19!

  17. Chad Connelly & Jeff Duncan invite YOU to the SCGOP Silver Elephant Celebration

  18. We Pick Presidents! 2012 Presidential Primary Preview

  19. Chairman Chad Connelly on the GOP Presidential Debate on CBS

  20. Senator Jim DeMint delivers SCGOP Weekly Address

  21. SCGOP: "A can't-miss record of picking the Republican presidential nominee"

  22. Attorney General Alan Wilson delivers SCGOP Weekly Address

  23. We Pick Presidents! with Jon Huntsman

  24. Speaker Bobby Harrell delivers SCGOP Weekly Address

  25. Gov. Nikki Haley delivers first SCGOP Weekly Address

  26. SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly

  27. Governor Nikki Haley

  28. Commemorating President Ronald Reagan's 100th Birthday

  29. Karen on the Road: Getting to Work

  30. Rep. Garry Smith Responds to State of the State Address

  31. House Speaker Bobby Harrell Responds to "State of the State" Address

  32. Mike Sottile

  33. Tom Davis

  34. Karen on the Road: "State of the State" Address

  35. Derham Cole

  36. First Day of Session

  37. Karen at the Inauguration Ceremony

  38. Karen in Spartanburg

  39. Karen on the Road

  40. Happy New Year from Karen Floyd

  41. Karen on the Road- Spartanburg Bronze Elephant

  42. Karen on the Road- Myrtle Beach GOP Women's Luncheon

  43. Karen on the Road- Myrtle Beach GOP Women's Luncheon

  44. Karen on the Road- Myrtle Beach GOP Women's Luncheon

  45. Karen on the Road- Charleston County GOP Christmas Party

  46. Karen on the Road: Charleston County GOP Christmas Party

  47. The Upcoming 2011 Session

  48. Karen on the Road: Libertly Fellowship Summit

  49. SCGOP Chairman Karen Floyd Attends Memorial Dinner

  50. Karen on the Road: Speaking with Cherokee GOP Chairman Steven Blanton

  51. The SCGOP Team Is Thankful For You

  52. Beaufort Area Republican Club Luncheon

  53. Governor-Elect Nikki Haley Commends SCGOP Chairman Karen Floyd

  54. Karen Floyd Will Not Seek A Second Term

  55. A Republican Renewal

  56. There is Still Time to Vote

  57. Karen Visits Greenville

  58. Karen on the Road in Spartanburg

  59. Karen on the Road: The Next First Man

  60. Video: Karen on the Haley Victory Bus

  61. Karen on the Road In Aiken

  62. Karen on the Road: Senator Santorum and Curtis Loftis

  63. Karen on the Road: Blanche and Hugh Weathers

  64. Karen on the Road: 13 More Days

  65. Karen on the Road: Greenwood Women and the GOP Sweep

  66. Message from Marlboro County

  67. Message from Barnwell County

  68. Rally in Rock Hill

  69. Myrtle Beach Tea Party

  70. Message from Williamsburg