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C* 2012: Take Any App to the Cloud of Your Choice (Uri Cohen, GigaSpaces)

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Published on Aug 20, 2012

Session: Take Any App to the Cloud of Your Choice
Speaker: Uri Cohen
Description: The massive computing and storage resources that are needed to support big data applications make cloud environments an ideal fit. Now more than ever, there is a growing number of choices of cloud infrastructure providers, from Amazon AWS, OpenStack offered by the likes of HP, Rackspace and soon even Dell, VMware vCloud as well as private cloud offerings based on OpenStack, CloudStack, vCloud, and more. There is also a new class of bare-metal clouds from SoftLayer and PistonCloud that provide high performance resources designed for I/O and CPU intensive applications that don't run as well on a virtualized resources. The recent announcements by Google & Microsoft about their new infrastructure as a service offerings, add additional significant players to this growing marketplace.

Given the diverse options, and the dynamic environments involved, it becomes ever more important to maintain the flexibility to choose the right cloud for the job.

In this session, you'll learn how to deploy and manage a Cassandra cluster on any Cloud, as well as manage the rest of your big data application stack using a new open source framework called "Cloudify." (Visit cloudifysource.org)


  1. 50

    C* 2012: Why Architecture Matters (Rick Branson, Instagram)

  2. 51

    C* 2012: We Messed Up, So You Don't Have to (Jason Brown, Ed Capriolo, Matt Dennis, Matt Pfeil)

  3. 52

    C* 2012: Using Cassandra in an S3 Cloud Storage System (Gary Osugawaa, Gemini Mobile)

  4. 53

    C* 2012: Titan - Big Graph Data With Cassandra (Matthias Broecheler, Aurelius)

  5. 54

    C* 2012: Technical Deep Dive: Query Performance (Aaron Morton, Cassandra Committer)

  6. 55

    C* 2012: Technical Deep Dive: Cassandra + Solr (Jason Rutherglen, Think Big Analytics)

  7. 56

    C* 2012: Servers Fail, Who Cares? (Gregg Ulrich, Netflix)

  8. 57

    C* 2012: Hastur - Open-Source Scalable Metrics With Cassandra (Noah Gibbs, Ooyala)

  9. 58

    C* 2012: End-to-End Analytic Workflows with Cassandra (Jeremy Hanna, DataStax)

  10. 59

    C* 2012: CQL and the Road to Redemption (Eric Evans, Acunu)

  11. 60

    C* 2012: Columns Enough and Time (John Akred, Accenture)

  12. 61

    C* 2012: Changing the Game Cassandra + Solr (Matt Stump, SourceNinja)

  13. 62

    C* 2012: Cassandra Performance and Scalability on AWS (Adrian Cockcroft, Netflix)

  14. 63

    C* 2012: Cassandra in Rackspace Cloud Monitoring (Russell Haering, Rackspace)

  15. 64

    C* 2012: Cassandra in Action - Solving Big Data Problems (Eddie Satterly, Splunk)

  16. 65

    C* 2012: Buy It Now! Cassandra at eBay (Jay Patel, eBay)

  17. 66

    C* 2012: Building a Cassandra Based Application from Scratch (Patrick McFadin, Hobsons)

  18. 67

    C* 2012: 1,2,3,4, Add Another Data Store (Eric Lubow, SimpleReach)

  19. 68

    C* 2012: The State of Cassandra, 2012 (Jonathan Ellis, DataStax)

  20. 69

    C* 2012: Unlocking the Value of Big Data (Matt Pfeil, Patrick McFadin, Matt Stump, Eddie Satterly)

  21. 70

    C* 2012: Technical Deep Dive: Data Modeling (Matt Dennis, DataStax)

  22. C* 2012: Take Any App to the Cloud of Your Choice (Uri Cohen, GigaSpaces)

  23. 72

    C* 2012: Cassandra at Apigee: Usergrid Powering Mobile (Ed Anuff, Apigee)

  24. 73

    C* 2012: Lightning Talk #10 - Node.js and Cassandra (Russell Bradbury, SimpleReach)

  25. 74

    Webinar: Top 5 gotchas that prevent NoSQL from meeting business goals

  26. 75

    Cassandra Essentials Tutorials - DataStax OpsCenter Overview

  27. 76

    What is DataStax Enterprise?

  28. 77

    Cassandra & SSDs

  29. 78

    DataStax Enterprise 2.0 Overview

  30. 79

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Ilya Maykov - Scaling Video Analytics with Cassandra

  31. 80

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Nathan Marz - The Storm and Cassandra Realtime Computation Stack

  32. 81

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Tyler Hobbs - Making Cassandra Operations Easy with DataStax OpsCenter

  33. 82

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Nate McCall - Java and Big Data with Apache Cassandra

  34. 83

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Joe Stein - Cassandra as the Central Nervous System of Distributed Systems

  35. 84

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Tyler Hobbs - Flexibility: Python Clients for Apache Cassandra

  36. 85

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Martin Stone - Deep Visibility into Apache Cassandra with AppDynamics

  37. 86

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Matt Dennis - Data Modeling Workshop

  38. 87

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Eric Evans - CQL: SQL for Cassandra

  39. 88

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Robin Schumacher - Cassandra: The Foundation of Today's Enterprise Data Stack

  40. 89

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Edward Capriolo - Cassandra in Online Advertising: Real-Time Bidding

  41. 90

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Nathan Milford - Cassandra for System Admins

  42. 91

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Drew Robb - Cassandra at SocialFlow

  43. 92

    Cassandra NYC 2011: David Weinstein - Cassandra at Adobe

  44. 93

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Chris Burroughs - Cassandra at Clearspring

  45. 94

    Cassandra NYC 2011: Jonathan Ellis - Whats New In Cassandra

  46. 95

    Webinar (Geeknet): Apache Cassandra: Real NoSQL Applications in the Enterprise Today

  47. 96

    Webinar: Apache Cassandra: Real NoSQL Applications in the Enterprise Today

  48. 97

    DataStax Cassandra Tutorials - Installing Cassandra and OpsCenter

  49. 98

    DataStax Cassandra Tutorials - Managing Objects & Data In Cassandra

  50. 99

    DataStax Cassandra Tutorials - Overview of DataStax OpsCenter

  51. 100

    DataStax Cassandra Tutorials - Understanding data consistency in Cassandra

  52. 101

    DataStax Cassandra Tutorials - Understanding partitioning and replication in Cassandra

  53. 102

    DataStax Cassandra Tutorials - DataStax Enterprise Overview

  54. 103

    DataStax Cassandra Tutorials - DataStax OpsCenter Overview

  55. 104

    DataStax Cassandra Tutorials - Apache Cassandra Overview

  56. 105

    DataStax Customer Testimonials

  57. 106

    DataStax OpsCenter preview (pre-release)

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