1. Space Shuttle Discovery Final Flight and Arrival at Dulles

  2. Discovery's Second Flyby #OV103 #SpotTheShuttle

  3. #SpotTheShuttle

  4. NASA Discovery Spot the Shuttle

  5. Spot the Shuttle!

  6. Udvar-Hazy Balcony View - Shuttle Discovery Landing at Dulles April 17 #SpotTheShuttle

  7. Space Shuttle Discovery at Dulles Airport

  8. #spottheshuttle

  9. #spottheshuttle

  10. #spottheshuttle from my house in DC

  11. Thanks for the Memories, Discovery!

  12. Space Shuttle Discovery OV103 flying over Cape Canaveral, Florida

  13. Space Shuttle Discovery Final Flight v1

  14. Discovery's Final Landing - First pass

  15. Shuttle Over Monuments, Nat'l Cathedral

  16. Shuttle Discovery & SCA over Reagan 4/17/12, short clip HD

  17. Space Shuttle Discovery Flyover Washington-Dulles International Airport

  18. Space Shuttle Discovery over DC - view of third pass from Lincoln Memorial

  19. Space shuttle Discovery. Landing in Washington-Dulles IA

  20. Discovery Shuttle Fly over

  21. Discovery Shuttle Landing

  22. Shuttle Discovery Pass #2 over the Udvar Hazy Center

  23. Discovery

  24. Space Shuttle Discovery Landing at Dulles

  25. Discovery lands at Dulles

  26. Space shuttle Discovery, 747 carrier, chase plane buzz the National Mall

  27. Excited boy witneses Shuttle Discovery over US Capitol building

  28. Discovery landing at Dulles

  29. Shuttle Discovery Flyover

  30. Space Shuttle Discovery flies over NASA Goddard

  31. Discovery arrives to NOVA

  32. NASA Space Shuttle Discovery Delivery to Washington D.C.

  33. Discovery's Last Approach

  34. NASM Become A Pilot Day 2011

  35. Shuttle Discovery Fly-by #1 Udvar-Hazy Center - Dulles

  36. NASA Space Shuttle Discovery flew over Washington, DC Area

  37. Space Shuttle Discovery Fly-over Washington D.C. (Washington Monument)

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