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Obama Administration Must Come Clean to Americans on Security in Benghazi, Libya

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Published on Oct 10, 2012


  1. 599

    Special Report Investigates: Benghazi -- New Revelations Part 5

  2. 600

    Special Report Investigates: Benghazi -- New Revelations Part 4

  3. 601

    Special Report Investigates: Benghazi -- New Revelations Part 3

  4. 602

    Special Report Investigates: Benghazi -- New Revelations Part 2

  5. 603

    Issa & Chaffetz Update You on Investigation of Benghazi Attack & Obama Administration Response

  6. 604

    Obama Pressed on Failed "Green Energy" Loan to Billionaire Campaign Donor-Connected Abound Solar

  7. 605

    New Watchdog Report Slams Obama Labor Department "Green Jobs" Program

  8. 606

    ISSA on HHS: We will be issuing the subpoena

  9. 607

    ObamaCare Guts Medicare Advantage

  10. 608

    LIBYA: Cummings on Incompetence of State Dept.

  11. 609

    Libya: Issa on Face the Nation

  12. 610

    Rep. Lankford Reacts to Benghazi Hearing

  13. 611

    Rep. Kelly Reacts to Benghazi Hearing - "The American People Should be Outraged"

  14. 612

    Issa: Getting the Facts on US Diplomatic Security and the Benghazi, Libya Terrorist Attack

  15. 613

    Oversight Hearing Part 1 - "The Security Failures of Benghazi"

  16. 614

    Part 2 - The Security Failures of Benghazi

  17. 615

    Benghazi Attack: "We Were Fighting A losing Battle. We Couldn't Even Keep What We Had"

  18. 616

    Adams: Americans and the Families Affected by Benghazi Terrorist Attack Deserve Answers

  19. 617

    Our Diplomats Deserve Better than They Got in Benghazi, Libya from the Clinton-Obama State Dept

  20. 618

    Farenthold Pushes for Answers on Contradictory Obama Admin Stories on Benghazi Attack

  21. Obama Administration Must Come Clean to Americans on Security in Benghazi, Libya

  22. 620

    Obama State Department Response to Benghazi Attack "Malpractice" - Rep. Dennis Ross

  23. 621

    We Let Down Our Brave US Diplomats in Benghazi, Libya - Rep. Mike Kelly

  24. 622

    Burton Questions State Department Witnesses on the September 11 Benghazi, Libya Attack

  25. 623

    Labrador: Susan Rice Response to Benghazi Attack "Shameful"

  26. 624

    Gosar Questions Obama State Dept Witnesses on Security Lapses, Ignored Threats in Benghazi Libya

  27. 625

    Lankford: Either Obama State Dept Ignored Libya Threats, Or Ignored Diplomats' Please for Protection

  28. 626

    Chaffetz: US Security Experts Actually IN Libya Didn't Get Resources They Needed & Asked For

  29. 627

    Jordan: Why Did Obama State Dept Ignore Warning Signs before Benghazi?

  30. 628

    LIBYA HEARING: Nordstrom Refuses Oversight Staff, Given Guidelines by Own Agency

  31. 629

    Burton: Why Were Hundreds of Libya Security Incidents Ignored by State Dept before Benghazi?

  32. 630

    Issa Grills State Department Officials for Failure to Protect US Diplomats in Benghazi, Libya

  33. 631

    Benghazi Libya Attack: State Department's Charlene R. Lamb Opening Statement

  34. 632

    Benghazi Attack: Ambassador Patrick Kennedy Opening Statement

  35. 633

    Chaffetz: We Have An Obligation to Get Answers on Protection of US Diplomats in Libya

  36. 634

    Cummings on Funding for Embassy Security

  37. 635

    Lt. Col. Wood: "On the Ground Truth" about Security in Libya Before 9/11 Attack

  38. 636

    Former Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom: "Libya Attack Will Signal a New Security-Reality"

  39. 637

    ISSA OPENING STATEMENT - "The Security Failures of Benghazi"

  40. 638

    CHAFFETZ: Moral Imperative To Thoroughly Investigate Security Failures in Benghazi

  41. 639

    Benghazi Attack - ISSA: Security Needs to be Increased

  42. 640

    Libya Consulate Attacks: Rep. Gowdy Discusses Weds Hearing

  43. 641

    Libya: Security Requests Denied Before Benghazi Attacks

  44. 642

    Chaffetz: The Truth About Libya Security, Benghazi on US Diplomats

  45. 643

    US Libya Official: Denied Security Requests

  46. 644

    CBS News: US Embassy Staff "Pleaded" for More Security Before Benghazi Attack

  47. 645

    CBS Evening News: US Staff in Libya Denied Extra Security Plane Before Benghazi Attack

  48. 646

    ABC: Washington Denied US Staff in Libya Security Request for Plane

  49. 647

    Good Morning America Reports: US Embassy Staff Security Requests Denied Before Benghazi

  50. 648

    LIBYA: Email Details Denial for Security-Enhancing Transportation

  51. 649

    Gowdy: Oversight Committee Getting Answers on Libya Security Threats Before Benghazi Attack

  52. 650

    GOP Calls for Hearing on Libya Attack

  53. 651

    Issa: It Appears Obama Admin Ignored Libya Security Threats Before Benghazi Attack

  54. 652

    Chaffetz: Whistleblowers Suggest Obama Admin Denied Requests for More Libya Security Before Attack

  55. 653

    Washington Denied Increased Security Requests by US Diplomats in Libya

  56. 654

    Did Obama Admin Deny Increased Security Requests by US Diplomats in Libya Before Attack?

