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Phalanx: A Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Guild Linkshell

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Published on Aug 12, 2012

Recruitment Video for Final Fantasy XIV Guild/Linkshell

"Battle" from Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon
In 195 BC, the Spartan port of Gythium was assaulted by an alliance of Grecian City-States on their route to Sparta. Romans, Achaeans, Pergamese, and Rhodian fleets blockaded the city as their forces assembled siege engines to strike the city. Gythium, having been all but evacuated, stood armed with Spartans under the leadership of two joint commanders, Gorgopas and Dexagoridas.

In the battalion of Dexagoridas himself were two young Spartans, having only joined the Spartan Army four short years earlier, Tychondrias and Baudryk.

On the third day of battle, it appeared as though the Spartan forces would repel the invaders. Dexagoridas, however, hadn't slept since the fighting began. He truly became unnerved when a small Achaean force managed to slip behind the city's walls. Scrambling to repel them, he ordered his forces to converge upon them near the wall. The Spartans shuffled into their perfected Phalanx formation, and began progressing headlong toward the waiting Achaeans. Tychondrias and Baudryk, being sturdily built and perfected for battle, were on the front lines of the Phalanx.

When they stood but 50 meters from the invaders, suddenly an explosion burst forth from the wall and sent huge chunks of stone cascading upon the buildings to the right of the Achaeans. In this dazed moment, several muffled, panicked cries went out from the stricken buildings. The cry was not of a male soldier, but of a woman and perhaps children as well, though the city was supposed to have been evacuated.

The Achaeans had also heard the cries, and some were now picking their way toward the sound of the cries. Tychondrias and Baudryk gave a momentary glance at each other, then broke rank and sprinted towards the cries as Dexagoridas cursed them. Being more agile than their opponents, they reached their destination with time to spare to find two lame children shielded by two women (one of whom had been injured from the blast) wielding swords. Spartan law dictates that any puny or malformed person is not fit to live. Yet the two Spartan warriors, inspired by the courage of the women and sticking to their personal convictions, took pity on them and remained to defend them at the cost of their own lives.

They stood upon the brink of the building, side by side, bitterly slaying enemy upon enemy for the length of an hour. When their enemies were at last vanquished, they turned through the gap in the wall where Dexagoridas had managed to lead the remainder of his forces. Infuriated at his losses, and blaming the two deserters, he turned on them with intent to destroy both them and the women and children.

Hefting their shields one last time, they made their way through the rubble of the wall. As they picked their way through a blue, glowing crystal lying partially concealed passed between them. Perplexed, Baudryk reached down and picked up the crystal and held it out to his friend. As soon as Tychondrias touched the crystal, they both vanished before Dexagoridas's oncoming forces.

Dexagorida, fearing the Greek's forces and magic because of the crystal, sent a messenger to surrender. When Gorgopas, the other Spartan commander, discovered that Dexagorida surrendered, he confronted him and slew him within the city. Eventually, the battle of Gythium was lost, but the rebellious guardians had vanished.

Now the two young heroes, torn through space and time, find themselves on the brink of a new battle. The battle for Eorzea. Heroes of today, come fight with the heroes of time.

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