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    US House speaker re-elected with new Congress

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    Boehner holds on as Speaker after fiscal cliff drama

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    Tax Bill!

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    Cliff averted (for now): Congress swerves away from the edge

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    US House passes 'fiscal cliff' deal

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    Reuters Today: U.S. back in business, for now

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    Fiscal Cliff: Sudden Setback

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    How Does the Fiscal Cliff Impact You

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    'Fiscal Cliff' Negotiations: Congress Reaches Agreement

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    Cliff compromise sails through Senate, House up next - Cliff Watch

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    'Fiscal Cliff' Negotiations: Lawmakers Scramble for Last-Minute Deal

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    Still no deal as U.S. teeters on cliff edge

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    US lawmakers race to avoid 'fiscal cliff'

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    How is President Obama Handling the Fiscal Cliff Negotiations? 'This Week' Roundtable

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    Final push to avoid US 'fiscal cliff'

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    Here's why Boehner will survive as Speaker - Green

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    Obama seeks deal as US 'fiscal cliff' looms

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    U.S. to Hit Debt Ceiling on Monday

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    Sen. Harry Reid Says 'US Headed Over Fiscal Cliff'

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    Pressure on Senate for 11th hour cliff deal

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    WEBCAST: Fired up About Gun Violence

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    Why Mitt Romney Lost the Election - WSJ Opinion

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    Hollywood reacts in wake of school shootings

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    Obama, Boehner try to rescue cliff talks after stunning GOP setback - Cliffwatch

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    Sandy Hook: Are Guns, Violent Culture to Blame?

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    Violence in Media: A Complicated Relationship

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    Fiscal Cliff Countdown Inches Closer to Deadline

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    Fiscal Cliff Countdown: What Will Paul Ryan Do?

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    Members of Hillary Clinton's State Department Team Resign

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    The real history of the NRA and gun control in America - Decoder

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    How Much Should the Rich Pay in Taxes? - It's in the Cards

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    Obama backs assault weapons ban

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    Fiscal Cliff Negotiations: Trying to Make a Deal

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    The Politics of Taxing the Rich

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    Rep. John Larson: "Time to act" on tougher gun laws

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    Obama edges away from the cliff with new offer

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    Gun Control Advocates Press for Change

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    Obama edges away from the cliff with new offer

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    Gun control debate heats up in US

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    President Obama Pledges Action on American Gun Control After Sandy Hook Shooting

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    WEBCAST: Obama Delivers Memorial Speech

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    Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy 'This Week' Interivew: Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

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    Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Rep. Chris Murphy 'This Week' Interview: Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy

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    Newtown, Connecticut Shooting: Obama Tears up in Emotional Statement - ABC News

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    Pres. Obama Discusses Marijuana Legalization, iPad apps - Barbara Walters Interview Preview

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    Fed's Bernanke: fiscal cliff already hurting U.S. economy

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    Europe Week Ahead: Rate decisions, 'fiscal cliff' looms

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    Susan Rice drops out of Secretary of State race

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    The Fiscal Cliff: How Will It Impact President Obama's Second Term?

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    Chris Christie on Barbara Walters' 10 Most Fascinating People

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    Hillary Clinton Discusses Political Future: 'There Are Many Ways to Serve'

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    WSJ Poll: Strike a Fiscal Cliff Deal Now

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    Fed's Bernanke: fiscal cliff already hurting U.S. economy

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    20 Women Senators Devise Their Own Fiscal Cliff Financial Plan

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    The Fiscal Cliff: The Week Ahead in Negotiations

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    Boehner Calls for Details on Fiscal Cliff Talks

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    Grover Norquist: Obama's GOP Tax Collectors - WSJ Opinion

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    Obama talks compromise after rare tete-a-tete with Boehner- Cliffwatch

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    President Obama Discusses Syrian Violence, Fiscal Cliff Negotiations in Barbara Walters Interview

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    Best of 2012: The Year in Politics

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    President Obama Denounces Right-to-Work Laws at Visit to Auto Plant

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    Sen. Colbert? A Fifth of South Carolinians Say Yes

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    Behind the Scenes of Fiscal Talks: The Fiscal Cliff

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    Fiscal Cliff Warning: Conservatives Caution on Benefit Cuts

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    The real tax trap lurking over the fiscal cliff - Decoder

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    Democrats and Republicans teeter on fiscal cliff

  67. 91 Thumbnail

    The Fiscal Cliff: What's Next?

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    GOP Sen. DeMint: $800 Billion? Really, Mr. Boehner? - Cliffwatch

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    Fiscal Cliff: What Republicans, Democrats Agree on So Far

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    Obama: GOP Budget Plan Doesn't Go Far Enough

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    President Obama to Assad: 'The World Is Watching'

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    Washington, D.C., Gridlocked as Fiscal Cliff Approaches

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    Letterman, Zeppelin Receive Kennedy Center Honors

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    Hillary and Meryl

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    Democrats, Republicans Must Make Math Work to Solve Fiscal Cliff: 'This Week' Roundtable

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    Timothy Geithner 'This Week' Interview: Fiscal Cliff is in the GOP's Court

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    Cokie Roberts on Norquist: 'The Emperor Has No Clothes'

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    Change Of Heart For Romney Face Tattoo Guy | NewsBreaker | Ora TV

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    Biden Visits Costco, Twitter Erupts

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    GOP Rejects Obama's Fiscal Cliff 'Opening Bid'

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    Obama, Boehner trade jabs as fiscal fight turns ugly - Cliffwatch

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    Mitt Romney, President Obama's Private Lunch at the White House

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    Biden Visits Costco, Twitter Erupts

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    The secrets behind "SEAL Team Six" - Impact Players

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    Opinion: Will Obama Poison Immigration Reform?

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    Not your average Joe at Costco: VP Biden goes shopping

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    Obama Urges Congress to Act on Middle Class Taxes

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    GOP unity shows cracks over expiring tax cuts - Cliffwatch

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    Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Deadline: Americans Voice Concerns

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    Sen. Hatch: Dems and GOP only $23B apart on tax cuts to avoid fiscal cliff

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    Obama Back in Campaign Mode, Tackles Fiscal Cliff Crisis

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    Susan Rice Takes Republican Challengers Head On

  93. 117 Thumbnail

    Why the GOP Needs Evangelicals - WSJ Opinion

  94. 118 Thumbnail

    More Republican lawmakers break ranks with Grover Norquist - Cliffwatch

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    President Obama Cabinet Shakeup: Hillary Clinton, Timothy Geithner Replacements Still TBD

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    Fiscal Cliff-Hanger: President Obama Budget Battle Discussed on 'This Week' Roundtable

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    2012 GOP Political Gamble: Some Republicans Willing to Raise Taxes Amid Fiscal Cliff

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    Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Abruptly Resigns

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    Opinion Journal: GOP Governors Defying ObamaCare

  100. 124 Thumbnail

    Mitt Romney Pumps His Own Gas | NewsBreaker | Ora TV