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Got Custom Motorcycle Helmet? tigerpause444 gets interviewed

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Uploaded on Jan 28, 2012

A year ago, I was interviewed by 808yewtube ( ). she contacted me via youtube, and we've been in contact ever since. Check out her channel! it rocks! she has ridden a cruiser bike, a sport bike, a pocket bike, and her latest craze... dirt bikes!! she's radical, and she makes great vids..

shoutout to 808yewtube: thank you for contacting me and making this vid. I was very nervous to meet up with a stranger. I don't like anyone to know who I am, but for some reason, your coolness was intriguing and comforting.. ride safe girl..

What started the custom helmet craze?
Back in 2000, I purchased a hologram visor insert from Andy's motorcycle. After I installed the insert into one my lids, I started adding teeth and mohawk spikes to the helmet. My brother-in-law suggested one year, that I attach my Halloween costume Darth Vader - to one of my Shoei lids.. I agreed, and that was the re-birth of tigerpause444 helmets. I created 1 helmet annually from the year 2000. I've completed 16 up to date (I went a little crazy in the past 3 years and created more than just 1 in a year).

Do you have any goals with your creations?
I feel the lids are art. I wouldn't mind exhibiting them at some art show.
I want all my riding friends to join me on the next Toys for Tots ride while sporting all the custom lids.. Last year, I could only get 4 bikers to go.
I want to experiment with skater helmets next.. I see them as a multi-age, multi-use helmets (skate boarders, roller bladers, and other sidewalk roll sports). A much broader market. maybe even make some $$$

Why do you make these helmets?
It's fun to hide under a helmet. Nobody knows who I am. To see kids with their noses pressed up on the inside of a car window is awesome. to see passengers bust out their cameras and phone cameras is cool. to work on a creative project with my 5 year old son... PRICELESS

How do you decide on what character to do next?
Many sources, a youtube user once suggested that I make master Chief, another suggested I make Ironman. My wife, my son, co-workers, biker buddies, and just about anybody that knows me always have crazy ideas. A security guard at my previous job-site told me "do the Jack in the Box ball!"

I have 2 criteria for any helmet.. my peripheral needs to be completely clear of obstructions, and the most important criteria: The character has to be instantly recognizable.

most frequently asked questions:

1: what's the helmet rotating on?
a tower fan from WalMart

2: why don't you show your face?
I get enough criticism on my helmets, I don't need dumb butts telling me what I look like, or that I'm too old to make characters/icons on moto helmets. besides, the helmets are art. I want people to appreciate the art, and not focus on the artist so much.

3: are your helmets for sale? can I place a special order?
sorry, no, not for sale.. I don't want to sell a lid to somebody, and if they crash for some reason - and end up on the news, I'd be devastated to see one of my lids and the rider on the road..

4: are your helmets DOT/Snell approved:
they were all DOT/Snell approved until I put a screw in it. any of my helmets that don't have screws in them are still DOT.

5: have you road tested your helmets?
yes, they're all tested at speeds over 80mph.

6: do the Police pull you over?
I had one pull me over one time, just so that he could get a closer look at my lid.. I was wearing Darth Vader that day.. :) but to date, not yet

7: where do you get your helmets from?
craigslist is my helmet haven.. and if I get tired of one of my helmets, I'll take it apart, and create my next.

8: can you please create a tutorial?
sorry, after discussing with my 5 year old son, we've decided that the funnest part of designing/modifying a helmet, is figuring out how to accomplish the character. Besides, If I share my secrets, it wouldn't be one of a kind anymore. It's art.. go create you own crazy design.


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