1. Steven Levitt: The freakonomics of McDonalds vs. drugs

  2. Lawrence Lessig: Re-examining the remix

  3. Rob Harmon: How the market can keep streams flowing

  4. Thomas Thwaites: How I built a toaster -- from scratch

  5. Steven Johnson: Where good ideas come from

  6. WHERE GOOD IDEAS COME FROM by Steven Johnson

  7. Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

  8. Sugata Mitra's new experiments in self-teaching

  9. Tim Jackson: An economic reality check

  10. Chris Bliss: Comedy is translation

  11. Neil MacGregor: 2600 years of history in one object

  12. Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future

  13. Paul Conneally: Digital humanitarianism

  14. Lucien Engelen: Crowdsource your health

  15. Neil Burgess: How your brain tells you where you are

  16. Stephen Coleman: The moral dangers of non-lethal weapons

  17. Danny Hillis: Back to the future (of 1994)

  18. Shawn Achor: The happy secret to better work

  19. Peter van Uhm: Why I chose a gun

  20. Diana Nyad: Extreme swimming with the world's most dangerous jellyfish

  21. Brian Goldman: Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that?

  22. Lisa Harouni: A primer on 3D printing

  23. Mikko Hypponen: Three types of online attack

  24. Defend our freedom to share (or why SOPA is a bad idea)

  25. Jonas Gahr Støre: In defense of dialogue

  26. Drew Berry: Animations of unseeable biology

  27. Sebastian Wernicke: 1000 TEDTalks, 6 words

  28. Paddy Ashdown: The global power shift

  29. Alberto Cairo: There are no scraps of men

  30. Daniel Goldstein: The battle between your present and future self

  31. Antonio Damasio: The quest to understand consciousness

  32. Yoav Medan: Ultrasound surgery -- healing without cuts

  33. Cheryl Hayashi: The magnificence of spider silk

  34. Luis von Ahn: Massive-scale online collaboration

  35. Quyen Nguyen: Color-coded surgery

  36. Charles Limb: Building the musical muscle

  37. Annie Murphy Paul: What we learn before we're born

  38. Chris Anderson: How YouTube is driving innovation

  39. Damon Horowitz: Philosophy in prison

  40. Britta Riley: A garden in my apartment

  41. Joe Sabia: The technology of storytelling

  42. Phil Plait: How to defend Earth from asteroids

  43. Robin Ince: Science versus wonder?

  44. Cynthia Kenyon: Experiments that hint of longer lives

  45. Yves Rossy: Fly with the Jetman

  46. Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth -- visualized

  47. Charlie Todd: The shared experience of absurdity

  48. Allan Jones: A map of the brain

  49. Ben Kacyra: Ancient wonders captured in 3D

  50. Aparna Rao: High-tech art (with a sense of humor)

  51. Martin Hanczyc: The line between life and not-life

  52. Daniel Wolpert: The real reason for brains

  53. Paul Zak: Trust, morality - and oxytocin

  54. Hasan Elahi: FBI, here I am!

  55. Béatrice Coron: Stories cut from paper

  56. Jay Bradner: Open-source cancer research

  57. Malcolm Gladwell: The strange tale of the Norden bombsight

  58. Richard Wilkinson: How economic inequality harms societies

  59. Nathalie Miebach: Art made of storms

  60. Guy-Philippe Goldstein: How cyberattacks threaten real-world peace

  61. Justin Hall-Tipping: Freeing energy from the grid

  62. Bunker Roy: Learning from a barefoot movement

  63. Jae Rhim Lee: My mushroom burial suit

  64. Pamela Meyer: How to spot a liar

  65. Richard Seymour: How beauty feels

  66. Alison Gopnik: What do babies think?

  67. Charles Hazlewood: Trusting the ensemble

  68. Mike Biddle: We can recycle plastic

  69. Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness

  70. Christoph Adami: Finding life we can't imagine

  71. Yang Lan: The generation that's remaking China

  72. Danielle de Niese: A flirtatious aria

  73. Ben Goldacre: Battling Bad Science

  74. Geoff Mulgan: A short intro to the Studio School

  75. Jarreth Merz: Filming democracy in Ghana

  76. Sunni Brown: Doodlers, unite!

  77. Abraham Verghese: A doctor's touch

  78. Lauren Zalaznick: The conscience of television

  79. Kate Hartman: The art of wearable communication

  80. Misha Glenny: Hire the hackers!

  81. Yasheng Huang: Does democracy stifle economic growth?

  82. Raghava KK: Shake up your story

  83. Lee Cronin: Making matter come alive

  84. Sarah Kaminsky: My father the forger

  85. Edward Tenner: Unintended consequences

  86. Joan Halifax: Compassion and the true meaning of empathy

  87. Skylar Tibbits: Can we make things that make themselves?

  88. Julia Bacha: Pay attention to nonviolence

  89. Dan Ariely: Beware conflicts of interest

  90. Marco Tempest: The magic of truth and lies (and iPods)

  91. Jeremy Gilley: One day of peace

  92. Lucianne Walkowicz: Finding planets around other stars

  93. Philip Zimbardo: The demise of guys?

  94. Mark Pagel: How language transformed humanity

  95. Jessica Green: Are we filtering the wrong microbes?

  96. Kevin Slavin: How algorithms shape our world

  97. Alex Steffen: The shareable future of cities

  98. Tim Harford: Trial, error and the God complex

  99. Harald Haas: Wireless data from every light bulb

  100. Matt Cutts: Try something new for 30 days

  101. Adam Ostrow: After your final status update

  102. Julian Treasure: 5 ways to listen better

  103. Steven Pinker: What our language habits reveal

  104. Steven Pinker: The surprising decline in violence

  105. Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives

  106. Philip Zimbardo: The psychology of evil

  107. Keith Barry: Brain magic

  108. Steven Levitt on child carseats

  109. TEDxTripoli 2012 - Bruce R. Scott

  110. David Blaine: How I held my breath for 17 min

  111. Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do

  112. TED Top Ten Best Talks

  113. Dan Ariely: Why we think it's OK to cheat and steal (sometimes)

  114. Sheena Iyengar: The art of choosing

  115. Dan Ariely: Our buggy moral code

  116. Aubrey de Grey: A roadmap to end aging

  117. Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

  118. Cesar Kuriyama: One second every day

  119. Keith Chen: Could your language affect your ability to save money?

  120. James B. Glattfelder: Who controls the world?

  121. The Subtle Secret of Success: Karthik Kanagasabapathy at TEDxUTSC

  122. Crab's buttocks as a reason for optimism: Boris Akimov at TEDxSkolkovo

  123. Secrets of a Great TED Talk with Philip Zimbardo, PhD

  124. TEDxMidwest - Phil Zimbardo - Heroes

  125. Philip Zimbardo: The psychology of time

  126. TEDxWarwick - Professor Philip Zimbardo - 2/28/09

  127. The Great Porn Experiment: Gary Wilson at TEDxGlasgow

  128. The Art of Stress-Free Productivity: David Allen at TEDxClaremontColleges