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Day 40 - 2nd consecutive 40 Day Fast: 81st Day of Water Fast (41 days + 40 days)

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Uploaded on May 27, 2009

Important Update:

I feel healthier than I anticipated, and G-d has blessed me, as this experience has been very rewarding. I feel it is safe and will be attempting a third and final 40 day fast, after 4 days of eating, following the second fast. I will not fast to the point of risking death, although I do trust G-d to take care of me. I will not continue fasting under any of these conditions:

If my body has no more fat to burn and is therefore at risk of causing damage to itself,
If I am without energy so much that I cannot perform my daily activities and take care of my family,
If I ever blackout or experience anything similar to blacking out,
If I have a major emergency trauma or illness, or
If I get pregnant, and thus could harm the baby.

The 2nd fast will end on the night of May 28th, which is the beginning of Friday the 29th, on the Jewish Calendar. The 3rd fast will begin the evening of Monday, June 1st, and will end the night of July 11th, 2009.

Mathematically, it is unlikely I will be able to finish this 40 day fast, considering the amount of fat cells I have left in my body and the number of days in the fast, but I will make a reasonable effort to fast as many days as possible, without putting my health at risk.

I have finished the 40th day of a 40 day fast. This is my second consecutive 40 day, water only fast. (A water fast is one in which only water is consumed.) These two water fasts have been separated by approximately 7 days of eating - (the days of Passover Week) - so the 2 fasts consist of a 40 day fast before Passover Week and a 40 day fast immediately following Passover Week. While breaking the fast during Passover, only "Kosher for Passover" foods were be eaten. I post this information with every video.

During the 1st fast, I fasted up until Passover week began, (the evening of April 8), which made it ~41 days of fasting, since I had last eaten on February 26, at 11:58pm. I ate during passover, as instructed in the Torah, and then began this second 40+ day fast, which will end with the beginning of Shavuot (Pentecost) on May 29.

This type of fast (a water only fast) is identical to the fast Moses, Jesus, and others have achieved, which means consuming nothing but water. However, Moses did not consume water, and Jesus did only one 40 day fast. Fasting for 40 days at least once was what I was initially striving for, but on the last day of Passover Week, I did not feel my health to be in danger, so I am fasting for 40 more days, thus completing two 40 day fasts.

I am aware of the admonitions to keep fasting private, along with the consequence of losing rewards for not doing so. I am normally a very quiet and private person. However, I feel information like this, being made available to the public, could be both motivational to the Spiritual, and informational to the Scientific. I searched for specific knowledge on fasting, but found few details concerning fasts lasting longer than a week or so.

I want my fasting to benefit both myself and G-d, but also others who may be helped by deciding to do the same thing. For these reasons, I will provide information on both the physical aspects and spiritual changes I experience daily, during these two 40 day fasts. This will include levels of hunger, energy, spiritual perception, weight loss, and both problems and benefits I experience. Weight amounts are only being publicly disclosed to confirm the validity of the fast itself.

In the interest of full disclosure, and at my husband's insistance, I am taking multivitamins, which commonly include vitamins/minerals such as iron, potassium, sodium, B12, etc., one - three times a day. I have made entirely sure that these contain NO calories, protein, or sugars in any form. This is to ensure that, though I am drinking nothing but water, the risk of injury is at a minimum, and that the stringent definition of 'fasting' is not violated.

This fast, (the 2nd one), started April 16, 2009, and will end on May 29, 2009, (Jewish Time, the beginning Shavuot/Pentecost.)

The 1st fast started at 11:58 P.M., February 26, 2009, and ended the night of April 8, 2009.

If you have done this before, or have questions, please comment and leave your suggestions.

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