  57. 655

    Issa: HHS May be Using Bonuses to Hide Cuts to Medicare Advantage

  58. 656

    Rep. Issa Explica un Funcionamiento Fast y Furious

  59. 657

    Gowdy: The Justice Department's Own Report Confirms Our Fast & Furious Investigation Findings

  60. 658

    Gowdy: Delivering Fast & Furious Accountability From Eric Holder's Justice Department

  61. 659

    Obama False on Fast & Furious: Wrongly Claims Operation Started Under Bush

  62. 660

    Issa on Fox: Fast & Furious IG Report Reveals DOJ Involvement

  63. 661

    SIGAR Report: Document Destruction & Millions of Dollars Unaccounted for at DoD. Pt II

  64. 662

    Examining the Administration's Failure to Prevent and End Medicaid Overpayments

  65. 663

    FAST & FURIOUS MEMBER REACTIONS - Rep. Lankford on Failures of Operation Fast & Furious

  66. 664

    IG Report: The DOJ Office of Inspector General Examines the Failures of Operation Fast & Furious

  67. 665

    9-20-2012 Full Committee Business Meeting

  68. 666

    Issa: DoJ Watchdog Report Shows Systemic Fast & Furious Failures at Obama/Holder Justice Department

  69. 667

    F&F: Chairman Issa Questions IG Horowitz

  70. 668

    IG Horowitz: DoJ Watchdog Report Shows System F&F Failures at Obama/Holder Justice Dept.

  71. 669

    F&F - IG Report: "Who's at Fault?"

  72. 670

    BREAKING: Justice Department Inspector General Report

  73. 671

    Fast & Furious IG Report - "It showed what went wrong all the way to the very top of justice"

  74. 672

    Rep. Chaffetz: "The U.S. Military is Spending $20 Million for Firewood"

  75. 673

    The JOBS Act: Importance of Prompt Implementation for Capital Formation and Job Creation

  76. 674

    General Caldwell Responds to Charges He Impeded Investigation of Abuse at Afghan Military Hospital

  77. 675

    SIGAR Report: Document Destruction & Millions of Dollars Unaccounted for at the DoD

  78. 676

    "Dawood National Military Hospital, Afghanistan: What Happened & What Went Wrong? Part II"

  79. 677

    Issa: Killing of Americans in Libya Shows Need for Foreign Support of U.S. Embassies

  80. 678

    Issa: Justice Dept Inspector General Getting Heavy Pushback on Fast & Furious Report

  81. 679

    Colonel Geller: I Was Prevented from Speaking with the Press on Dawood

  82. 680

    Defense Department Watchdog: More Work Needed to Prevent Abuse at Taxpayer-Funded Afghan Hospital

  83. 681

    It's Clear: General Caldwell Didn't Want an Investigation of Dawood Hospital Abuse Allegations

  84. 682

    Colonel Geller Details Witholding of Memo to Congress on Afghan Hospital Abuses

  85. 683

    "He Calls Me Bill" - US Army Colonel Mark Fassl's First-Hand Account of Dawood Abuse Allegations

  86. 684

    "In 7 Years, I've Never Seen This" - Colonel Describes Afghan Hospital "Dog and Pony Show"

  87. 685

    PATTON PARTY IN ORLANDO! - Wasteful Spending at Obama's Dept. of Veterans Affairs

  88. 686

    Issa: Uncovering Ridiculous Waste, Expensive Videos at Veterans Affairs Department

  89. 687

    BUSTED: Top Fast & Furious Official Caught Double-Tipping from Taxpayers and Big JP Morgan Bank

  90. 688

    UNCOVERED: Reel Impact Video Showing Taxpayer-Funded Conference Work Done for Obama Administration

  91. 689

    UNCOVERED: Reel Impact Welcome Video Showing Taxpayer-Funded Video Production Work

  92. 690

    UNCOVERED: "Decision Diner" Training Video Clip Produced for US Department of Veterans Affairs

  93. 691

    UNCOVERED: 52,000 Dollar "Patton" Parody Video from Obama Veterans Affairs Department

  94. 692

    Fast & Furious Lawsuit - Rep. Issa: "It's Very Clear They Are Holding Back Information"

  95. 693

    Fast & Furious: Republicans File Lawsuit Against Attorney General Holder

  96. 694

    Issa on Fox: Obamacare Regs Require IRS to Collect More Personal Information

  97. 695

    Panel 2 - IRS Enforcing ObamaCare's New Rules and Taxes

  98. 696

    Panel 1 - IRS: Enforcing ObamaCare's New Rules and Taxes

  99. 697

    Obamacare Regulations Require IRS to Collect Unprecedented Information, Says Rep. DesJarlais

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