1. Towards a Theory of Trust in Networks of Humans and Computers

  2. Computation Challenges for Creating Autonomous Systems

  3. Divide-and-Conquer and Statistical Inference for Big Data

  4. New Directions in Computer Science

  5. The Pipeline from Computing Research to Surprising Inventions

  6. Microsoft Research and the Evolution of Computing

  7. BLINK for Windows Phone 8 Tutorial

  8. Try F# - A New Wave of Education and Research

  9. Announcing the launch of the new Try F#

  10. Get to know the Microsoft Research New England Lab

  11. IllumiRoom Projects Images Beyond Your TV for an Immersive Gaming Experience

  12. Computing at School - Interview with Simon Peyton-Jones

  13. Systems Biology: Where Computer Science, Engineering and Biology Meet

  14. Battling Tuberculosis Using Microsoft Technology

  15. Transforming Computer Interaction with Natural User Interfaces

  16. Fire App Fights Wildfires with Data

  17. FaST-LMM and Windows Azure Put Genetics Research on Faster Track

  18. Introducing Project Naiad and Differential Dataflow

  19. Speech Recognition Breakthrough for the Spoken, Translated Word

  20. Digits Hand Tracker: Freehand 3D Computer Interaction Without Gloves

  21. Gender, Competitiveness and Career Choices

  22. Pen-and-Touch Interaction for Touch-Screen Displays of All Sizes

  23. Predicting and Understanding the 2012 Election

  24. Why Research Matters

  25. Jeannette Wing: Microsoft's Industrial Research Lab Support Is Key

  26. Opportunities for the Future of Computer Research

  27. Predictions, Decisions, and Intelligence in the Open World

  28. Artificial Intelligence Drives Oren Etzioni's Passion

  29. KinÊtre: A Novel Way To Bring Computer Animations To Life

  30. Kodu: Mars Edition

  31. Natural User Interface (NUI): Pervasive Computing Is on Its Way

  32. Learn How Microsoft is Supporting the Sit With Me Campaign

  33. Cross disciplinary borders

  34. How Women Help Influence Technology

  35. Microsoft Research - Women in Computer Science: Siân Lindley

  36. Microsoft Research - Women in Computer Science: Jasmin Fisher

  37. Shedding Light on Code Clones in Software Development

  38. The War on Error: Failure, Fun, and the Future

  39. TILT: Rectify everything you see

  40. Crunching Big Data

  41. Security Research: a look back and a look ahead

  42. Microsoft Research - Women in Computer Science: Abigail Sellen

  43. Enjoying the Learning with Research

  44. Become a Time Traveler with ChronoZoom

  45. Opportunities for the Future of Computer Research

  46. Wikipedia on TV-DVD for Low-Income Communities

  47. Stratus: Energy-efficient mobile communication using cloud support

  48. Understand Through Teaching

  49. Enabling Concurrent Dual Views on Common LCD Screens

  50. LightGuide: Projected Visualizations for Hand Movement Guidance

  51. SoundWave: Using the Doppler Effect to Sense Gestures

  52. Humantenna: Using the Body as an Antenna for Real-Time Whole-Body Interaction

  53. MirageTable: Freehand Interaction on a Projected Augmented Reality Tabletop

  54. The Future of Privacy in Social Media

  55. Embrace Computing

  56. Machine Learning and Intelligence in Our Midst

  57. ChronoZoom: An Infinite Canvas in Time

  58. Beamatron

  59. High-Fidelity Facial-Animation Capturing

  60. New Experiences in Search

  61. Applied Sciences Group: Mayhem

  62. Cliplets: Juxtaposing Still and Dynamic Imagery

  63. FetchClimate! Building a Geographical Web Service

  64. Applied Sciences Group: High Performance Touch

  65. Wearable Multitouch Projector

  66. Gesture Recognition with Next-Generation Webcam

  67. Applied Sciences Group: Interactive Displays: Telepresence using Wedge Technology

  68. Shake 'n' Sense

  69. Lifebrowser

  70. Applied Sciences Group: Interactive Displays: Seeing Displays

  71. Applied Sciences Group: Interactive Displays: Behind the Screen Overlay Interactions

  72. Microsoft Translator Hub: Translation by Everyone for Everyone

  73. Illumishare

  74. Holoflector

  75. Data Visualization Reaches New Heights with Layerscape

  76. Role models and inspiration

  77. Mentor, empower, and share the credit

  78. Leadership and service

  79. Doing Service

  80. Supporting Diversity

  81. Theory and practice

  82. Advice that made a difference

  83. Learn from failure

  84. Stretch into the unknown

  85. Surround yourself with geniuses

  86. Top down and bottom up

  87. Know the whole stack

  88. Know Thyself

  89. SCS 2012 - Leah Buechlev "technology, DIY, gender, & fashion"

  90. SCS 2012 - Carrie Mae Rose

  91. SCS 2012 - Brady Forrest

  92. SCS 2012 - Clay Shirky

  93. SCS 2012 - Wael Abbas "Social Media"

  94. SCS 2012 - Zeynep Tufekci "Syncretic Ecologies of New/Old Power"

  95. SCS 2012 - Keiichi Matsuda

  96. SCS 2012 - Chris Lindland "Conversational Clothing"

  97. SCS 2012 - Andy Chen "Art vs. Commerce, the evolution of online fashion"

  98. SCS 2012 -Ethan Zuckerman "How to Study What You Can't Read"

  99. SCS 2012 - Danny O'Brien "public private secret alone"