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Drunk On You - Jemi Story - Episode 8

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Published on Jun 27, 2012

UGHH!! Sometimes I hate school! At least tomorrow is the last day! I'm very mad, so I've decided to write my stories to make me happy :3 My friend found one of the yearbooks in the Gym and they had written all of this crap about me and my few friends in the yearbook, they were saying we're bitches, ugly, fat, and crap like that. They were circling our pictures too and saying horrible things about us. We're suspecting it was the populars...damn I hate them... :( So...I guess I'll cool myself down by writing stories...!

[[If you're wondering why I keep posting Drunk On You and none of the others it's because I'm having like these random obsession on this series XD and I just can't seem to stop posting it, I find this series a lot easier to do, I'm not getting writers block like I am on the others...so...that's my explanation for you... ]]

Episode 8

There's commotion outside Selena and I look at each other and shrug. Then I see the sudden flashes. Nick and Joe stray into the room. "It's the Po-Po!" Joe shouts as him and Nick chuckle. Selena rolls her eyes.

"Please, God, let it be the police. Let them take these demons. Put them in an electric chair. Beat them. Send them to prison. Whatever. I don't care. Anything would be good. As long as it's slow and painful." Her hands are in prayer position and she's looking at the roof.

"Ha-Ha!" Nick says sarcastically. Nick opens the blinds and Joe and him look at each other confused. I notice the paparazzi, the limo, the body guards. Selena takes in a sharp breath, almost like she's gasping for air.

"It's....it's....." I internally groan. Why does she do this to me? Why did I give her Sel's address? Now, I'm definitely not normal!

"Oh." Nick and Joe say. I give them all a friendly smile and walk to the door and I wave, I act like the innocent child that loves her mother.

"Demi!" All the photographers shout. I wonder how they found my Mom. I wave and smile cutely.

"Demi," She says, "I wanted to meet your new friend." I mentally face-palm myself. I fake a smile.

"Great." I say. Selena squeals and runs to the door and she's just like everyone else. She immediately gets polite with my Mom. Shakes her hand and introduces herself.

"Selena," I hear Joe growl. We both look over to him. She looks at me and realizes what she's done. Her smile falters.

"Demi...I...." She doesn't know what to say. "I'm sorry...I just..." I'm suddenly not mad at her anymore. She didn't mean to. She didn't use me and I know that for a fact because she isn't like the others. She didn't hang out with me or pressure me into me getting my mom to meet her. She just saw her role-model and got out of control. I give her a smile.

"It's nice to meet you, Selena." She smiles wide. Suddenly, Denise walks in and freezes. I drop my head with disappointment. "Hi, you must be Denise." Mom says. "I've heard much about your cooking." She laughs.

Denise smiles at my Mom and shakes her hand, "Well, thank you Demi." She smiles to me now. Denise is acting natural and mature, but I know on the inside she must be freaking out. Denise and Selena are absolute huge fans. Selena has posters of my mom everywhere and owns almost every CD except my Mom's very first album. I don't know if Nick or Joe like her at all, I don't really know either of them.

"Demi, why don't you ever take Selena to our house? I'm sure she'd love to see it!" Mom invites. Selena grins, I know she wants to see it.

"Selena, would you like to come over?" I ask her. What I really want to do is glare at my Mom and snap at her. 'Well, Maybe I don't want Selena over because she'll see how spoiled I am and how un-normal my life is!' But I keep the smile on my face. I can feel Joe's stare on me. He's watching every move I make. I don't find it uncomfortable. I just want to talk to him but I don't.

Denise calls them over and they introduce themselves. I want to hurl. I want to scream. I want to run. I want my Mom out of here.



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